PHD 262: Paranoia in the Pool
Paranoia in the Pool
Summary: Evenin' swim turns sour as Harrison and Iggy continue an argument, skin job paranoia is mentioned.
Date: PHD 262 (1/5/10)
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In the after dinner hours the ship seems to grow quieter, the traffic in the causeways is minimal and normally the recreation spaces begin to fill up. The pool area is quiet as the thick chemical air carries only the sound of waves upon it. Rian has come here, skipping dinner and needed a way to unwind. Arriving from the small head clad in the new issued bathing suit she looks at the clear blue water, the rippled light reflected on her pale features. Dropping a duffle bag and towel on the bench near the wall with a thump. One hand runs through her dark brown hair, combing it back as she balances on one leg, sticking one bare foot in the deep end water, letting out a sigh.

After testing the water Rian hears the hatch and it grabs her attention, chin raising she looks across the pool at Harrison. A curt nod and she replies, "good eve to you too H." With that she raises her arms above her head, putting them together to form a V bends over and dives into the deep cool water.
Harrison kicks his flip flops off before he moves to the water and sticks a toe in. "What I wouldn't give for a damned beach," he mutters as he pulls his foot back.

Rian dives deep and pushes up from the pool bottom, swimming up to the surface. Exhaling she wipes the wet hair from her eyes and treads water, "I honestly can't remember the last time I was on a beach." She swims towards the edge and where Harrison stands looking up to him with large dark eyes, "in my profession it wasn't very often we were near beach type terrain." A tilt of her head to one side she looks to him with a change in tone and questions, "and how are y…" Though before she finishes one arm reaches out of the water to grab one of his ankles, attempting to pull it out from under him.

"I grew up on the …. FRAK!" he yells as he topples, going headfirst into the deep end. KER-SPLASH! When he finally comes up, he's sputtering and trying to wipe the water from his eyes. "I should have totally seen that coming," he mutters.

Rian begins to laugh, startled slightly as the man falls into the pool near her, surprised that he actually fell. Her laughter is true and bubbly bouncing off the walls of the small pool area and echoing in the space. "Yeah, you should have," she speaks through her chuckle, splashing him once more as she holds the edge of the pool with one hand. "Silly pilot," she coos, tilting her head to one side, eyes sparkle slightly reflecting the neon lights above. Playful, something else she hasn't been in a very long time.

Harrison wipes the water from his eyes once again before fixing her with a mock glare. "I wasn't expecting a sneak attack from my own side," he mutters, although he looks amused around the eyes.

Into the pool stalks the wing's smallest pilot, and the bitchiest. Her hair's pulled back, expression as icy as usual.

Harrison is floating in the deep end, apparently having just jumped in. He shakes his head to clear the water before he slips over to the side and grabs it. "I'm gonna have to," he mutters to himself.

Rian seems to ignore Harrison's last jest as she continues to do her laps, touching the wall near him before turning around underwater to start towards the other side. Once there she pauses a moment, her breathing now fast. Wiping the hair and water from her eyes she looks up to the pilot who just walked in. "Evenin'" she speaks plainly before pushing off the wall with one foot to continue her laps.

Iggy strips out of her clothes and drops her belongings well back from splash radius. She's in a swimsuit, luckily, her hair already pulled back as she leaps into the deep end, not too far from Harrison. Perhaps she's trying to land ON him? "Evening," she calls back to Rian, once she surfaces. "Most crowded I've seen this place in months."

Sizemore follows Iggy inside, in the process of doffing his sweats. "Must be all the new blood, Iggs. Makes our little boat cozier." He grins as he sets his sweatshirt aside, then undoes the drawstring of his pants, watching Iggy divebomb Harrison.

Harrison rides out the wave created by Iggy's arrival in the pool, wiping the water from his eyes once again. "Frak, Booster… I don't need to drown today."

Rian surfaces again near the deep end, moving to hold one edge of the pool. She laughs to herself, looking at Harrison, "then get out of the pool." The man who just removed his sweats gets her attention then, her breath still rapid as she speaks, "little boat? This is one hell of a step up from the Kharon." Looking to the female pilot then back to the new comer she gives them both a curt nod and introduces herself, "Private Amarath Rian, CMC, nice to meet you both."

Iggy nods to Rian then looks up at Sizemore. "New meat," she says quietly, brows pulling together as she dog-paddles. "As for you," she eyes Harrison, glaring.

Sizemore shakes his head at Iggy. "Frakkin' incorrigible, Iggs…" He smiles and nods to Rian. "Welcome aboard. Josh Sizemore, air wing. Folks call me Crunch." He nods in Iggy's direction. "That's Iggy. Or Booster, if you're callsign-centric."

Ah, pleasantries. Harrison gets a glare, so he gives one in return as he hoists himself out of the pool. "I guess it's a little too cold for my tastes in this damn pool," he grumbles.

