PHD 226: S2 x 2
S2 x 2
Summary: The S2 of the Hestia and Kharon meet for the first time. Fiiiiight-err maybe not.
Date: PH 226 (Nov 30th, 2009)
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A pair of staggered desks flank the entrance, one occupied during most hours by a desk sergeant, and the other rotates between other personnel. In the back is a bank of monitors on the port wall in a 180 degree view. The arc of stacked flatscreens is under the watchful eye of an MP or three during most hours of the day, and recorded for review otherwise. These monitors are visible from the S2's desk (directly across on the starboard wall) and the station set just in front of them. One of the feeds always on display is a feed of the Brig. Other secure areas have been wired in since warday. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. An armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' and holds the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. A hatch midway through the room leads into the Small Arms Range.

"The coffee, sir." the big Marine answers, though, she really has fight a smirk as Epi calls her the runt of the litter. Ok, just for a second it happens, then, she's got it under control again, "It's nice to see there's more people out there, sir." Mostly under control.

The wonderful about CEC's? It would be that they are small as mouse balls, however, from a Marine's point of view, it does show what a small platoon of marines this place has. Nothing like seeing everything all scrunched in, one on top of the other. Thus proving a Marine will make due with whatever the hell they have. "My my.." The OS2 offers upon coming into the Sec hub. "They got you cooped up like hutch rabbits.." And there's a look over to the Desk Sergeant, and almost like clockwork- He's moving to remove his firearm and sign it over, just until he needs to go. Not like they are going to arrest-or shoot him. If so. He'll have to McGyver a way out.

Side arm dealt with he's moving to walk over to the indicated coffee pot. "Thanks Corporal.." muttered, before he's reaching for a mug and making a straight away for the pot. There's a glance to the desks.."Where are your CO's?" Tombs asks, mid pour.

Epi cants her head slightly to the side. "Well, the Major's down in Sickbay recovering," she says quietly, moving to get the guest some coffee. "And Ensign Nikos, our S2, is likely getting her 4 hours of rack time. Though I think she's due in soon. Let me page her, Sir."

"Recovering.." Nathan repeats for a moment. Pot set back down as Epi approaches. A waggle of his mug to show he has it well in hand, before he's reaching for some sugar, or something that looks like it. Probably barrel scraps if anything. That or most marines don't drink sugar. "Take it you all got hit pretty hard, from frak and back." a pause. "What happened?" To the Major- Might as well figure out what they have working here, and that lot. As for the S2 there's a shrug. "If you want to Corporal. I can wait." After all four hours be precious things these days.

Barghest stoops over the desk and scribbles things into the duty log while Epi broaches the delicate topic of rousing the S2. The paperwork, brief as it was, taken care of, she looks to the Lieutenant, "We've had some bad ones, sir." she affirms. She drifts doorward to hover in case anything else needs taking care of, then, "You must have seen some, too."

Epi waves a hand and smiles brilliantly up at the other S2. That's usually when most Kharon Marines go 'ohshit' and find cover. "No problem, Sir," she chirps, then heads over to the com system to make the call - leaving him alone with Barghest.

[Intercom] Epi says, "Ensign Nikos to the SecHub. Please pass it along, Ensign Nikos to the SecHub."

Tombs just watches the small one, before he's looking back to Barghest. "I have." he replies to the MP. "Before and After frakkin Hellday." cue a sip of coffee, before he's watching as the Epi make the Call. Eyes up as the shipwide page is given and then eyes to the tall Marine. "Lost three recently." And he leaves it at that. Perhaps he's as closed mouthed as some when it comes to those figures. A glance is given to the coffee in his mug and another swirl. "Least you all got decent sludge.."

"Makes things more bearable." Bar says, still a bit stiff in the presence of the Major. She nods, though, "We've lost a few, too." She gets a little thoughtful, considering some of the whys and howfors of recent losses, then seems to forcibly shove it aside, but stays quiet for a few after that.

Epi bounces back toward Tombs and takes up a position next to the desk. This IS a duty station, after all. It's clear, though, that there are some things she'd like to say to the OS2, but she doesn't dare. Little woman lets Barghest do all the talking. Yet, the small Marine is practically vibrating where she stands.

