Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr as Selene Daiasu
Name: Selene Daiasu
Alias: -
Age: 22
Hair & Eyes: Sandy blonde hair and ice blue eyes
Faction: Navy: CIC
Position: PO3 - Navigation
Colony: Gemenon
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info


Birth and Childhood

Selene Daiasu was a child of the Gemenese working class, the youngest in her family. Born to James and Katherine Daiasu in the southern spaceport city of Delos on October 26, 22 years before the fall of the colonies, she lived a life mostly sheltered from the constant fighting between the Gemenese sects. Mostly. Her father was killed in the fighting when she was four, leaving her mother to raise two sons and a daughter by herself. Life was difficult, but Katherine and her two sons - Andrew and William - forged a pact to shelter Selene and care for her.

At the age of seven, Selene formed a very close friendship with Sakura Aida, daughter of Kentaro Aida, a Gemenese shipping magnate who had been a friend of her father's. This friendship became her lifeline two years later, when the plague hit the poorer quadrants of Delos. Despite her best efforts, Katherine lost her struggle with the plague and died a month before her daughter's ninth birthday. Kentaro Aida took the three children under his wing.

Teenage years: Wanderer and Caprica

Selene studied vocal music at one of the best schools in Delos during her teens. She met a few musicians her age from around the city during this time, and while she was 15, they formed a small rock band, practicing covertly in a garage. When they released a few demo songs that caused a bit of a murmur in the indie music scene in the city, Kentaro pulled her from the music program and forbade her to meet with the band or play that "blasphemous music" ever again. When the keyboardist Manda ended up in a coma following a car accident later that year, their band silently collapsed, having released a handful of songs that became hits, at least locally, before vanishing without a trace.

Selene spent a couple of her teenage years on Caprica with Sakura, where she studied mathematics and literature at a Caprican boarding school and developed a more liberal interpretation of the sacred scrolls. During this trip, her mutual feelings towards Sakura went from friendly to affectionate, though they were careful to hide this fact from Kentaro until after their graduations.

Adulthood and Military Life

Her brothers both enlisted at graduation to pay for school, and Selene followed a similar route, more just to explore the colonies for a few years before settling down. While her brothers Andrew and William served on battlestars, the Atlantia and Solaria respectively, Selene found herself assigned to the CEC Kharon, trained as a navigation specialist on the "night" watch.

Two weeks before the fall of the colonies, she had a fight with Sakura about their plans following her discharge later that month. Selene made plans to surprise her when the tour ended, though those plans would never come to fruition. Twelve days before the end of her tour, the colonies were attacked by the Cylons and destroyed. She thus was forced to continue on past her normal tour.


  • James Daiasu - Father, died 18 years before the Fall.
  • Katherine Daiasu - Mother, died 13 years before the Fall.
  • Andrew Daiasu - Eldest brother, viper pilot on Battlestar Atlantia, assumed deceased.
  • William Daiasu - Second brother, marine officer on Battlestar Solaria, assumed deceased.
  • Kentaro Aida - Adoptive father, Gemenese shipping magnate, likely killed during the Fall.
  • Sakura Aida - Best friend and lover, likely killed during the Fall.


None other than high school and fleet vocational school. She is, however, exceptionally bright, and seems to learn quickly, when it comes to academia. Life skills may be another thing entirely.

Military Service

Selene hopped a few assignments, before finding herself assigned to the Kharon just in time for the fall of the colonies. Her service record is notable for mentions of skill

Distinguishing Features

Other than the dimples in her cheeks when she smiles, Selene's most distinguishing feature is generally the pen poking out of her mouth whenever she's working on anything that involves writing.



Selene is a skilled navigator, at least for the ship, while her skill of navigating inside the ship itself leaves something to be desired. Most of her colleagues among the CIC enlisted love to joke that she "can jump the ship into a planet's atmosphere, if she can find CIC."
She's also a very gifted singer, and likely would have become an entertainer had the toasters not ruined everybody's plans.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Captain Praxis "Knight" Demitros My boss, especially now that he's the XO. He's okay, but I'm not sure he ever relaxes. He's still confident in my skills, but I'm not sure he trusts me anymore.
Ensign Serendipity McKale Nice and highly intelligent, works one console over from the nav table. Definitely good for conversation about literature, at the very least.
PFC Juliette "Sunshine" Ozymandias A sweet and intelligent gal who seems too far from the marine stereotype for her to actually be one. She seems like a lot of fun, though. She's almost as nerdy as I feel sometimes, and has been trying to convince me to sing the blues for her. Once neither of us was as confused as before, I found out that she feels for me as well. I'm so confused now, and I'm not even sure I know what questions to ask, or if I want to know the answers. People are dead, and I can't help feeling like I personally was betrayed.

Timeline of Events

Date Log Summary
PHD 121 none Reassigned from the late night watch to a daytime watch.
PHD 140 none First meets Jules in the mess; begins to open up a little more than she had
PHD 154 Advance Scorpia Scouting - CIC Selene proves the rumors about her skill by plotting a number of jumps, including a high-stress limited-time jump into Scorpia's orbit.
PHD 176 none Jules surprises her after her devotions with brownies and a kiss. The night ends with Selene the happiest she's been in months.
PHD 183 Pulling the Pin - Selene Everything comes crashing down when explosions rock the ship, Selene ignorantly makes the mistake of questioning an officer's actions, and soon finds herself arrested for being involved with Jules.


In response to the comment that the survivors are the lucky ones: "I just hope that we prove ourselves worthy of the Lords' mercy."


  • Reading poetry and literary classics
  • Mathematics - she's a professional nerd
  • Singing
  • Frilly things
  • Cute girls


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