Rear Admiral Sabah Mehra
Sabah Mehra
Eartha Kitt
Eartha Kitt as Sabah Mehra
Name: Sabah Mehra
Alias: {$alias}
Age: 48
Hair & Eyes: Black, Brown
Faction: Navy
Position: Tactical, CO
Colony: Gemenon
Play Times: Play Times
Timezone: Time Zone

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Reputation (or Mil. Service)

The Admiral's military roots are relatively humble ones. Unlike many, she does not come from pilot stock or hail from a family of brass; her career began in the Millitary Police branch of the Marines, serving at Cafferty Air Base on Aerelon. From there, she ascended the ranks into an NCO role, and from there was commissioned as a logistics officer (S3). Singled out for having strong promise in command, she elected to serve her next few tours of duty ship-side, aboard the Battlestar Columbus as the ship's Commanding Officer for the Marines. She has served aboard the Battlestar Hestia as its Commanding Officer for nine years, and was elevated to Rear Admiral three years ago in light of outstanding service to the fleet.

Mehra's agenda, from day one, has been rooted in the belief that while the scattered remnants of the Colonial 'fleet' lack numbers, they are well equipped to outthink their enemy. As such, the Hestia has been focused on gathering intelligence, performing mid- and long-range reconaissance, and accumulating as much data as possible on cylon forces in order to plan an all-out attack. With the assumption that the colonies are dead and gone, no attempt has been made to return. While at one time the Hestia traveled with a small fleet of combat- and FTL-capable ships, those have been either destroyed or lost; she now navigates the vast reaches of space quite entirely alone.

Dismissive of religion and scripture for most of her life, despite the influence of family and upbringing, Sabah has come to be guided by the tenets of that faith she once shunned. Since the Holocaust of the Twelve Colonies, her command of the Hestia has become increasingly influenced by her rediscovery of scripture. This has undoubtedly been partly due to the urgings of her Executive Officer. Not a fanatic in any sense of the word, she has taken a much more liberal interpretation of the contents of the sacred scrolls, leading to some friction between herself and some of the Hestia's more devout crew members.

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