PHD 243: Shower Time Introductions
Shower Time Introductions
Summary: Three people meet while tending to their personal hygiene needs.
Date: PHD 243 (12-18-09)
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The hatch to the head swings open, allowing for Callie to come in, the heavy metal door then pushed closed once she's inside. Towel and bath kit in tow, she gives a quick look around before ducking over to a locker, trying to pick one that'll afford her some privacy if she winds not being alone. A deep breath's taken in and then she starts to disrobe, staring from the bottom up so she can use her large, overly baggy sweatshirt as 'cover'.

One of the showers is already going when Callie enters, steam emitting from the only stall in use. Normally, one wouldn't hear the door opening, but Glitch isn't used to military life entirely, and he still likes to take his showers while NOT surrounded by people. And so the entrance of someone makes the deck monkey jump, slip and hit the ground with a thud. Something always goes wrong with this guy. He groans a bit and says, "If you are a girl…just…uh…stay over there a sec."

There's a blink and then a sigh from Callie who looks around the corner of the locker only to shoot a dirty look in the direction that voice came from. "I am female and I've got to hurry and get a shower before I got training so your SOL, buddy." Callie grabs her towel and works it up under the bulky shirt she wears, it along with the rest of her clothing tossed in the locker which she slams closed. Bath stuff in hand once again, she starts to pad to where the showers are, heading to the one next to were the unknown speaker's stall is.

Groaning once more, Glitch gets to his feet grumbles a bit under his breath, "Yeah, yeah. Being SOL is the story of my life." Glitch responds and takes a moment in the water, stretching his arms up high, probably cause he has a knot in his back, "Who showers before training anyway?" Definitely not Glitch. Then again, he tries to avoid training like the plague. He's a grease monkey dammit.

"I do because it's it is one of the few times the bathroom's not to crowded," Callie, who is walking towards the shower stalls, replies, sounding a bit bashful when she does. Guess Glitch, who is already occupying and making use of one of the showers, isn't the only shy person in the head currently. "I get a quick one afterwards but it's too busy." Chewing her lower lip, Callie's feet can be seen as she pauses at his shower door and tries to take a peek, just to quell her curiosity as to what the guy looks like…from the waist up, sheeeesh!

Kore shuffles in, looking tired as she heads for her locker. There's a brief look around, not at bodies but at faces, to see if there's anyone she recognizes. Nonetheless, if they're near her or not, they get amicable nods, as Kore opens her locker and starts shucking her clothing.

"Fair enough I guess." Glitch states. Does he come right out and say that he's shy about mass showering? No. He does however add to that comment, "It's just a systematic desensitization process really. Therapeutically speaking, you could get treated for your phobia of mass showering." What the hell is he talking about? Shampoo bottle retrieve. Squeeze. Apply to hair. Moosh, moosh, moosh. Rinse. Repeat. He tries to remain very quiet after that.

"Hmmm…huh." Whatever the view was on the other side of the privacy door gets that along with a grunt in response, Callie seemingly neutral on the view over in Zane's shower. "Mass showering would imply that we're all sharing a single shower. Think you meant 'public showering'." Looking over her shoulder, she can't help but to blush upon seeing the new arrival, Kore given a nod and a faint wave before she ducks into the safety of the stall she was heading for. Yikes!

Aww, but now neither of them can see the super cute tattoo on her right bicep! It's a butterfly with a word tattooed in some ancient script underneath. She folds her clothes neatly and inquires in an easy-going tone, "You two are frakking kidding me, right?" There's no animosity in her tone, but maybe a little amusement. Clothes are stacked or hanged as needed, towel and soap fetched, and clad only in skin and dogtags, Polly Kore heads for one of the shower stalls.

"Mass in context simply refers to being in a group. Public showering would require us to be out in the open, and on display for everyone to see." Which they sort of are, but there is some privacy. In the end, this boils down to technicalities. Geek talk. The Specialists head turns at the new voice just to catch enough of a glimpse of the woman to make him snap his head back to stare at the shower wall before him, coughing a bit, "Er…um…y…yeah, semantics, right?" Apparently that is meant to be some form of ending of the conversation between Callie and himself regarding showering with other people around.

