Lieutenant JG Sapho Pournelle
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones as Sapho Pournelle
Name: Sapho Pournelle
Alias: Percy
Age: 27
Hair & Eyes: Brown Hair & Eyes
Faction: Navy: Air Wing
Position: Viper Pilot; Lieutenant JG
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info


The name Pournelle is not unknown within the elite social circles that can be found upon Caprica; Markus Pournelle, a native Caprican, was a published poet and playwright and had at one time aspired to take part in politics while his somewhat-younger wife, Elisa, held some minor celebrity as an opera singer who originally hailed from Sagittaron. Meeting later on in life, by the time Elisa became pregnant with the baby who would be their only child she was nearing her forties; suffering from horrible complications, she was unable to carry their child to term and their baby, a girl, was born almost two and a half months premature. Despite her under-developed lungs, she screamed a single time, something which startled her parents and the medical staff alike. Markus would later find himself moved into writing a poem, something he didn't have the heart to do while his beloved wife was so ill. 'She must be a muse,' he commented to Elisa who promptly decided to name their daughter after the tenth Muse, Sappho, altering the spelling to Sapho. The baby girl spent several months growing stronger under the doctors' supervision. They were pleasantly pleased to learn that Sapho would be able to live without any major health issues (she would eventually need to start wearing glasses at the age of two resulting from being in an oxygen tent for an extended period of time), and her parents were able to take her home after several months.

As a child, Sapho was encouraged to find a creative outlet and her parents provided many opportunities to explore and the resources to do so with. It was easy to tell that she lacked her mother's vocal talents, her being tone deaf hard to not notice, but that was made up for by the fact that she could write, a talent she 'inherited' from Markus. Her writing was good to begin with and was further improved upon by classes. This was on top of the private schooling she went to, an all-girl academy that focused on the arts along with academics. Sports was also interspersed in the curriculum and it was because of that fact that Sapho learned how to swim; good enough to compete, she raced from the time she was nine up to the age of seventeen and won quite a few ribbons and trophies. She also competed in poetry competitions, something else she had excelled in, resulting in several of her poems being published. As she neared adulthood she was approached by several top university recruiters as well as a recruiter for the military. Intrigued by the idea of being a part of something larger than herself, she took the pamphlets from the military recruiter home with her and brought up the subject with her parents who were less than thrilled; hoping their daughter would continue her education and marry into an influential family, it took a lot of effort and several days talking to them but she eventually managed to make her parents see her point of view and as soon as she graduated she enlisted.


  • Markus Pournelle - Published poet and playwright, once aspiring politician.
  • Elisa Pournelle - Opera singer


  • Private all-girls' academy

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • Basic training, OCS and flight school - Caprica
  • Stationed aboard the Battlestar Bellerphon; completed flight training, assigned there on a permanent basis.
  • Brought aboard the CEC Kharon after rescued.

Distinguishing Features

  • She keeps herself professional almost all the time. It lends a cool, aloof air to her which might result in keeping others from getting close to her.
  • Where her vision is fine for flying she sometimes wears glasses, usually when she's tired and in need of reading.
  • Her right hand is fairly scarred due to an injury she received while flying against the Cylon attack and the resulting surgery. She also has similar scarring on her right foot and along her abdomen.
  • Has a semi-noticeable limp to her gait. It's not enough to impede her during her duties but it does slow her down at times.


  • Is a romantic at heart even if she isn't exactly quick to admit it. The quickest way to her heart - reciting poetry to her, original or the works of other.


On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Christopher Helios. I am sure he's with the Lords now. Maybe we'll see each other again, someday.
Captain Kai Marek. Upon meeting him, my first impression was that he could possibly be a man with something of a sense of humor. My second meeting with the CAG removed that idea entirely. I'm sure there's more to him than he's letting on, but what it could possibly be, I have no clue.
Lieutenant Castor Leda The Lieutenant seems to be the perpetual cheerleader sort which worries me. I realize that it's important to morale for us to try to remain as positive as possible, but he comes across as a false prophet. Hopefully he won't get too many people's hopes up too much otherwise there will wind up being a lot of hurt feelings when things don't pan out the way he promises they will.
Ensign Marissa Delann She was nice enough to come see me when I was feeling my lowest, an act of kindness that I'll never forget along with the fact that she didn't go over the top with trying to cheer me up. Both are things I appreciate greatly.
Lieutenant Doctor Dante Andrews It'd seem that the doctor and I have grown close. It is nice to have someone to connect with on a level that's beyond 'professional', a connection that is based on emotion and common interests rather than the fact that you both are stationed on the same ship. I won't go as far as to say it's love, yet, but Dante does possess a rather large part of my heart even then.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Bring Us Your Wounded PH220 Sapho and other wounded pilots and marines find their way to Medical for treatment. Kharon
MxM - 42. It's Always 42 (Air Wing) & MxM - 42. It's Always 42 (Air Wing Finale) PH219-220 The 42-minute party wraps up. Sapho is wounded. Kharon
MxM - 12.47.37 PH220 Combat against the Cylon results in Sapho discovering what mourning is like. Kharon
CAP With The CAG PH167 A conversation during CAP opens Sapho's eyes, giving her a change of POV. Kai, Praxis & Seriy
Foraging Alliances PH167 A new friendship is borne from a rather surprising commonality and Lieutenant Leda is met by Sapho. Helios & Castor.
Haze PH156 Two new potential Viper pilots meet some of Red Squadron's veteran members. Helios, Kai, Eddie, Roubani, Jupiter & Harrison.



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