Lieutenant Salazar Nikomedes Nikos Marek
Salazar Nikomedes Nikos Marek
Kat Von D
Kat Von D as Salazar Marek
Name: Salazar Marek
Alias: Sal
Age: 29
Hair & Eyes: Black, Brown
Faction: CMC CO, Kharon
Position: S2
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: 10p to 2a
Timezone: Eastern US

Lieutenant Salazar Nikos Marek, of the Scorpia Nikos', is a former CIB agent and Resistance member currently serving as CMC CO aboard the CEC Kharon. On PHD 242, she married Karim Marek.

Biographical Info



The Nikos family is huge, devoted, religious, and rowdy. Anyone who has ever gone drinking with a Nikos would never forget it. Growing up in the family is a good time, always challenging, never dull. The familial gatherings are legendary, both in size, disturbance, number of calls to the authorities, and the volume of alcohol consumed. Joint leave is never a pretty picture. One would be hard pressed to find a bar within 50 miles in any direction of their hometown, Blue Earth, that doesn't have a few stories, or property damage, courtesy of the clan.

Salazar was born into the family between two brothers, Nikomedes and Kyros. She's technically only a few minutes younger than Niko, but he's still the old man in her particular branch of the family. Her childhood was like that of the rest of the kids, full of family, camping, raising hell, religion, love, and a healthy dedication to the Colonial way of life, including an ingrained sense of duty. It isn't a question of if you will enlist or take officer training as a Nikos, but more a question of when. On her 18th birthday, Sal enlisted with the CMC, right alongside her brother Nikomedes. The ink was barely dry before the beers were cracked.


The usual. She went. She lit fire to a few things. She never got caught (you underestimate the sneakiness, sir!), but her brother Niko did. Only once.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Military life was easy for Salazar, and she excelled in the Corps, courtesy of her pre-service training garnered from living with generations of marines. Her finesse with sneakiness, bombs, and hand to hand combat grew beyond what she already knew, and she specialized as the years went by. Her dedication to the Corps was noted several times in her jacket, and her reputation among her peers was one of careful fondness. Sal was known as fearlessly loyal to the marines, but dangerous, as all Nikos', to mess with. Her collection of tattoos grew. Her tolerance for alcohol increased. She made many friends over the years, and received a field promotion to Sergeant earlier in her career than expected, after her first re-up. Something changed in that last year, and it took her back home to Scorpia. Her file lists medical discharge, but the details are nonexistent.

After six months of physical therapy, Sal was back to almost good-as-new. She considered re-applying to the marines, but was approached by another party beforehand.

Note: She was known to the criminal element as a freelance bodyguard and weapons dealer, and her specialty is in designing explosives for very specific jobs. She favors no-casualty and precision work, though that will surely change given an occupation of hostile forces. Criminals from Scorpia may know of her as such.

It has recently come to light that Salazar was posing as a weapons dealer, but actually working for the CIB as an undercover agent. The world blew up, and she found it easier to maintain cover, particularly when an old associate showed up. Since re-boarding Kharon, she's re-upped and been mustanged to Ensign to serve as the ship's S2 (Security Officer).

Distinguishing Features

  • Tattoos over much of her body.
  • Striking features.
  • Weapon collection.


  • From one of the largest military families on Scorpia.
  • 86+ Nikos family members currently active and deployed in the fleet. (Everyone lost count around there. Too many beers, or not enough.)
  • Speed Reader.
  • Good Night Vision.
  • Iron Stomach.
  • Flashbacks1.


  • Demolitions.
  • Subterfuge.
  • Beer Bonging.2
  • Survivalist Activities such as:
        • … not falling into pits.
        • … eating the non-poisonous berries.
        • … pooping in the woods.
        • … avoiding being scooby snacks for a bear.
        • … living off of the land.
        • … dying at least 5th in horror movie type scenarios.3
  • Resisting Torture (Don't Ask).
  • Sneaking Around.
  • Hand to Hand. Hiiiiyah!

