PHD 277: Promises Broken
Promises Broken
Summary: Kairos and Reverie have a talk after she's out of sickbay. Brief cameos by Marissa and Eddie
Date: PHD 277
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It's been a while since she's been able to truly just rest in her bunk. It's almost like she's missed her cramped quarters. Curled up in her blanket in a pair of sweats is Reverie just scribbling down a few things in her pink notebook while there's one ear bud in her left ear. She's litening to some old pop music from Caprica it seems.

Dak's without crutches now, able to walk on his own two feet. Regardless, he's still got the bandage on his neck, but again it seems like it's not drenched in his own blood this time. He's healed well enough to go back onto the flight roster and work at full capacity. Pushing into the hatchway and closing it behind him, he enters in clad in his off duties. Upon entry, Backfire glances over to Reverie, scratches his neck gently, and proceeds to his bed, gently settling himself down onto it and lying on his back…staring at the bottom of the bunk above him.

"So I'm getting ignored now?" Reverie asks curiously. She doesn't sound mad as she raises her brows and uncurls from her bed to let her feet on the ground. There's the bandage still around her head as she peers towards her pilot.

Listening to Rev's words, Dak laughs uneasily as he stares upwards, hands drawing to his face before he drags his palms down his cheeks. "Well…" he mentions, brows raised slightly. "I have not a clue in the world if you even want my attention." A smirk forms and he turns his gaze sideways. "Undoubtedly due to the fact that I made a choice. And that you seem to be lacking something of sentimental value to me. What did you do with him?"

"You have no clue? I was there in the sick bay too and all your attention was on Eddie, Dak. So I gave your prized possession to her. Felt she deserved it more." Reverie replies as she shakes her head. "I don't even know why you're being defensive. It's clear you don't have feelings for me. My infatuation for you clouded my judgement. And you said you'd do anything to make me not hurt again." There's a soft sigh as she shakes her head once more.

"Oh, good Gods," Dak intones, looking a little more exasperated now that he knows a stuffie is in the hands of a monster. He can only imagine what Eddie would do to it. Regardless, Kairos shakes his head. "Yeah, well, you know what?" Kairos groans and rolls back out of his bed, brushing off his tanks. "I'm not going to make the time to explain my feelings or justifications to any of my action because I don't think you'll care to see beyond what you're currently feeling." Hands go straight to his pockets. "You don't care if I haven't seen a friend for one second since she was shot in the stomach; you don't care about the position I've been in for the past while being tugged in two directions, wishing for one second I could be bisected and share something with everyone." Shoulders lift upwards. "Look, sure, I'll be the bad guy. I guess I lied when I said I wouldn't hurt you. Things happen I guess. Suppose I have to live with losing or hurting someone. So I'm sorry. Not sure what else I can do for you, Rev. All up to you at this point, I guess." His bed wasn't nearly as comfortable as he thought it was going to be, so he starts stalking bac the way he came.

"Who said I was angry?" Reverie is now really confused. Her brain is probably misfiring once again as she sighs softly. "I'm not making you a bad guy. Did I say for once that you were. You asked where Sam was and I told you." There's a slight ugh that can be heard escaping from her lips as she facepalms. "I gave it to her because it was obvious to me your feelings for her were stronger. Now you're trying to make me feel bad about it. That's not fair Dak. That's not fair at all."

"I'm overreacting," Dak explains. "I'm getting defensive because I'm guilty, especially hearing the words I promised turn out to be one I could not keep. I want to perceive that you are angry because I think a portion of me feels I deserve it. I know it is unfair." The wheel turns on the hatchway and he pulls it open. "I need a shower."

"Now this is unfair, Dak. I thought we could talk about this like adults. You got caught. Yes, you lied. But you know what. I'm over it. I had a feeling you weren't telling me everything from the start. I've come to terms with it. Look, if you're worried that I'm going to leave your ass next time we're attacked, don't. I will do my job the best I can, assuming I get returned to full duty. I'm a professional, Dak. You should know better than that." Reverie replies as she sighs softly and it seems that she's not angry, just disappointed. "If you want to run, go and run. I'd rather talk it out like adults. But it's entirely up to you." And she curls back into her bunk and starts scribbling a few things down again.

It takes a length of time for Dak to decide what to do at the open hatchway, but he expects that if he leaves now this will only be drawn out and it will accomplish nothing. He closes the hatchway back tightly and turns around, stalking back to his bunk and settling down, looking across at Tycho. "All right. I'll bite," he acquiesces, folding his hands in his lap. "It'd make it easier for me if you started."

"I don't understand why. Why did you do what you did?" There's disappointment in her tone as she wrinkles hernose and doesn't look towards him. She looks down and twiddles at her thumbs while hugging her pillow tightly. "And to be honest, I do want to punch you out. I do. But at this point, it just feels moot."

"You have to be a little bit more specific," Dak mentions about her question as to why he did what he did. "I seem to have a penchant for attracting fists," he remarks, raising his eyebrows for a duration of about a second before they lower down to their original position, unfazed by the notion.