There's another sip of his coffee, before he's nodding back towards Barghest. "Yeah well, comes with the shit don't it?" ah the usual marine line. The shit or the suck, depending on your school of thought- Clearly now- it is the shit for Tombs. "Good- bearable is better than anything else." A roll of his shoulders as eyes look over towards the door leading back to the firing range. a small frown. "Man whoever designed a CEC didn't really leave us space to shit, did they?" A shake of his head and yes, Tombs is going peeking to the range.

The hatch finally opens, and Salazar walks in, wearing black fatigues, a black tee, boots, and her sidearm. Her hair is wet from a very recent shower. She carries a towel. "The frak?" She glances around. "This shit better be important. I got the hot water this time. Who has coffee for me?" Her eyes find Tombs pretty much immediately after she says that.
From where she stands by the door, Bar replies, "No, they sure didn't." There's a sly glance flicked Epi's way, though as the Major starts to get the sightseeing bug, and Bar opens her mouth on that development, the S2 comes in and…. Salute! "Sir! Visitor from the Hestia. Wanted to see you, sir!"

Epi pulls up to attention as Salazar walks in. Yet that hand strays, ever so slightly, to the zip ties on the back of Barghest's belt. "Hestia's S2, SIR," she announces, coming in right after the taller Corporal. The two of them could be the comedy act of Big Dog and Little Dog.

Eyes glance back towards the Hatch as the Ensign comes in, and there's a faint raise of a brow there. Another sip of coffee, and he's looking back towards the pot and mugs directly close at hand. And with that the Lieutenant moves over a half step so as to give the KS2 a free line should she want to take it. "Ensign Nikos?" Well he did hear the call over the intercoms. And there's a question he wants to ask-however he waits. Not one, to simply speed into it just yet.

"Lieutenant Nathan Tombs, of the Hestia." A glance back to the other too. "Right- As your two kidlets said." a faint smirk there and it is gone. "Coffee?" a gesture back to her own pot, which he helped himself from.

Sal flicks her hair out of her eyes, and finishes scrubbing with the towel before she tosses it over the desk Sgt's chair. "Frak. I take a shower when it's not the asscrack of everyone's asleep and the battlestar launches an invasion." She walks over to Tombs, pops him in the shoulder with a fist. "Welcome aboard. Watch the corridors, you'll get stuck you try to pass 2 by 2 at any point." She reaches for a mug and pours herself a drink. "Ensign Salazar Nikos." Of the Scorpia Nikos.

The big woman watches an important lesson in S2 bonding, and glances at Epi again, then down at the hand drifting toward her belt. She raises an eyebrow, but doesn't say anything.
Epi remains at attention as she watches the bonding with unabashed interest. Assured that the zip ties are on Big Dog's belt, her hands drop to her sides again. The little EOD expert simply smiles. Yep, it's another of those smiles. Someone's toothpaste will likely be laced with G-4 tonight.

"I signed in my pistol, so you're fine-sih." Tombs says before he's knocked in the shoulder. Not even a blink, as he simply steps in. Cue one hand up, as a fist is made- and the motion is returned back to the other marine's shoulder. "You hit like a girl." Of course-that goes with saying because the Ensign is a girl. Nothing more. He's told several pilots that, but a couple of them were males. "Shit, I know cousins of yours that hit harder- Have a couple of em." Yes he knows quite well the Scorpian Nikos' no better marines in the fleet he would argue.

A beat and Tombs is countering as he is keeping his eyes mainly on the officer now. "So, I have to ask. Who in the hell did you assfrak raw to get demoted?" Now that might seem like an uncouth thing to ask. "Because, most S2's I know are frakking JiG's or full blown el-tee's." a brow there. There has to be a story, right?

"You want to say that to me in the ring, Nate, you're welcome to put on your big girl panties and join me." Salazar skips right over the rank, goes for the nickname, and turns, sipping her coffee. Yes, she should technically be calling him sir. What wins out? Visitor or hardass? Marine or officer? "You could have your weapon in your hand and I'd still be damn fine, son." SHe pauses, though, as Tombs invokes her family name. Curiously, she doesn't ask. In fact, she turns slightly away from the man, presumably to take a sip of her coffee. But that's certainly not why. Epi may catch a glimpse of Salazar's expression. Eyes closed, just for a moment.