Rian places both palms on the outside surface of the pool, boosting herself out of the water. The splash and dripping as the water falls from her body echoes around the space. She turns easily and takes a seat, lower legs still dipped in the water. One hand runs through her hair, brushing wet locks away from her features, "Thanks," she speaks to Sizemore, a slightly narrowed glance going towards Iggy.

"Oh, look," Iggy prods Harrison. "Turning tail and running. No wonder your ass is so cold," she calls. Lips purse slightly as she watches Harrison. "Come back in," she finally relents a little. "You weren't done."

Sizemore snickers and shakes his head as he gets ready to jump in. "Must've been shellshocked by your winning ways, Iggs." He then dives in the water, then pokes his head out afterwards. "Ah, HELL yeah…"

"Maybe I was just getting out so I could drop a cannonball on your ass," Exile fires back at Booster, eyes narrowed and arms crossing over his chest. "Maybe I'm running for the intercom to call a code blue. You know we can't tell a Cylon from our ass in the ground." Apparently this is an argument that got started somewhere else and is being carried on to here.

Rian looks to Harrison, the first time she has ever seen any sign of anger in him. Wide eyes look to Iggy, feeling the tension between them. As Sizemore surfaces and pronounces his pleasure she offers him a friendly half smile but as the word 'cylon' is said her eyes snap back to Harrison. Face going stone cold she rises from the pool edge, "I don't really know what this is all about but /no one/ here is a Cylon. Lets not start anything." Moving to the bench she grabs her towel and wipes her face.

Iggy's eyes narrow as she watches Harrison. "Do you frakking blame me for asking," she asks Harrison, utterly focused on him now. "This shit didn't happen until recently. Not on Hestia." Yep, she's dog-paddling for all she's worth.

Sizemore swims down the length of the pool, bringing him within closer distance of Iggy. "Ever think this is what the toasters want? Plant that seed of doubt so we all kill each other while they sit back and watch?"

"So why the frak was it your Marine CO that shot up a bunch of good folks?" Harrison demands as he gestures angrily at the door. "Because the poor bastards that have been in the trenches recognized him and realized something was -wrong-. His cover was blown, and he decided to take as many of us as he could with him." His cheeks color, filling with blood as his anger rises. "Welcome to the real war, Princess." With that, he grabs his towel and his bag.

Rian looks to Josh and gives him a curt nod, wet bangs bouncing against her cheeks, "Exactly. This is exactly what they want and exactly what we are not supposed to do." Looking back to Iggy and Harrison her dark eyes grow serious and a frown lines her pale lips, "now let's all just quit it before /I/ get on the intercom to let Tombs know what shit is being thrown through the air here." Whipping her towel up she drapes it over her broad shoulders, bare feet padding to her own bag. One nod towards Harrison as she makes her way towards the hatch, "C'mon H, lets see if we can find something to drink."

Iggy launches herself out of the pool, standing up on the side, dropping, and glances very briefly at Rian. "Back the hell off, Private," she replies, turning her attention back to Harrison. "What, you act like your Marines haven't done the same shit?" Her chin comes up slightly. "Yeah, I've heard the rumors. I've heard what happened on your beloved Kharon. So stop jerking that tit. It's empty. I don't give a bloody frak what the toasters are trying to do. What pissed me off was the fact you walked away rather than staying to talk. Just like you're doing now. If your way of dealing with conflict is to walk away, then that's just godsdamned fine. You've done it twice now. You don't get another chance." She turns toward her bag, swiping for the towel.

Sizemore just watches from the water, slowly treading. "Apollo on a pogo stick, people…" he says to himself before hefting himself out of the pool. "Frak's sake, two fights in one week…" He pats Iggy on the bare shoulder as he heads for where he dropped his sweats.

"No, our Marines did," Harrison replies icily as he rubs the towel across his eyes. "You're just pissed because your flying hotel just got a little bit of dirt tossed in its eye. How long's that frakker been the CO of the Marines on this barge? Congratulations, you got caught with your pants down by a damned toaster." He's near the hatch, apparently gathering his gear to take his leave — which is good, considering that he's apparently in some sort of fight with Iggy. "When you're ready to actually talk without being a complete bitch, you know where I am. Until then, I have nothing to say to you until CAP." As he turns, he shakes his head at Rian. "No thanks. I'm not in the mood."

Those that know Eddie, know her stormy disposition, and is it any wonder that she's drawn to water? The only draw back to the pool is that it requires you wear a swimsuit, which the young pilot hasn't yet decided to don. She steps into the pool area, arching a brow at the raised voices and the tension in the air. With a towel and presumeably her suit clasped to her chest, she looks to the first familiar face which happens to belong to Harrison. "Did I miss the fun?" She asks drily.

Rian gives Iggy a long heated stare but manages to keep her thoughts to herself. As Harrison replies to her she gives him a nod and a shrug, "fine with me." With her towel and bag she moves towards the hatch, not even bothering to change out of her wet suit, just wanting to leave before she looses her own temper. Side stepping she moves past the newly entered pilot without a word and moves out into the corridor.

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