Character Box Title
Nina Dobrev
Nina Dobrev as Reverie Tychoides
Name: Reverie Tychoides
Alias: Tycho
Age: 22
Hair & Eyes: Brown and Hazel
Faction: Navy: Air Wing
Position: Ensign: ECO
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Anytime
Timezone: Central

Biographical Info

Born almost twenty-three years ago in Caprica City, Reverie was the only child of two academics: her father being a physicist and her mother being an electrical engineer. She was a precocious child growing up,wanting to please her parents by being the 'perfect child', she grew up slightly neurotically competitive, a perfectionist in everyway. She knew what her parents expected of her, and thus she did what she could to make them happy. She was the all around girl next door growing up, and she met a young man by the name of Haldor Granger in high school and the two quickly fell in love.

She was smitten with him, as he was more of the jock type. He wanted to go to the military academy, and thus, against the wishes of her parents, she went and applied along with him. Her grades were enough to get her in, and she excelled in physics, having grown up with it for most of her life. In school she learned what she needed to, eventually getting her bachelors in physics and upon graduation was commissioned as an ensign. There, her path opened up due to her degree and she was torn between becoming an ECO or a navigations/FTL officer. She could do both due to her technical background, but Haldor became a pilot, and thus she learned everything about electronic countermeasures to join him. Fate would be cruel though as she was assigned to the BS Hestia and he to the Pegasus. She still wonders what he's doing and what he's up to,but for now, she focuses on her duties doing what she can hoping that he somehow survived the holocaust.

For now, she found herself assigned to the Furies Squadron on the Hestia. She's well versed as a pilot,but prefers her station as an ECO, and it seems that her competitive nature lets her fit in the little group.



  • Horkos Tychoides, Father, Professor of Condensed Matter Physics at Caprica University
  • Portia Tychoides, Mother, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Caprica University


  • Athena Academy, Valedictorian of her class
  • Caprica Military Academy, Bachelors of Science in Physics (Concentration on Astrophysics)

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Very girly and green. First tour of duty.
  • Shot five times when boarding the Basestar. Four times in the chest and one in the head. She survived. Almost like 50 Cent.

Distinguishing Features

  • Very girly. Constant giggling. Perky.


  • She played on the academy pyramid team. Her interest in pyramid came about after dating a couple of pyramid players in high school.
  • She's competitive to the point of being neurotic about it. In her mind, being the best isn't enough.
  • Numbers are her specialty. Ask her to calculate something and she can do it in her head up to usually seven significant digits.
  • The only reason Tycho is her callsign because she punched the guy who suggested it first be Perky, Cheerleader or the worst one, Princess. While perky, she doesn't want to be known as such. She has to be taken srsly afterall. Being an ECO is srs bizness!!!!!1111eleventy.


  • Physics - the nature of the universe is in her head!
  • Electronic counter measures - Wheee! That's her job!
  • Repair - A tinkerer at heart, she likes taking things apart only to put them back together, new and improved.
  • Cooking - While no Iron Chef, she does like experimenting in the mess halls. She loves her pastries.
  • Pyramid - How else can a girl date pyramid players?
  • Piloting - While not the best, she is a competent pilot and can easily become a backup Raptor pilot should the need arise.
  • Firearms - Pew pew

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot Notes
Dak Kairos. Promises were made. Promises were broken. Forgiven, but can never forget.
Josh Sizemore. Viper Jock. Boyfriend. Was a big brother in the Furies until recently.
Pandorian Ajtai. Her instructor in ass kicking. She appreciates the simplicity that he presents. She likes it simply. He keeps it simple. She looks up to him as a big brother even though he's a year younger.
Marissa Delann. Another Raptor pilot! She finds her amazingly adorable and likes her company tremendously. Potential BFF in the making.
Castor Leda. Transfer into the Furies from the Kharon. One of the few transfers she doesn't find absolutely repugnant.
Cassius Logan. Senior lieutenant. Raptor pilot. Hits on her way too much, but he's honest about it. Finds that refreshing. Now that she's dating her former 'older brother' figure, she looks up to the senior lieutenant for advice. He's someone she can definitely trust.
Sol Ambrose. Fellow ECO in the furies. She finds him absolutely adorable even if he talks too much and has a tendency for foot-in-mouth syndrome.
Abigail "Iggy" Nikos. Big sister like figure in the squad. Appreciates the rather blunt advice that she gives.
The CAG. Serious. Stern. Just what you want in a CAG.

Timeline of Events

RP Logs (Logs)




  • Feeling pretty.
  • Her textbooks.
  • Being the best.
  • Pyramid players.
  • Gentlemen.


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