*slam* goes the shower door after Callie gets past it and then a soft *click* once the lock's engaged, that done hurriedly upon realizing Kore is speaking to them while walking around as naked as the proverbial jay. "Kidding about what?" The water's not turned on yet despite her earlier comment about being in a hurry, the snipe too busy carrying on with the conversation with Glitch, not realizing he was wanting to end it. "Yeah, it's semantics. But the difference between mine and yours is mine are right and yours aren't."

Well, at least one of them's seen her tattoo now! "Bodies are just parts. Except when they're slappin' together. Then they're just fun." Kore is positively cheerful - friendly even, as she talks, stepping into one of the stalls and turning on the water. After a few moments, she's even half-singing a little bit, some really bawdy tune with a title something like 'The Dirty Aquarian And The Naughty Oracle'. But it's not so loud that it overpowers their conversation.

"Umm…" Glitch intones, hrming quietly, "When I said it was just semantics, that was my way of saying, let's talk about something else…" And then Kore speaks and he blinks a bit. Huh. Just parts. Just fun. He offers an appreciative, albeit probably unseen nod regarding this statement. "And for the record, right and wrong in this case is a matter of opinion. Thus there is no right and wrong. Thus your statement is erroneous." Okay seriously…He sighs once, "Or something. Whatever. Anyway." He gets the soap and starts to wash. Yup, no more talking for this nerd. Well one more thing, "What song is that?" he calls back over his shoulder to Kore.

Callie is glad she's hiding in a shower because Kore would undoubtedly enjoy the show she's putting on now, that being because she is about consumed in a head-to-toe, all-over, full-body blush that just about burns. "Maybe I'll fell that way eventually but it really hasn't been that long since Panda made me a woman…" That's -waaaaaaay- too much TMI but Callie doesn't seem to hear herself as she keeps on talking, "…and I've never really seen many naked people before that so….eh. Guess I still got a lot of growing up to do or something." The telling-of-too-many-secrets over, the techie finally turns on the water, finally thinking to get the shower started, Glitch left alone for now.

Kore blinks a little bit. "Did you not have the right parts before he got his hands on you?" she calls out curiously. "Your chromosomes and your monthlies are what make you a woman, not someone coming along and popping your cherry." Despite her casual crudeness, Polly's words are kindly meant, like she's being totally supportive! Yeah. At Glitch's question, she says, "It's 'The Saucy Oracle And The Pirate From Aquaria'. I heard a rumor once that if you sang it in round it would actually create entirely new dirty lyrics in the song." She starts at the top - washing face and hair, and starts working her way down.

Not a peep is heard from Glitch. This is because he's too busty trying to scrub the image of some dude named Panda and some chick who thinks this is a public shower copulating out of his head. Normally it wouldn't matter, but since he has no idea who Panda is, all he has is the image of a Panda bear and some chick. Not cool. Scrub, scrub, scrub. "Er…maybe next time I see you in the showers…er well not see you, but you know, when I'm here, and you're here…" Yes, he's rambling now, "You know, not in the same stall, but in the same room…Erm…never mind." Yeah, he definitely just stops there.

This is where one can insert an eye roll from Callie. "Well, duh. Of course. But I wasn't talking biologically, miss…er..sir…" Not knowing Polly's name or rank, she's left floundering not unlike Glitch does although hers is due to an entirely different reason. "I..I-I was talking about emotionally." Which she has a long way to go, obviously. The sound of a zipper being tugged open sounds, that followed by a low wail. "Oh no," Callie half cries out. "I'm almost out of strawberry-scented shampoo. I only have one more bottle left and it's Panda's favorite!" Which means it'll be the end of the universe as everyone knows it once that last bottle's gone.

"Who're you talking to?" The person that Kore's addressing may seem unclear since they're all in stalls, but for the record, that first query is for Glitch. "I'm Hippolyta Kore. Sergeant, with the marines. My friends call me Polly. I also answer to 'Medic!' if it's shouted frantically enough And also Sarge, though less frantically."

Oh god, Glitch just shuts back up again. Between them talking about their woman stuff and him embarrassing himself he doesn't know what the hell to say anymore. "Er…You Sergeant, but I was just trying to say that we could try that song thing…and it came out all wrong. I'm still getting used to the military." Yeah, that's it. "Michael Zane…Everyone call's me Glitch though, cause…well cause they seem to crop up. I'm with the deck crew."

