PHD 285: Shades of Vitruvius
PHD 285: Shades of Vitruvius
Summary: While under observation in the s'bay, Kissy and Cass chat Cylons, Architecture, Retirement. Tusculani happens by.
Date: PHD 285
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About two hours after Matto's return, Cass wanders in, looking bone weary. He slumps down on a chair, nodding to Matto. "Frakkers wanna keep me two hours to make sure the anti-rads did their work. Lords what a mess that was."

"Yup," Kissy answers with a yawn, stretching his arms up and behind him. At least someone brought him a spare set of off-duties while his stuff goes off to get scrubbed in anti-rad goo, so he's not in a blasted Sickbay gown anymore. "How'd the last leg of the trip go?" he wonders, eyes looking a little sunken, bruised all around from the bombardment of radiation, but otherwise he looks alright.

"Little to no Tylium - about oh… a dozen raiders. Two of them peeled off and tried to take us out before our FTL's spun up. Backfire's bird took a hit, and I damn near did. But.. eh. We got out. No basestar though." He slumps back in the seat, trying to unwind.

"Good gods," Kissy replies, though he can't muster up any energy for the words. "I've never been more grateful for incoming friendly fire," he murmurs. "Glad you guys got back okay. How're you holding up? I feel like utter shit," he reports.

Cass waggles a hand. "I'm… alright. Was already tired from double CAP and the paperwork catch up I've been doing, so I may just not be notcing it as much. Crybaby okay?"

Matto wobbles his head, tossing a glance over to a free bed where she's looking pretty tuckered out. "She's okay, yah," he answers. "I just want to go home and sleep for a year. What a planet, though, huh? Gods, can you imagine? Settling down, getting some sun. Hitting the -beach.-"

That gets a nod and a grin out of Cass; "It'd be nice, wouldn't it? But.. I'm afraid to get my hopes up too much. Given we say that /something's/ been there? Makes me wonder."

"Eh? There was a path. Animals can make paths through the woods," Kissy reasons. "Or, who knows… maybe there are aliens. We can't possibly be the only living creatures in the universe. Maybe they'll be friendly. Marty can go neck-deep in scantily clad green women," Kissy grins.

Laughing to that, Cass nods. "Here's hoping you're right. Though Marty on a planet of green women sounds like something out of a bad vid from fifty years ago…"

Matto tips his head back and laughs. "Yup. He'd have to check and make sure whether they're green all over," he snickers, though the snicker is lost in a broad yawn. "Do you know anything about architecture?"

Waggling a hand a little Cass says; "Academy courses, some mild interest. Why?"

"When we sit down. I want to build a house," Kissy announces, half-dream-voiced. "Near the beach. There were all those woods there. Plenty of stuff to build with. Just a little nest for two." His eyes drift toward shut and a smile settles onto his lips as he considers the thing.

Listening, Cass nods and grins a bit. "That sounds really nice. And yeah - lots of lumber to get there. Hopefully it's as amazing as it first seems."

"Dig a big hole and put in beams, cover 'em with sand to hold it up out of the water if there's a storm," Kissy goes on with a smile, "A ladder, and a flat roof to climb up to and lounge in the sun and the salt spray…"

Cass grins and nods; "Sounds like you're ready to retire, Kiss."

"Oh, I would. I would, in a second, if the Cylons would kindly stop shooting at us for a minute," Kissy admits. "I've had enough of this sort of thing for any one lifetime."

"Well, with any luck they won't know about that world. The only problem then would be skinjobs we haven't located yet…hrrrm."

Matto's face twists in something similar to pain. "Gods. Skinjobs. Right." Hey, look the war's still on. "Hey. If there wasn't any Tylium in that system… why were the Cylons guarding it?" he wonders.

Cass shakes his head; "Not sure. We didn't exactly get time to look around - I'm hoping we got something on the sensors and camera packs."

Matto stretches his back, forehead furrowing. "Someone will look," he agrees. "Weird."

Cass nods. "Yeah.. on both counts." He's out of his flightsuit and in off-duties, but looks exhausted. Matto's sitting near by and looks equally run through the ringer.

Matto keeps looking to the chronometer, waiting on his period of observation to be over so he can go home and collapse. His head keeps nodding a little, but nonetheless the beach keeps coming back to mind. "I wonder how the water is, this time of year."

Tusculani wanders into the sickbay quite suddenly, a little container of pills in one hand which she's in the process of popping the lid off of. Partially concealed behind a curtain which she's trying to navigate past without unplugging any important machines, she spots Cass first, grinning a little bit - perhaps unaware of exactly what he's in for, "Somebody shank the tyranical Ess-El already?"

Chuckling Cass grins to the tiny girl as she comes in. "Hey, Cueball. Yeah - a radiation cloud and a dozen raiders. s'been… a day."

Matto turns his head at the greeting, spotting Poppy, then— not saying anything, himself, just lifting a lethargic hand to wave, then lauling himself up off of the chair and walking to a rolling cart to pour himself a little cup of water. "Hydration, dude?" he asks his fellow inmate.

"I-I can do that if you like," Poppy half-stutters quickly upon seeing Matto, almost getting herself tangled in an array of tubing but extricating herself swiftly enough, "Lemme get it for you … " She moves towards where the water doth flow.

Smiling a bit Cass nods. "Thanks, Poppy." He's tired enough that he's not gonna object to the girl's off of help. He grins to Matto; "Might be able to tell from the sensor data, when they finish playing it all back."

Matto pauses a step or two toward the cart, looking to Poppy as she comes past him, then nodding his assent, ambling back to the chair and flopping down in it again. "Hmm," he agrees with Cass, mildly, distracted, a little. "Well, if it's a little cold, I guess we'll just have to deal."

"So, what'd you two do?" Poppy asks, trying to sound casual but unable to mask nerves in her voice, pouring a couple of glasses of water with a shaky hand and then navigating the sickbay to deliver them to the pair, "If you don't mind me asking?"

Cass shakes his head. "News is out, so it's no worries. Scouted a planet that's /very/ habitable, at least at first glance. The big problem is getting do it, because of the radiation belts around it. Stopped to check a possible tylium field on the way back - got jumped by Raiders there."

"I never got around to visiting the raiders," Kissy notes. "Fuel tank got nicked by friendly fire before we could get there, I bugged the frak home," he tells Tusculani. "But yah. Planet looks ten types of nice, if you don't mind every man in the fleet going sterile trying to get there."

"So we all dedicate some time to fashioning lead underpants for the menfolk," Poppy says with a wave of her hand, at least playing at being optimistic, "Raiders … is everyone okay?" Her gaze lingers on Kissy, silently and subtly … well, she tries subtle but she's not the best at that.

Chuckling Cass notes; "Well, we found a Nav route that's a bit longer, but should keep us out of the belts, so hopefully it won't be that bad. And yeah - we're fine. Backfire's bird lost a missle pod, and damn near shot Kissy's wing off, but… other than that, and the anti-rad meds, we're okay."

Matto seems to catch the stare, at least, keeping his own eyes down and averted— avoidance? Shame? Or maybe he's just so looped out that the patterns of slip-proofing on the flooring have become fascinating to him. "We're fine, yah?" he appends haplessly, then, eyes lifting to the chronometer and both hands wrapping around the cup of water, he sips, and then stands. "I think those are my two hours in obs. I'll, uh. Go see if I can get someone to let me out. I'll see you guys later, eh?" he asks back, Leontinian accent waxing thicker than normal on his way out the hatch.

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