Barghest also has a look, slightly different than Salazar's, though, her attention turns back to the visitor, "The former S2 was killed, sir." There's a bit of an edge in her voice, but she's made wonderful progress since that went down. "Ensign Nikos has been doing the job since, sir."

For the moment, Epi is smiling at Tombs. Though, as he raises a hand to her S2, the smile flickers for just a moment. Her expression isn't exactly calculating - she can't DO calculating. But there are some calculations being run, clearly. She catches the look on Salazar's face and the smile drifts completely away, replaced by a professional expression. The littlest Marine has become part of the furniture - for the time being, at least.

"Our late commander tossed me a pair of pins with a mustang on a re-up after I was dredged from the bowels of Scorpia's resistance." Salazar finally adds, when she turns to face the other S2. "Traditionally, my experience in law enforcement would dictate Lieutenant's pins, but I'm fairly certain the old man thought I was just as likely to blow the bitch as patrol it. It's the tattoos. They freak people out." She's probably kidding.

"Any time, you wanna roll Nikos, I'll be sure to tie one arm back to make it fair." The hayseed accent coming out. Clearly he's from Aerelon or some other backwater colony. There's a faint furrow of his brow, but he doesn't seem to say anything else, as he moves to park it right on the Major's desk. Well-the end of it, before he's looking at Sal from over the rim of his mug. "I spect you could be, bushel britches-but we'll have to wait an see. Maybe a fight night sometime once we got all our ducks in a row. Hate to get it all premature. makes for a lousy evening, an ain't ever worth the price of dinner." Sip. Given that no rank has been used with him, doesn't seem to phase Nate, as he has been called. He'll wait for Sal's answer on that.

Though eyes do flick to Barghest. "In action, or?" Yes he is going to ask, because if for some reason people come from here to his boat- he needs to know what he is working with. "And, Corporal-that doesn't explain why she's an Ensign." He'll point it out. "So either she Ass frakked someone and didn't call them the next day- Ooor, she got mustanged out of some place.." And there. There's a look back towards Nikos a nod. "Exactly. I got my pins for when I was in the CIB. You know what the funny thing was. Day I got my full coompliment- cylons decided to nuke the time share I was considerin." A quirk at the tattoos.

"Hide em. I do it. Sure they got some paint around here or something."

There's a flicker in Bar's eyes, but she answers, "Negative, sir." There's a look between the two officers and she pauses to consider her next words more carefully, though with that, her eyes lower and she gives just a little shake of her head, "It wasn't enemy action."

Salazar turns a different sort of look on the Hestia's S2 when he mentions the Colonial Intelligence Bureau. "I was serving undercover on Scorpia as an arms dealer with the bombs fell. I survived because I was out of my usual haunt peddling G-4 in the frakkin' forest. Which office?"

"As for the fight, you look like you got some in you. I could use some. You're not too pretty to abuse. I could do with a solid bout." She doesn't explain why, but everyone else in this office knows exactly what's cookin'. Peri, we knew you for such a short time. Sniff.

"No one has enough concealer to cover up my ink." Salazar does have full sleeves, which are exposed by her tee, and when she reaches up to pull back her hair, the full right side of her neck is tattooed. She also has a little geometric flower under her chin which is usually only spotted when she's just knocked someone on their ass, or is doing shots. "Former S2 lost his shit and had to be retired." Salazar's phrasing is a bit vague, but those who are used to such things can read between the lines.

"Barghest," Sal notes, taking a moment to step in to spare the other woman any further questions Tombs might have on the subject of Drarelle, "Do a lap of the vessel and inform all marine personnel of our visitor, as well as his description, so they don't get in his way he if takes a tour of the ship." And so they can report back every single blessed place he sets foot, and for how long he's there. "Then catch yourself some rack time."