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Lieutenant Nyx Addison "Fender" Nikos. Cousin. Trouble. She should be a Captain by now. I think it's her promo year, but the woman is so damn military we hardly ever hear from her, except when she shows up to wreck a car. One of the best pilots I know, total FAIL behind the wheel of a land vehicle. Age: 29. Posting Classified.
Lieutenant JG Nemesis "Wicked" Nikos. Another Cousin. Also Trouble. She's one of the more religious of the group. I swear she came this close to taking orders to become a priestess. She's pretty hot on the stick, but her wingmen always die in the sims. Been that way since we were kids. You did not want her as your partner. You might win, but you'd bleed first. 24. Station: The Siren.
Master Sergeant Peri Nikos. Turns out Peri survived the destruction of many vessels. He never told me he transferred to the Kharon, and I had no idea it had survived until I met Karim. I only found out Peri was alive when I was reunited with him in Fire Crotch's infirmary. The old goat had enough cigars on him, even on a mission, to give an entire squad cancer. Gods love him, and keep him. Peri was killed in action on PHD220. Age: Deceased, 38. Station: CEC Kharon.
Lysander "Lizzie" Nikos. Cousin Lizzie. He's a little odd, even in our flock. Almost did the big glub glub when we were kids. Dumb frak woke up and went woowoo, I swear. Worships Hades now. He survived the attacks, and is just as crazy as ever. The last time I saw him, he was running off to stay and defend what's left of Tinos and the surrounding area from the occupation. I pray every day that he's survived. Age: 30. Haunt: Paros & Tinos, Scorpia.
Abigail Allison Mikal "Booster" Nikos. Cousin Iggy. Peri's little sister. She's one of the few to go completely nuts and qualify as a pilot. She's what you might call… sassy. I know, right? Who would have thought a Nikos would ever achieve that adjective. Age: 27. Station: BS Hestia.
MSGT Ransom Nikos. Cousin. The frak did he survive. The last I heard, he was drunk in a bar on Scorpia with each hand up the skirt of a whore. I thought he went AWOL, but I guess he sobered up in time to get back to duty. Though cousins, he and Peri ran together like the closest of friends and brothers. Only a year apart, Peri was the responsible one, and Rans the crafty one. They had a longstanding contest for barfight starting, and I couldn't tell you who was ahead when the colonies were nuked. Rans will say he was, but between you and me, I think it was Peri. Age: 39. Station: BS Hestia.

Timeline of Events

Day 000: Stops for a drink at a resort in the woods. Gets stuck there. Frak.

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Looks Clear PH206 Marines and a pilot move in to clear the Anchorage only to stumble upon a problem. Ezra, Cinder, Ashe, Mimieux, Kai, Damon, Absalom, & introducing Vicks.
Seasons of Change PH206 Mimieux drops by the Sec Hub to chat about Ozymandias as the Kharon orbits Ragnar. Ezra, Cinder, Ashe & Mimieux.
Drawn PH204 Salazar draws, Absalom gripes, Kai sleeps. Absalom.
Desk Duty PH203 A quiet moment in the Sec Hub culminates in chatting over paperwork. Cinder & Kai.
Tinos Assault PH202 The Kharon hits Scorpia to rescue the Res and a labor camp full of colonials. Epi, Cinder, Kellin, Lyssa, & Alyssa.
Friendly Fire PH202 The S2 releases Swift (temporarily) from the Brig. Ashe & Cinder.
Crapshoot PH201 DH meeting full of proxies. Things are decided. Praxis, Kai, Kappel, & Camille.
One PH201 Orders are for following. Swift isn't so. Ashe & Connor.


"You really don't want to touch that." (re: any number of things, usually belonging to her.)
"Now. If we had a doctor and some whores, this'd be just like home." (After divvying up survival duties at Harkin's Lodge on a post-bombing Scorpia.)


  • Explosives.
  • Explosions.
  • Detonators.
  • Weaponry.
  • Tattoos.
  • Trashy novels4.
  • Fine smokes, cigs or cigars.
  • Expensive booze.
  • Beer. Beer. Beer.


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