"Why did you play with my heart, Dak? You knew I liked you. Then you insinuated I was a slut. Then you went and told me how you wanted me to be happy and promised you wouldn't hurt me and would do everything in your power to make up for hurting me before. You confuse me so." she says with a soft sigh as she lays back in her bunk. "I'm a trained electronic countermeasures officer. I know how to read electronic signals and decipher them and even jam them. But you, I couldn't decipher."

Dak attempts to explain as clearly as he possibly can. "I knew you liked me, that's right," he confirms with a nod. "I liked it. Only reason I didn't want to pursue it was because I had feelings for Mooner as well. The big mistake I suppose was not telling you about that." He breathes in carefully and sighs out. "She said 'she had it in good word that you were in the habit of performing endoscopy with half the crew', you said she had ruined Iggy and Exile's relationship. I eventually took those respective issues to both of you, and watched you both defend yourselves and tell your own stories - To insinuate you were promiscuous was not the point, even though you had gotten that much out of what I had said." Although, he shrugs as if he took the 'what can you do' attitude. "The fact that you were wounded did not make me happy. I genuinely wanted to make up for that, make no mistake."

"Good lords. Dak, I was probably the most virginal person on this ship. I don't spread my legs apart. And I explained to you exactly why I stopped being affectionate. Cause it made people think I was a slut." Reverie says as she just facepalms once more and rolls her eyes. Good thing he can't see that. She eases on up carefully and winces as she's still stiff. "You liked it. You liked the attention you were getting. I get it." The look on her face is one of disappointment. Clear disappointment in her pilot. "I think I've heard enough, Dak. I'll see you at CAPs. You can go take your shower now if you like."

"You explained all of that me after the fact. I am only outlining past events. I'm not taking shots at you, and you have nothing to prove to me in that regard. I don't know why you are trying to infer what I think through what I explain, and that seems to be the big problem, here," Backfire says, looking down at the floor and hanging his head when she mentions her second point. "Now you're making more assumptions, which is really getting us nowhere. Why are we talking like adults when you are just putting words and feelings in my mouth instead of asking and getting succint answers? And if you think I'd be lying about them, why are we even here?"

"You just said you liked it. I gave you lots of attention. Therefore you liked the attention. If P implies Q and Q implies R, then P implies R, yes?" Reverie sayssoftly with her raised brows. "Tell me what assumptions I am making. Please clarify this for me. Tell me how you felt. I'm just trying to look at this while trying to disregard my own feelings about the situation. I was trained as a physicist. We see facts, and we make make inferences from those facts. Fact 1: I liked you. Fact 2: I tried to make it clear by giving you lots of attention. Fact 3: You never told me that you had feelings for someone else. Fact 4: You continued to let me do so. Fact 5: You just said you liked that I liked you. Now 1 and 2 go together and goes with Fact 4 and 5. Yes?"

Dak carefully listens and states plainly, "The fact that I liked that you liked me does not necessarily mean that the attention you were giving me was the motivation that stopped me from saying anything about having feelings for another. If it was, I would not have stopped you from imparting more affection onto me," he says.

"Then there's another fact and inference there. The picture becomes clearer, though I still have no idea what I'm looking at." Reverie says with a shrug of her shoulders. She takes a deep breath and runsher fingers through her hair. "So what do you want to say, before I start making inferences and putting words in your mouth again."

"I don't know. Maybe instead of plainly stating the fact that had escaped you, maybe you can figure it out on your own. But ultimately that fact is irrelavent, because I again, made a choice. It wasn't in your favor. That's something you're going to have to get right past." Dak shakes his head. "All I have to say to defend myself there, is that my motivations are not as impure as you think they are." Scratching his nose, he goes back to recline on his bunk.

"I just told you I was over it. What?" Her brain is definitely misfiring. Reverie facepalms as she grabs her walking cane and starts hobbling towards the hatch. "Okay, I'm just oblivious to everything. I had a bullet in my brain, let's leave it at that." she says rather confused. And off she goes.

Mimi opens the hatch in question just then, peering inside. "Oh, just the person I needed to see," she says, upon seeing Reverie. "I just wanted to return that beginner-level book on astrophysics. It gave me an awful headache, but I think I'm beginning to…" Blink. "Oh, you're going out?" She hastily steps out of the way, holding the hatch open.

Eddie steps through the open hatch, moving at the pace of a snail. "Thanks." She mutters to Marissa, even though it wasn't being held open for her sake. She has that shuffling gait of the recently injured, but at least she's on her feet. As someone is incoming, she jukes left and heads to the set of bunks that Jupiter Black occupies.

"Just toss it on my bed, please. I'm headed to the deck. Going to help clean out the raptor, least I could do for dirtying it up." Reverie says as she weeble wobbles out.

Dak puts a finger and a thumb up against his temple and twitches his thumb, his other hand mimicking the brains that fly out as a result to convey his exasperation. Only when she's looking towards the hatchway, anyway. "Good gods," he grumbles aloud, tuning out the world.

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