Mmmmmm. Epi's eyes are now on the visitor. The wheel is turning, but it's hard to tell whether or not the hamster is alive and plotting evil, or whether that poor hamster is dead and there ain't no one home. Demo experts. So strange. Yet military discipline has her keeping her mouth shut. She's vibrating so hard with restrained words and energy that she's actually stopped moving. All thats needed now is for Robin Williams to walk through the door.

Tombs grins at that, before he's nodding all the same. "So I can see.." yes he does notice it, he'd show his own, but that would involve him taking off his shirt-"Mine's all under. And I ain't putting on a free show tonight. That would be too much.." and there's a shrug as eyes slide between the three marines. "Like a horse is retired-" he adds on but then doesn't finish with any further punchline. Instead he's nodding, and moving away from the Major's desk. "Who is your CO- I am curious- just cause someone mentioned a Major- figure there aren't many of em left?" a beat "Sorry if yours just expired or something. Heard he was hit- or sick. Same shit, difference."

Barghest's jaw sets as Salazar takes over the explanation, then sends some orders her way. The big blonde snaps off a salute with a crisp, "Sir!" before she checks in her gear and turns for the door. And with that, the hound is off to raise hell at the S2's behest.

"Major Ezra Cass." Salazar's eyes turn again to the other officer in the room before she goes about frakking with the coffee pot before topping up a mug. "He took fire in a ground recovery of civilians on Solon II when we scrambled to jump. He's recovering in the Ward, and I'm sure you'll know just as soon as he's back on the duty rotation." That was a pointed 'don't even think about asking to see him until then'.

Well damn. There went her easily snatched zip ties. Epi considers the pair of officers for a moment from where she's standing at comfortable attention. Her fingers twitch ever so slightly, brushing against the side of her belt surreptitiously. Ahhhh, perfect.

"Copy." Tombs says to whatever was unsaid. And with the mug finished, he's setting it down on the desk. and there. slightly noticeable if you're paying attention would be a small shake seen in his left hand. Just there for a little bit, till a fist is clenched, and his own hand moves to cover over at the wrist. Coughing lightly, he reaches to pat down his blouse. "Mind if I smoke?" he asks whilst in mid search.

"What's your compliment over here?" meaning how many do you have ready and raring to go, on a good day.

Sal's eyes sweep to Epi after a long moment, attention perhaps drawn by the brush over the belt. She watches the small marine for just a tic, and a smile curves her lips. She raises her coffee mug to hide it. "Only if you don't share," the S2 replies, before she addresses another issue, her eyes returning to Tombs. "We took some heavy hits recently. We barely have a full squad standing at duty. It's just damn lucky they're all crazy and so very talented."

Ziiiip! As soon as the OS2's cup hits the desk, the smallest Marine about dashes forward rather like a retriever on speed. There's a puffed displacement of air as she veers toward the coffeepot, triple-time, to do the refilling of the mug. Then the circuit's reversed - all without spilling a drop. Epi glances briefly from Sal to Sal's cup then back again asking without asking.

A nod, as he pulls out his pack, and holds it out to Sal first with his shaking hand, which finally dies down as soon as he pulls back for his own smoke. Cigarette in his lips, he produces a lighter, and flicks to life-not even offering Sal a light as he is busy righting his pockets. Drag and a blow out of his nostril- and reaching for his new coffee. And look no smirk or anything given due to Epi's speed. Though it was mightily impressive.

"Shit-I'll assume you're including your Corpsmen, and your MP's in that category.." Nate says after another drag. then a sip of coffee. He's old hat at this. "Anything you wanna know?" bout him? his people, whatever. This is info sharing.

There's a slight shake of her head before Sal takes the cig, slides it between her lips, and goes digging in her pocket for a golf colored antique lighter, not the usual CMC one would expect to come out of the pocket of a marine. "Most of our MPs stay behind to guard vital areas on the ship when we deploy. Though we've been running everyone in those rotations, including Brig guard duty. We had a small complement of marines to begin with. The war's been tough on us, and there are no reinforcements." At least not until now. "We have a few going through boot to fill out the numbers a little." She shakes her head slightly as Epi looks toward her mug. She's fine with the half a cup of cooling coffee she has on hand.

