Sen Eos-Hale
Evangeline Lilly
Evangeline Lilly as Sen Eos-Hale
Name: Sen Eos-Hale
Alias: ChEng
Age: 34
Hair & Eyes: Hazel eyes and brown hair
Faction: Engineering
Position: Captain - ChEng
Colony: Picon
Play Times: NPC
Timezone: Central Standard

Biographical Info


Even as a little baby, Sen was obsessed with building blocks. She would color code them and build impossible towers that would eventually tumble to a litany of tears. Foam blocks became a smaller plastic version, and then in high school she started drafting classes with the intent to pursue that into a career. College was rough, and trying to work her way through it proved impossible, she eventually had to drop out and enlist in the military as a way out of her mounting debt.

Sen joined the nameless faces of the enlisted, but she had a high aptitude for numbers and was a quick learner. She was placed into an engineering program centered on the secondary class ships of the Colonial military. Whether it's wiring systems or welding, it's putting pieces into a whole, which is what drew Sen to that particular field.

The years passed, and Sen's ability grew, and soon she knew the ship she was stationed on like the backside of her hand. She kept her head down, her mind focused, and slowly climbed the ladder of promotions one after another. Life could almost be described as boring, she married a blue collar worker when she was twenty six, and they had three kids by the time she was thirty two. Sen actually impressed her commanding officer enough, that he suggested her for Officer's school when her second tour was up at twenty eight, and by the time she was thirty five, she attained the rank of Captain and was assigned to the Kharon as her new assignment as ChEng.


  • Her maiden name is Pietran.
  • First marriage was to a man six years her senior, who was in aerospace fabrication at the factories. Named Artemie Eos.
  • Named all her children by Artemie after muses: Erato, Clio, and Thalia.
  • Sen had Artemie declared officially deceased by the Colonial Military.
  • Remarried to Lt. Abraham Hale. Widowed. PHD 273.

Distinguishing Features

  • Freckles. She has 'em.
  • Wears a plain gold band strung with her dog tags.


  • Has an undiagnosed case of hypoglycemia. She thinks she's addicted to hard candy, but it's really her subconscious way of controlling her insulin.
  • Tends to get too focused on projects, and lets everything else fall to shit.
  • Occupies her mind with learning useless bits of trivia she tends to pull out of her ass at inopportune times.
  • Doesn't really like math, but it goes hand in hand with architectural engineering, so she's learned to deal.

On the Grid

Known Associates

This is what they look like: This is what they mean to me:
Lieutenant JG Nadiv "Poet" Roubani - I may no longer be his CO, but he's still apart of my family. Wise beyond his years, and a hell of a lot of fun to play chess with. I was happy to take him under my wing when he broke his, but there's something about him. Lost, like a ship that can't find a port.
Captain Karim "Spider" Marek - What an odd duck, but he's my sort of odd. We seemed to have this weird sort of connection, like a long on-going inside joke. Maybe it's just because we both know what a girl wears under her coveralls and what a man wears under his flightsuit: Captains pins.
PO Third Class Tanazje "Nine" Sjetyrnnine - If you can get her to talk, it's a miracle. If you can understand what she's saying when she does? You're approaching god-hood. But when she went off the deep end, I can't help but feel like I let one of my lambs go astray.
Lieutenant Abraham "Rabbit" Hale - What to say about the man, beyond I'm lucky as Hades to have found him. We seem to have something rare and genuine, like a needle in the haystack. I was proud to call the man my husband. May he rest in peace.

Timeline of Events


"Did you know…"


  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Useless trivia
  • Hard candy
  • Lieutenant Abraham Hale


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