PHD 306 - 600 : Post Game Timeline

The Fleet

The game officially closed to staff run plots in Feb 2010. Players were invited to sandbox any events or play nestled into the following timeline, which was created give them a loose guide of where the game was meant to go.

Players: If you sandbox(ed) a scene, and you wish to add a log link, please feel free to add it here in the appropriate spot on the timeline.

PH 306 Upon return to the Algae Planet, the Hestia is surprised by DRADIS contacts, but they are quickly confirmed to be Colonial — the missing passenger liner Patricia and the destroyer Kansai are revealed to be in orbit. Many questions are raised as to their whereabouts since day 157 when they went missing on a routine jump.
PH 320 After a thorough sweep of all passengers and the vessels by Hestia personnel, the Patricia and Kansai are welcomed back to the Colonial Fleet, and travel between the vessels is opened. Rumors fly as to their whereabouts for the last 150+ days. The official story seems to be they barely survived, simply by running at every opportunity, and scavenging where they could.
PH 332 The Temple of Five is discovered on the Algae Planet during the final days of algae and water harvesting operations. Several crew members recognise the structure from prior dreams, but the significance of the place cannot be determined.
PH 335 Several crew who entered the Temple experience additional strange dreams, which repeat for five days. Instead of showcasing death and destruction, they are all centered around perilous journeys, the symbolism often drawn from the personal life of each dreamer. The dreams are all the same: A journey with trials numbering five, and faceless companions numbering five.
PH 336 - 353 The fleet travels and explores unmapped sectors of space. There is minimal cylon contact in this time span, with only one set of recon raiders discovered and destroyed by a CAP. Recon raptors are sent in several directions, jumping to explore ahead of the fleet. A habitable body is shortly discovered (Kobol).
PH 354 Hestia discovers Kobol. On the surface, there's some mysterious tech, very old, circa the exodus of the 13th tribe, though it looks more cylon than human.
PH 355 Crew discovers the Temple of Orpheus on the surface, several symbols from various prophetic dreams are revealed in frescoes on the walls, but are damaged by the elements, leaving them partly unreadable.
PH 356 A reliquary is discovered in the Temple containing ancient scrolls. Though similar to the Pythian scrolls, these scrolls feature imagery of fire and rebirth. A small handful of crew members identify these as the Promethean scrolls, though their claims are unsubstantiated. Five self proclaimed rebel skinjobs show up at the temple at the same time as the Colonials, and negotiations for the scrolls begin.
PH 356 By command order, the 'rebel cylons' are held on the planet while a full scale search is made. A basestar is discovered in orbit around the other side of the planet. It does not attack. Negotiations and tentative assistance is rendered to study these strange scrolls. 'Jules', 'Ajax' and 'Neha' are among the rebels.
PH 358 The scrolls are written in an ancient text that nobody seems able to understand— until Commander Taji convinces the Admiral to permit five crewmembers (with specialties in theology and history and language) to read it. They are able to decipher the script, which is heavily indicated to have been penned by cylons rather than humans. This seems to confirm the existence of cylons thousands of years before the accepted 'creation' date of the machines. Suspicions of subterfuge arise, but neither side has evidence to stand on.
PH 359-365 Many of the crew begin to seriously question the war. Still others are horrified by the continued presence of cylons in such close proximity. The fleet is divided in opinion. It is suggested by some, following dreams and references to '5 galleons' in the scrolls that the basestar could be the fifth 'galleon' to round out the fleet (Hestia, Sapta Rishis, Patricia, Kansai) which will 'journey home to reclaim lost hearths'.
PH 425 The five galleons set off together toward 'home', following various clues hinted at in the Promethean texts. This journey is set to be 'fraught with hardship', and can only be overcome by the 'cooperation of those once opposed'. Various signs are met along the way, (similar to, say, the lion's head nebula), and the crew comes to believe there is something to the scrolls. Individuals continue to have prophetic dreams, and the 'sages' find evidence of the truth held within the scrolls. Some believe they are prophecy.
PH 499 A series of encounters with cylon raiders leads the Colonials to suspect their rebel allies may be informing the cylon fleet of their presence, but the rebels insist there's been an alteration to the refinery ship that allows it to be tracked. The engines are tweaked to change the signature, though a recon raiders jump in and scrambled vipers fight them off. Another problem with the FTL slows down a jump. Sabotage is discovered. Teams scramble to repair it. The first major offensive pits the Colonials and Rebel cylons against a trio of Basestars on the trail of the fleet. There are losses on both sides, two basestars are destroyed, and the third jumps out. The rebel cylons cite the destruction of the Res Hub on 304 as a reason the opposition is reluctant to fight to the death.
PH 505 - 520 A series of threats, vandalism, and opposition to the rebel alliance culminates in the murder of Commander Taji, a vocal supporter of the cylon and human cooperation. A thorough investigation reveals the killer to be a lifetime Deckie, driven slowly insane by the loss of everything, and the repeated internal instances of cylon interference from Jules and Krauss through the insertion of enemy rebels into the fleet.
PH 521 - 599 In the intervening time, the ships are pitted together against common adversity, ala the journey of Ulysses to find the way, at last, home. In this case, trials are shortages of fuel, fresh food, space, flaring tempers, mistrust between cylon/human, and a slow dawning of the reality that cylons and humans did once live in peace together, and perhaps can again. The cylon fleet seems to have given up the chase, though no one is quite sure.
PH 600 The 5 galleons are led, after a long journey, to the colonies where they jointy scour each for survivors, and drive out any pockets of remaining hostile forces. Some additional cylon rebels are found, along with human resistance. There are talks of joint settlement once the Twelve Colonies have been scoured.

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