And so it comes to pass that Epi returns to her guard position. Apparently 'on duty' in SecHub means guarding the S2's back against invaders. Her hands fold behind her back - parade rest - and her eyes focus on a spot somewhere across the room. The thousand yard stare -really- isn't a good look for her. Think constipated goldfish.

"Good-" which means he agrees on the tactics at least. Another drag of his cigarette and Tombs is half grinning though it might be at the Corporal's dedication. A snort, and with that he's looking back to Sal full on. "How're the officers on this bitch?" meaning the Kharon, but then he calls the Hestia a bitch as well. All is fair in watching the Navy's asses. "Any trouble makers in your AW, or shit like that?" Course He's not talking down to Sal- clearly he figures she knows why he is here, or even would be here.

"We used to have a few, but they have since quit whining and bitching about petty shit, like women and how big their cocks are."

Salazar considers the question about pilots with some care. She takes a drink of her coffee, now cooled to temperatures allowing such action. "I'm sure one or two has their head up their ass on a bi-weekly basis, but the CAG's not a panty waste." Small favors, right? "They're airy fairies. What do you want? It's all sparkles and sky patrols for them." There's something she's not saying, but Sal does not know this man well enough. "There's a couple dented apples in every barrel. The trick is keeping them from getting you killed."

Epi's lips twitch ever so slightly. Just a bit at one corner. She and the wall are having a staredown, though, which means that she has to devote all of her attention to the wall. Mustn't laugh at the officers.

Tombs keeps eyes on the KS2 while she works on that question. a faint smile there, as if he's part of some secret knowing things club-however it doesn't progress more than that. "Your CAG sounds like ours. Though she can bust balls- and I mean bust em..puree em, do em up right so that you're left mewlin like a frakkin fisher cat whelp." And with that his mug is lowered back down to the Major's desk, more content to nurse his cigarette right now. "How's that workin' out for ya?" obviously still feelin her out-probably to see if there is any more than their former Commander just bein idiotfied on the rankin of a good officer.

Salazar finally gets around to lighting up her smoke. She slides the lighter back into her pocket after a moment of watching the light slide over the letters etched into it. She glances up, and reaches for the cig to slide it out of her mouth. "Dented apples make the best pie." She turns her head to exhale toward the ceiling of the Sec Hub. "I have a thing for pie."

Epi's eyes slide over to the HS2 and she just blinks at him for a long moment brows pulling together. Then she looks up at Salazar somewhat helplessly.

[Intercom] Sito says, "Attention! Lieutenant Tombs to the Hangar Bay. Tombs to the Hangar Bay. Your chariot is leavin'. Haul your hiney. Pass the word."

"So I hear, though pie can spoil rather easily." That's just his opinion there and then into the ever loving saga, Tombs seems almost wanting to go- he adds in. "I am a cake man myself. Something about a good cake. Can beat a pie made by my dead mother any day." A beat and a pause as he looks up to the intercom "Frak- make it sound Like I got lost in a cocksucking grocery store.." A glance and hand out to the Ensign. "Pleasure to meet you Nikos. You ever want that dance-call me." He's serious there. "See if we can't get our ships involved."

"Mama calls," Salazar replies, with the faintest hint of a smirk. She nods to the hatch. "Up two, straight to the stairwells. I'll be ringing you for a dance. Don't forget it. Bring your pads, you might need them." She probably just called him old, without actually referencing age directly. "Gods be with you."

Finally, Epi can stand it no longer. "Just follow the bread crumbs, Sir. I asked Corporal Barghest to leave one for you given how easy it is to get lost on a Carrier." She looks so sweet and earnest, eager to please. She can't be yanking his chain, right?

"And also with you." Tombs offers, before he's nodding and showing himself on the way out. which includes picking up his pistol from the desk Sergeant. "I'll send over some info if we catch anything, Nikos." See, friendly there. And with that Nate's out, after dropping mug and cigarette in the middle on Cass' desk. Obviously someone either doesn't know who it belongs to, or he doesn't care.

A glance over his shoulder to Epi. "Frak off corporal. I'm a Marine, not a assfrak from Aquaria." and with that he's gone-zoom

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