PHD 263: Problems
Summary: Dell and Cinder discuss their recent problems.
Date: PHD 263
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The surly little marine that was ordered out of everything sits in his bunk, he is currently polishing his boots and he is focused on them. Classic rock plays near by from one of a personal media player and the marirne is silent as the music plays behind him. A grunt is given as he finishes one boot and he moves on to the next one. He lets the boot simply fall out of his hands and on to the floor.

Still serving AiQ, Cinder's been hanging around the bunks and the mess, primarily, in between shifts. If this is her normal post-shift wind-down PT time, she's spending it in her bunk. No need to not be comfortable, she's lying in the bunk, curtain half open, in a tank and gym sweats, which are clean and dry from a lack of PT. A book is open on her belly, propped against her knees, and she flips through idly. "Heya…Daisy Jane. Think you wanna do my boots after you're done? I should wander down to the CO's office before shift and see when my AiQ officially ends. I wanna make sure my boots are as shiny as yours, and the easiest way is for you to do it…" she calls out to Dell, over the music.

Dell has been seen in the mess, the bunks, and in head cleaning. He looks up at Cinder when she asks about the boots and he shrugs, "Bring 'em over." He finishes his second boot and he waits for Cinder to bring the boots over, "What did you do to piss off the CO?" He asks as he waits and he readies his cleaning materials. "Bastard, busted me down to cleaning and mess detail. I can't even hold a frakking gun." His voice is gruffer than normal as he looks slightly aggitated at the fact that he can't carry a gun.

"Well…clearly something less bad than what you did," she says, sliding on out of her bunk and pulling her boots along with her. "I was just joking, but I mean, if that's what you're busted down to doing, then, uh…here you go?" She tosses the boots over to Dell and lets them thump down in a pile with the first boot he's finished, a lot less shiny than his. "All I did was…well, not follow an order as carefully as I should. You?"

"I sort of pinned down Private Rian and she brought it to the CO. I thought Marines were supposed to be all about unity and working together instead of being snitches." He picks up Cinder's left boot and he begins the process of making sure it is shiny. "I didn't even hurt her and she beat my ass…now I have to go through psych evals and I have to talk to the CO in three weeks." He looks up from his work, "Do I look crazy to you?" He says as his eyes meet Cinder's the marine does often seem angry but at this moment he seems pretty much together, "How did you not follow orders?"

"Oh you know. CO comes in, shoots up the hangar bay, and I get stuck on stiff-detail. Bay gets locked down and I go all police on the place, and the acting CO hits me up for not sticking to the body like glue. Different interpretations on the same order, I think. He didn't seem to see it quite the same way." You know, an honest mistake…right? "I still gotta go on patrol and stuff though, so…it's like everyday, except I don't get PT or anything…which sucks big. I feel all caged up, too much extra energy."

Dell raises an eyebrow, "Frak, seriously?" He shakes his head, "Bad news for both of us." He says as he continues to work on the Cinder's boots, "I mean…yeah…okay we made mistakes but why do we get smacked down?" He works on the boots rather well here since he still hasn't had his psych eval yet. The boots are being worked over with skilled professionalism and the marine is good with his hands.

"Well, figure that that's his job, when it comes down to that. Don't piss him off, don't get smacked down. Looks like we both failed, huh?" Cinder smirks a bit, standing there and watching him shine them up. "You might set yourself up a little shine stand outside the CIC or something. Might earn a few extra cubits or something. Otherwise, we need a nice little domestic arm of the CMC, dontcha think?"

Dell continues working on the boot since Cinder hasn't been keeping them up to snuff as nicely as she could have, "I am serving food in the mess and cleaning the head….I'm frakking dying here. I joined the marines to kill those metal bastards and he has me on duty without a gun. All I am good for these days is shooting things and he has me on duty without a gun, gave me some platitude about saving me life…frakker is killing me." He says as his tones become a bit more gruff, "If I start a shoeshine business I might as well roll over and die." He finishes one boot and it shines like the sunrise in the morning and he works on the second shoe, "So yeah, we both did fail I guess."

"It's not all shooting toasters though. I hope you didn't join up expecting epic gunfights every single day of life. If so, yeah, it seems like you might have something of a problem. There's a lot of grunt work in being a grunt, you know? Hell, I gotta sit at the security desk for hours on end, pull brig duty for hours on end…wanna talk about boring?" She shrugs at her comments though, not knowing what else she could possibly say about such things. It's the truth, ain't it? In fact, the shooting is the worst part of the job for her, seeing as how she's kind of allergic to bullets.

Dell works on the second boot and the man is good with his hands since he has been working with them all of his life, "I get that it isn't dropping a metal bastard every second of every day. Though for now, I'm doing nothing but grunt work so that others can go out and shoot things." He continues to work and his hands have a body memory of their own as they work apart from the marines hands. "Shooting the enemy is all I have and now I don't have that." He grimaces, "So, now, I have to go to meetings where shrinks want me to get all touchy feely."

"I don't think there's been a lot of shooting anything lately, if you haven't noticed. So, I wouldn't make it out to be such a big loss. Besides, when your grunt work or punishment or whatever is over with, it'll be back to work with you, including the shooting range and all that jazz." While he polishes up the boots, Cinder kicks back and leans against some of the bunks, chatting, hands across her chest. She's no shrink or anything, but Dell does seem to be really obsessed about shooting, about how loosing the ability to carry a gun is loosing his will or reason to live. That doesn't sit well with her.

Dell finishes with the second boot and they are as shiny as they can possibly be. He stands from his spot and he brings the boots over to Cinder, "Yeah…I guess so, but the CO put across the idea that this might be a permanent thing." He looks over at Cinder, "I used to be a farmer and that was the life I was going to live but things changed and even though I've been through boot all I am good for is shooting. Serving food and cleaning the head just seems like bitch work."

Cinder takes the boots with a grateful nod. "Well, that's something you really need to take up with the CO. Nothing I can really do or say to change his mind. I guess, just do what's asked, and see if he mellows out a bit. Hell, if it it gets really bad…get permission to send a wireless to Ensign Nikos on the carrier, see what she can do for you." She gives a helpless little shrug for the moment though. "Thanks for shining these up for me. I'll try and gauge the new CO's mood tomorrow I guess, letcha know if maybe he's just going all nutso on account of the old CO shooting up the frakkin' hangar bay. But for now, got that meeting early in the morning. I need some shuteye."

Dell looks over at Cinder and he nods his head, the marine doesn't smile, "Good luck with your meeting." The former farm adds, "And hopefully the shiny boots will help." He then comments on the mood, "I think the dude is over compensating." and by 'dude' Dell means the CO. "Though if you come out of this promise me you will take some of those metal bastards down."

"You got it…" Cinder replies, with a nod, to his toaster comment of course. The boots get stuffed into the footlocker at the end of her bunk, and then climbs on back in. The curtain gets drawn, and after some tossing and turning to get comfy, the light inside gets flicked off, and she settles in for some sleep, prepping herself mentally for the morning meeting as she drifts off.

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