Persephone Tanner
Ashley Scott
Ashley Scott as Persephone Tanner
Name: Persephone Tanner
Alias: Fallout, Free Kills
Age: 25
Hair & Eyes: Blonde hair, blue eyes
Faction: Tactical
Position: Countermeasures
Colony: Libran
Play Times: Variable
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info


Persephone Tanner was born in Lysandium, the daughter of a wealthy financier, Euclidian C. Tanner, and Octavia Summer, a vainglorious semi-star of B-movies, cheesy television and daytime dramas. The youngest of three, Persy was doted on by her brothers Alexander and Evander. Nominally supervised by a disinterested au pair, the boys raised Persy themselves as Mom and Dad were both off persuing their lives.

From the time she could walk and reach (really, from the time she could stand) Persy took things apart. What at first (because she lacked the hand-eye coordination for delicate tasks) looked like idle destruction soon proved to be an insatiable curiosity about the innards of things—how things worked. So she took things apart, rapidly learnt to use tools to assist this endeavor, and threw appalling tantrums at her inability to put things together again.

As she grew older and understood more complex gadgetry, the house was strewn with papers covered in schematics and diagrams. When the paper ran out, other surfaces (floors, appliances, walls) flowered with circuit-board diagrams. In her later teens, her obsession became advanced mathematics, physics, building computers and programming.

Like most folks from Libran, however, Persy played as hard as she worked, as bon vivant as she was obsessed with the mysteries of machines and applied science. Though the geek side of her nature often left people (including her brothers) baffled, she most often presented to the world the face of a bubbly (somewhat shallow) blonde. So of course, being part geek and part cheerleader, she joined the military.

That threw even her brothers for a loop. Persy was certainly not the most conformist crayon in the box; she didn't seem like the type given to taking orders. But Persy had been watching the world and the lives of the people around her. The beautiful people and the socialite scene where she partied. Her mother and father, consumed by money and fame. Even the promise of research grants on the cutting edge at universities… It all seemed kind of empty. So, determined to pursue a life of meaning, Persy joined the Colonial Military straight out of high school.


  • Euclidian C. Tanner - Father (Presumed deceased) - A ridiculously wealthy financier of Libran. Something of a rock star reputation among the ambitious and unscrupulous.
  • Octavia Summers - Mother (Presumed deceased) - Probably one of the most recognizable faces of daytime drama with regular appearances in the tabloids. Her resume grew to include a handful of B or straight-to-video type movies, as well as television movies (uber-cheesy, Lifetime-type productions). She is, perhaps, equally famous for pitching mail-order products and being in rehab more often than out.
  • Alexander Tanner - Older brother (Presumed deceased) - Alexander, along with his twin Evander, essentially raised Persy. The three were extremely close.
  • Evander Tanner - Older brother (Presumed deceased) - See above.


Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Once her extraordinary aptitude in applied sciences was discovered, Persy was fast-tracked through basic into an intensive, advanced training program for computer sciences and countermeasures. She took additional, elective training in repair and maintenance of shipboard and aeronautic systems—creating quite the courseload for herself over the next couple of years.

As an ensign, her postings spanned the fleet, learning the ECMs and systems of all classes of ships, only aboard long enough to learn what she needed. While she was assigned to a vessel, however, she attached herself to countermeasures and science officers, specialists and chiefs like a shadow, determined to observe all she could. Among her high marks and commendations for performance, her reviews consistently mentioned she was "…enthusiastic, positive-minded and eager… maybe a little over-eager."

Concerned about a young officer potentially burning out so early in a promising career, Persy's CO during one assignment ordered a psych evaluation. The doctor reported that she was in sound mental health, and recorded Persy as commenting, "I'd rather know as much as I can so I can be as useful as I can. You never know when fit's going to hit the shan."

And as we all know, it wasn't long before fit hit the shan with a vengeance.

Persy had recently been promoted to Lt JG, coordinating efforts to the upgrade systems and software across several vessels in the fleet. And as fate would have it, she was upgrading the Khraon's ECM station when the bombs started to fall. Since that time, the Kharon's been her home and the 'higher functions' of the ship's 'brain,' her charge. Though she's likely a face without a name to most outside the CIC (since she spends so much time behind monitors and in crawl spaces), she's a cheerful presences in a time of bleak disaster… a fact that probably merits another psych eval. Her determination to buoy those around her speaks volumes of denial.

Distinguishing Features

  • Persy has a large tattoo of the thyrsus, a symbol of Dionysus, from the base of her spine to the nape of her neck. The thyrsus is typically depicted as a staff wrapped in ivy or grape vines, topped with a pinecone. (See image in gallery below).


  • Persy was given her callsign by Lt. JG Castor "Tinman" Leda after she fell through a ceiling plate in the gym, making an unforgettable entrance.


On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Captain Karim Aiteru "Spider" Marek. He's not just a stick jockey… people should really listen to him like he has a brain. I mean, he can fly a plane and blah blah blah. But come ON, people… he has a degree in biochem, for frak's sake!
Lieutenant JG Nadiv Roubani. Awww. Ensign Awesomesauce—now LIEUTENANT Awesomesauce! I'm so glad he doesn't have to call me 'sir' anymore. And STILL best. Frakkin'. Tattoo. EVER.
Lieutenant JG Willem Price. My fellow Libran. I seriously dig this guy. He's kind of quiet, a little awkward (in an adorable way), way smart… and just beautiful through to the soul. He yins my yang, y'know?
Lieutenant JG Castor Leda. Tin-Tin! He gave me my callsign, for which I will love him forever and ever and ever.
Captain Althea "Black Cat" Legacy. Okay, first of all, she has GREAT hair. Second, she knows how to throw a party, which could become a lost art with the world having ended and whatnot. I'm sure the Big D approves.
Lieutenant Praxis "Knight" Demitros. This is my boss. He's not particularly bossy, which I like. But he's an all work, no play kind of guy… which means we have 16 to 18 hours shifts in the CIC with nothing but coffee and tag-team trips to the head, sometimes. I can't just leave him there! I'd feel guilty, and guilt gives you wrinkles.
Lieutenant JG Anton "Thorn" Komnenos. This is Rosebud. He hates it when I call him Rosebud. Which is a-frakkin-dorable. I thought he was just a manwhore at first, but it actually turns out he's smart and funny. He'll be dead of lung cancer tomorrow or something, but I like having him around.

Timeline of Events

Recent Logs


"The Big D loves me, so I definitely have the home court advantage."
~about drinking games

"Every day, every moment, every breath we take is ours forever. A tiny victory. Something they can't ever take away."

"How can you seriously 'sir' someone when they're dripping toothpaste like a rabid dog and presenting their ass like a mandril?"

"I downloaded the shit out of it, sir."


  • Club music
  • Dancing
  • Martinis
  • Fibonacci
  • Upgrading and overclocking
  • Machine code
  • The Big D (Dionysus)


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