Captain Nini "Whiplash" Sito
Captain Nini "Whiplash" Sito
Kadee Strickland
Kadee Strickland as Nini Sito
Name: Nini Sito
Alias: Whiplash
Age: 37
Hair & Eyes: Blonde, Hazel
Faction: Navy: Air Wing
Position: CAG, Hestia
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: GMT-5

Captain Sito has served as the Hestia's CAG for two years. She's known as a straight shooter, and a woman who doesn't take crap. Originally qualitied in a raptor, Whiplash strikes fear into the hearts of veterans of the CMC who flew with her on her first tour on the Archon. Previous postings include: the Battlestar Archon, the Battlestar Orion & the Fleet Academy on Picon.

Biographical Info



Nini Sito was born to the large Sito clan on Aerelon in the more southerly regions of the continent where the accents are lilting and soft, words are drug out like time is no object, and the sweet tea flows freely between neighbors. She grew up on a large plantation, formerly a peach grove — purely for show. Her family was composed of lawyers and surgeons, not a farmer among them. What few peach trees remained on the estate were left for the children to pillage, or to go to seed without interruption.

Of all of the Sito children, Nini was the only one to grow up to leave the colony. She started out pre-med in college, but quickly lost interest. It was a chance encounter with a military recruiter that got her interested in that path. Her parents were at first horrified, but warmed up to the idea by the time she was accepted to the flight academy. They warmed up to it because they had no choice. She was the most precocious of the brood, and long years of experience taught the family one thing — get on board or get out of the way.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Origionally qualified as a raptor pilot, Whiplash began her career on the Battlestar Archon as member of the Wardogs with the callsign Tremor. After several incidents involving maneuvers too sharp for the raptor chassis, she was pulled off of flight status and shipped out to another vessel, the Battlestar Orion. Members of the CMC, some of her frequently rattled fliers, were not sad to see her go.

Aboard the Orion, the young pilot was re-named Whiplash. She transferred to the viper training program at the pleading of her original squad leader. Both her temperment and flying style lent itself exceptionally well to the viper chassis. Many years later, after a training stint at the Flight Academy, Whiplash received her transfer papers to the Battlestar Hestia. Her versatality and rapport with pilots, rather than strict skill in the cockpit, gained her an SL spot of the Furies in just under a year.

Eventually, when the old CAG transferred out for a cushy retirement, Whiplash was asked to take his place. She accepted, and has since run the wing with a cool efficiency that gets the job done. She's known for her no nonsense nature, and a heavy hand where needed. She does not tolerate insubordinate behavior, or officers under her command who allow their personal lives to affect their jobs. She can be a great teacher, and a very good friend, but she's a blunt straight shooter. Some find that difficult to like, though their jockeying usually improves after a few months under her command.

Distinguishing Features

  • 'Southern' accent.
  • Straight shooter.


  • Daughter of a wealthy Aerelonian family of lawyers and surgeons.
    • (father) Josef Sito is a well known ENT specialist and plastic/reconstructive surgeon.
    • (cousin) Amarie Sito is a prominent prosecutor in Caprica City, Caprica.
  • Lipreader
  • Crosstrained (Raptor/Viper)


  • Cutting through Bullshit.


"It's hotter'n nickel night at the whore house in here."


  • Complicated maneuvers.
  • Flying.
  • Pilots!
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