Sapta Rishis

Refinery 104

Basic Information

Designated Refinery 104, Sapta Rishis is an FTL-capable tylium refinery ship that has accompanied the Hestia since Warday. Possessing both tylium refining and capital ship refueling capabilities, the Sapta Rishis stores roughly a year's worth of fuel in its tanks for a Battlestar class ship when at peak capacity. It has no weapons or defense capabilities.


  • Refinery 104 was an old tanker ship retrofitted with new technology designed to make the refining process cleaner and more efficient. It was a culmination of years of effort, despite funding cuts and backlashes from the major Canceron-based petrochemical giants. The mobile refinery was deployed to Ori station to begin its test run, mere days before the Holocaust.

Notable Events

  • The Sapta Rishis joined Hestia's fleet on Warday, when it jumped away from Ori Station along with the Battlestar Hestia, Destroyer Kansai and a civilian transport ship.

Character Ties

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