Olivia Lufkin
Olivia Lufkin as Reiza I. Hale
Name: Reiza I. Hale
Alias: Cookie
Age: 21
Hair & Eyes: Brown & brown
Faction: Support
Position: Crewman chef
Colony: Leonis
Play Times: Whenever!
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info


Reiza was born prematurely on Leonis in Thalattra to a young, single mother without the resources to take care of a child. Ultimately the baby girl was given up for adoption. Reiza was adopted a short time later by a wealthy family who had long felt the pains of not being able to conceive naturally. With the Hales, Reiza's natural inclination towards everything creative was nurtured. Rather than be sent to the art schools that Reiza longed to attend, she was given the best private tutors. The girl's health had always been rocky and the Hales weren't comfortable with sending the girl away to school — or even letting her out of their sights. Her playmates were few and far between. Sometimes she would play with other children from Thalattra's upper crust, but most of the time Reiza was left alone to her own devices. Her social and physical capabilities may have been in dire straights, but her academic growth was certainly not. Reiza tackled every lesson she was given head on with aplomb, though she excelled incredibly with creative pursuits.

The one thing all of Reiza's lessons never seemed to cure was her slight stutter. In tense or unfamiliar situations, Reiza's speech impediment grew worse and worse. When she eventually grew comfortable enough with someone, it would mostly disappear, only faint traces left. Her stutter is something that bothered her parents more than it did her, however. Speech therapists were often called to the house but Reiza never did heed their lessons. Around the age of fifteen, the girl developed an astute love of the culinary arts, as she prefers to call them. Her parents called it 'a future as a fry cook'. Using her delicate health as a ploy in her grand scheme, Reiza persuaded her parents that she NEEDED to learn more about cooking. Giving in to their child's fancies, they allowed her to attend a cooking school after she legally graduated high school at age seventeen.

Reiza had the time of her life at cooking school — interacting with the others students certainly wasn't her forte, but baking was. Desserts were her specialty. Reiza became the girl that you went to if you wanted to gain five pounds. While enrolled in cooking school, she also took a few other courses — becoming enthralled with the fashion world and tailoring her own clothing. Just as both Reiza's culinary and fashion experiments were making a splash in the more Bohemian parts of Thalattra, she decided to go against her parents' greatest wishes and join the military. At the age of nineteen, Reiza was recruited. Her parents were devastated, although Reiza herself seemed determined. In spite of her lack of physical prowess and hatred of the day time, Reiza managed to complete basic, although it was clear she would never be a fighter — or anything remotely close to it.


  • Demetrius Hale, adoptive father
  • Lenore Hale, adoptive mother
  • Unknown, biological mother
  • Unknown, biological father


  • Thalattra Academy of Culinary Arts
  • Homeschooled from 4 to 17

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Shifted from base to base before finding permanent placement on the Kharon a month and a half before war day

Distinguishing Features

  • Reiza speaks with a stutter that worsens in chaotic or unfamiliar situations. Once she grows more comfortable, the stuttering goes away mostly.
  • A copper men's ring that is constantly worn on her left index finger.
  • The tendency to run her fingers through her hair when nervous or anxious — IE, a lot.


  • Seems fairly allergic to making eye contact with other people, let alone looking at their faces for a prolonged period of time.
  • Is said to sometimes enjoy a party a little TOO much, becoming the polar opposite of what she's normally like after she's had a few drinks.
  • Generally talks so quietly that many have to ask her to repeat herself or speak louder.
  • Is rumored to be a good dancer — once you can convince her to do so.
  • Name is pronounced REE-za, though she finds it amusing when people call her RAY-za, or any other variation. She's unlikely to correct them.
  • Has a major sweet tooth.
  • Barely ever eats in front of other people, but is said to be a bottomless pit.
  • Is extremely non-confrontational. Can't we all just get along, people?
  • Was dubbed 'Cookie' by Eddie and Pav.
  • Is actually apparently related to Absalom, though not technically because she's adopted. They're cousins.


  • Cooking
  • Teaching
  • Melee combat
  • Tailoring

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Dr. Pav Helis. Threatened to throw Reiza in the 'ward' for her stuttering, but ended up being a tolerable guy in the end. She plans to make him cookies more than anyone else because he seems to need some kind of chocolate or something to enrich his life.
Selene Daiasu. Told Reiza that her meat pies were bland, until Reiza almost had a breakdown over it. Seems nice enough, but Reiza's still a bit wary.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Log Title PH# What happened in this log. person1, person2 & person3.



  • Cooking experiments
  • Dessert
  • Music
  • Crafty things
  • Staying awake at night


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