Lt. Colonel Praxis "Knight" Demitros
Praxis Demitros
Michael Shanks
Michael Shanks as Praxis Demitros
Name: Praxis Demitros
Alias: Knight
Age: 27
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair, green eyes
Faction: Military
Position: Kharon Actual
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: varies
Timezone: Pacific

Biographical Info


Name: Praxis Demitros. They used to refer to me as Knight. While the chivalric behaviour does most certainly describe me at times, it is far from the reason I was given that particular moniker.


"A true knight is fuller of bravery in the midst, than in the beginning of danger." It was perhaps the most unnerving part about training to become a countermeasures officer for a Raptor: throughout the danger one had little to no control over their fate from launch to landing unless the pilot was compromised and unable to control the vessel.. Yet, much to the surprise of my fellow trainees, I exhibited no fear in the face of adversity. No fear as my pilot swerved about asteroids. No fear while one of the pilot's fists impacted the side of my jaw for thwarting his plans for a night with an intoxicated young female ECO. No fear while Ensign Zippy crashed into the flight deck as a result of a health complication. It would be accurate to say that I have a rather skillful rein on my emotions, enough to become nearly inhumanly courageous.

When I awoke after the accident, I was already certain things were never going to be the same. When all was said and done, I could not lift any heavy item with my left arm, though my right eye was considerably worse as vision was impaired to the point that unaided sight was no longer possible. My prescribed optometrist on Caprica restored my sight with glasses and contact lenses, of which I only have one pair of each on board the Kharon. However, while I was elated to have survived, my career as an ECO would be over. I cannot be a reliable backup pilot with those injuries and I doubt I ever will again.

While some may describe me as dry (Lt. Tanner affectionately refers to me at times as Martini), it would be accurate to say that I still require something exciting in my life. Becoming a countermeasures officer on board a ship was not going to be sufficient when I knew I was capable of much more than that. Thus I went back to do some more training. Tactics and strategy were the subjects I decided to get into. It was then I discovered my true calling; due to my pristine record as an ECO I was assigned to the CEC Kharon as their much-needed tactical officer. Since then I have become a rather prominent member of the Combat Information Center, even making it so far as XO of the Kharon after the untimely death of Commander Jack Sheridan. May the man rest in peace and I will continue to perform my duty in his memory.



  • Caprica University:
    • Master's degree in Communications. Specialization in cryptography.
  • Understanding of physics and astronomy
  • Took a saxophone class. Demitros however, does not have one onboard Kharon.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Served as a Raptor ECO out of Caprica for several years before the accident.
  • Assigned to Kharon after additional training.
  • Lieutenant Praxis Demitros has a record that is completely unscathed. There are no recorded breaks in regulations, he exhibits respect to his superiors, and he performs duty to the best of his ability.
  • He has a tendency to seem to overwork himself, however it just may be that he's more content working than he is off duty. More often than not he's reading a book pertaining to his work.
  • Takes watch onboard Kharon often and is experienced with being in the shoes of Command
  • The average age of a Lt. Colonel is 45 years of age. At present, Lt. Colonel Demitros is 27 years old thanks to unfortunate circumstances.

Distinguishing Features

  • Praxis is a very eloquent man, while he can be can be very formal at times he does move to a more colloquial level if he has something witty to say. He often uses deadpan humor.
  • Demitros can be seen wearing eyeglasses to compensate for his impaired vision. He also wears contacts sometimes.

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Rear Admiral Sabah Mehra. I had my doubts, just like everybody else aboard the Kharon. I spent the first day with her, unsure what to think. The next day, I think I was anxious. But the more time I spent with her, the more time I realized how wonderful of a woman she is. Seemingly full of emotion and joy when the time is appropriate, not at all like I remember the other command members. Yet, I know she can make the hard decisions. I think I just may just follow this particular individual off a cliff if she asked me to.
Commander Jack Sheridan. I can't say I knew the man that well, but he was my goal, in a manner of speaking. Now that he has been reduced to nothing more than an inert pile of detritus, I am finding myself unsure if my aspiration to be him is the correct course of action to take. Yet still I will press on in his memory.
Colonel Mark Cortez. I began this venture into Command thinking that the new CO would be there for me every step of the way as I filled in new shoes. I found that was exactly the opposite of the truth. He left me to command the Kharon on my own and I stepped up to the plate. Maybe he was too weak to deal with the Commander's death or the added weight on his shoulders, but I will succeed where he failed.

IC History ( descending order from most recent )

  • As of PHD 240 the Kharon-Hestia merger took place, and Demitros was given his own command. A command of a broken-down bucket of bolts, but a command nonetheless.
  • Due to a transmitting device placed on the Kharon, Cylon attacks occurred every forty-two minutes, resulting in a heavily damaged Kharon, and many lost personnel. Also, boarding the ship from a heavy Raider, Cylons stormed CIC, which Captain Demitros helped defend. (Measure by Measure)
  • Promoted to Captain on PHD 184 after Jackson Sheridan's death. Assumed position of Kharon XO. (Shoes To Fill)
  • Was on shift in CIC when an explosion caused by Jules "Sunshine" Ozymandias triggered in the Ward Room on PHD 183. Upon arriving, Demitros came upon the mutilated body of Commander Sheridan, his first personal loss since his military commission. (Pulling the Pin - Praxis)
  • Engaged to Camille Locke since PHD 182.
  • While in command of the CEC Kharon during the Basestar encounter on PHD 154, Demitros ordered the escort carrier within battery range as well as successfully jammed enemy nuclear launch in a desperate attempt to retrieve Air-Wing personnel. His actions saved the lives of numerous pilots as well as those on board Kharon. (Advance Scorpia Scouting - CIC)
  • Commanded the Kharon during the PHD 122 asteroid incident (Sneak Attack - CIC) where a pilot was killed.
  • Has assumed the comm channel for the Kharon more often than not, has been the voice of the Actual for pilots until Ensign Serendipity McKale took her position.
  • Located the first symptom of the virus that took over Kharon's systems (Ghost in the Machine)
  • Was able to kick Epi's ass.
  • Got his ass kicked by Case.
  • Intellectual conversations.
  • Classy, red-haired women.
  • Sciencey things.
  • Pressure and tense situations
  • Responsibility
  • Picking at the emotions of others.
  • Multi-syllabic words.
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