"I'm Callie. Or Tassle Lass…er, long story. Nice to meet you both." There's silence from her now as she gets herself washed and then the water's shut off, the sound of water hitting tile swapped out for that of terry cloth being scrubbed over wet skin. "I'm a snipe. I get the fun of playing scavenger when needed and fixing stuff. Good, dirty work." Chewing her lower lip, she gathers up the courage to tack on, "I'd rather get dirty by frakking, though."

"Wouldn't we all, Callie." Tassle Lass? Yeaaahno. "Nice to meet you both." she says. "Probably why I haven't met you both, I'm only ever on the hangar deck when I'm deployed to and from. Welcome aboard the Hestia, Glitch. I hope you both get used to the way things are around here. Shared berths, shared head, no distinction." Kore keeps on washing in a brisk, efficient manner.

Oh god, there they go with the potty mouths again. Glitch hrms faintly and he will get used to this. "Um…pretty sure everyone likes…some of that." Yeah, he'll go there. "Good to meet you two." Except that they both officially both scare the crap out of him now, for very different reasons. Callie is psycho. And let's face it Kore could kick his ass from here back to Kobold. Scary chicks. He turns the water off, collects his towel and starts to dry off, still remaining in the stall until he's sure he's dry enough to wrap up in that towel. "I'll…you know…get used to it. Just uh…I knew the schedule better on the Kharon."

"So a medic, a mech and a snipe walk into the head…" Callie half-murmurs while exiting the shower, her towel not only tucked in but held tightly to her at the same time. If she's telling a joke it's the worse one ever as there is no punchline following, the opener left to stand on its own. Bare feet padding quickly, she scoots across the chilly deck to where her clothing is so she can get her socks on. "I'm used to it," she says not long after Michael's done speaking. "We had shared berthing and stuff on the Elips." Probably a shared head as well, not that she ever used them, the girl preferring to sneak into empty rooms to use the bathrooms instead of inflicting the embarrassment of having to partake in public…sorry…mass showers whenever possible.

Kore is soon finished herself, and turns off the water, stepping out to collect her towels and wrap them around body and head. She walks back to her locker to collect her toothbrush, spittoon, and paste. "You'll get accustomed to the schedule here, don't worry." she tells them both as she squeezes the gooey stuff onto her toothbrush. And then her mouth is full!

"Uh huh." Glitch states rather unenthusiastically. In truth, he never asked for military service. He doesn't make a fuss about it though. Instead he focuses his intellect on keeping from turning beet red or having any other issues as he wraps his towel around his waist and moves off to this locker. He was about to start getting dressed when Kore's brushing of her teeth reminded him that he needed to do the same. He grabs his toothbrush and paste, and away he goes. Brush, brush, brush.

Callie gives a side-wards glance and for a second she's tempted to free him from it but she behaves as she's uncertain as to the reaction she'd get from the shy man. Her own toothbrushing waits until she's back in her sweats, Callie once again comfortable, she gets her shoes on and now she makes a beeline to the sink, her own toothbrush drawn out from her kit, it being blue with little kittens on the handle, one of the last remaining reminders of her life pre-military.

Brush, wash, spit! And then Kore's headed to her locker, where she puts a foot on the bench and starts drying off in earnest. Naked. Which may or may not be in view of the sinks. Kore is supremely uncaring, and as soon as she's dry, she moves to change into off duty clothes. Callie's toobrush kit is regarded and smiled at, but not in a mean way. "Alright, kids. Polly wanna get some sleep. So I'm sure I'll see you both around and about. Be good, okay?"

Naked? Yeah, Glitch was just leaving the sinks after he rinsed out his mouth and toothbrush and once more he whirls around, nearly losing his towel, which he grabs and firmly resecures. He clears his throat a bit. At least he's trying to be a gentleman. He stays turned away from the Sarge while she gets dressed and hmms a bit at her comment. Kids? They are probably the same age! "Er…right. Later. Yeah." And he quickly moves over to his locker, and gets dressed, keeping that towel good and tight till he has pants on. Yeah, this guy has a lot to learn about military life. "See ya."

Her own mouth full of bristles and minty-gel goodness, Callie can only wave to Kore, managing to not drool when she gives a slight smile at the same time. The last of her grooming is eventually completed and her toothbrush is rinsed and shaken into the sink, that being Callie's way of trying to dry it off before it's put away. "See you later, Sarge."

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