PHD 244: Sky Full Of Stars
Sky Full Of Stars
Summary: Thorn and Samantha get into a thoughtful conversation which swiftly leads to… other things. Which just so happen to get interrupted by a certain hapless lieutenant.
Date: PHD244
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Komnenos stands alone on the observation deck, leaning against one edge of the viewport. The room is silent; the tall ECO contents himself with standing quietly against the metal and glass, staring outwards. He takes in the view like a thirsty man with a glass of water, eyes only for the star-studded void of space.

Samantha has been a bit…off since coming to the ship. Not really bad, but quiet, subdued. It's not Home. Still, they had more room to breathe, more spaces for privacy, and so she's come here to escape. She wasn't all that shocked at missing him after shift, their schedules still vaguely suck. In her off duty clothes, tanks and loose slacks, she steps into the room, a warm blanket borrowed from someone around her arms. Maybe she planned on napping? At seeing that body in silohuette before the window, though…she just stops and smiles. Watching.

Thorn, for his part, doesn't seem aware of the new presence behind him, as engrossed he is in the view before him. It's not much; a lot of black, the occasional white dot of a star, and maybe a thin strand of stellar dust here and there. But for Thorn, it seems to be enough. His concentration is broken only long enough for him to take out a cigarette and light it, but then he's right back to watching the stars twinkle.

Samantha, as silently as possible, begins to cross the room. She rests the blanket on the first row of chairs and then slips up behind him. If she's good enough, the first thing he'll be aware of is her hands upon his waist and lips at the side of his neck. She says nothing, she just kisses, slow and warm, with a little bit of teeth to follow. Her fingertips stroke over the sides of his ribs and around to his stomach, pulling him in close.

Thorn hears a slight rustle behind him, but he doesn't turn around. He has a hunch, you see. Said hunch is confirmed a moment later, and Anton smiles as he feels Samantha's arms wrap around him and her lips nibble at his neck. Thorn stands still, continuing to look out at the stars as he lets his fiance amuse herself. Finally, his non-smoking hand closes over hers, clasping it gently. "Y' know," he says a moment later, "I don't remember th' last time I was able t' see stars without getting in a Raptor first." There's a thin smile from the man. "I forgot how much time I liked t' spend here when I was on Solaria."

Samantha continues gently kissing along his neck, down the side, pushing the shoulder of his tanks away as she nibbles there a bit. Her arms never leave around his waist, full of her chest and hips pressed against his back. Eventually, her head just settles there, in the crook of his neck, staring out at the stars…"Yeah… they're pretty damned nice, aren't they? So much better than sky…"

"I don't know," Thorn admits softly, almost a whisper. "I rather miss sky, actually." You can take the boy off Aerelon… After several more seconds of watching, Komnenos gently disentangles himself from her grasp and guides her to stand next to him, a long arm snaking around her shoulder and pulling her close. Smoke tendrils curl around the pair. "But I can never say no t' this view."

Samantha tilts her head over, as he pulls her around to the front, and she leans her mouth forward to steal a drag off of his cigarette, if he'll share. She keeps one arm around his waist, trailing against his stomach and around his side as he shifts her position. "Nah…nothing like stars… quiet. Peaceful. Honest. No pretending like your safe under the pressure of an atmosphere…"

Right, like Thorn's going to tell his fiance that no, he WON'T be sharing that cigarette with her. There's no complaint from the man as she leans in to steal a drag; he simply follows hers with one of his own. His finger reaches up to his face, and he scratches that scar on his cheek before speaking. "There's plenty what'll kill you as surely on a planet as it will in space," he offers somberly. "You know what I really miss? Don't laugh." He looks down into her eyes for a moment. "Grey sky. No sun or anything, just a dull, solid grey. I would just sit outside in th' breeze and wait for th' rain t' fall." He sighs. "Course, any rain fallin' on Tarnock these days is more radioactive, acidic slop than anything else."

Samantha shivers just a bit, as he talks about rain, gray sky, anything like a breeze. It actually freaks her out, to the point of physical disturbance, if only just a bit. "Yeah… Hm. Well… don't suppose it'll be any time when we get to see it healthily anyway. So… no issue. We'll enjoy the stars for now, right? Or… maybe a bit of privacy…"

Thorn bristles slightly at her dismissal; he doesn't seem to notice her own brief tremor at the mention of sky and such. He doesn't press the issue, though, giving only a slight, jerky shake of the head. "Stars're all th' bleedin' toasters left us with," he growls quietly, but steadies himself a moment later. Thorn sighs again, and some of the tension seems to almost drain away as he does. He manages a weak smile, and pulls Samantha close to plant a kiss on the shorter woman's head.

Samantha tilts her head to the side, into that kiss, her eyes shutting and the tension in her own body just melting away a bit more. Strangely, sweetly…the simple things that love does. She could probably even get through a gray rainy day under an open sky with him. "Stars and the whole damn universe, my dear… it's not over yet. Not for a long, long time."

"Th' universe." Thorn snorts softly. "Sure. They only happened t' trash th' one corner of the whole frakkin' thing that meant a bloody damn t' us." Stormclouds begin to gather on his brow, but again, he seems to steady himself in mid-thought. "Frak me. Used t' be I couldn't wait t' get off that damn planet. I'm standing here against the beauty of th' stars, and all I can think about is a grey frakking sky." There's a short, mirthless laugh to accompany the rueful expression on his face. He gives Samantha another squeeze. "Hell, I ought t' be happy we're finally somewhere what has a decent view, eh?"

Samantha tosses a look behind her shoulder, for just a moment. No one. No one was in the hall… they had time. Surely. She gives that slow, sly smile he's no doubt come to know, and finally releases him. Her fingertips are, instead, used to peel off her tanks. "I can think of other… enjoyable…Views…" She purrs out gently, standing there in her sports bra now, definitely a bit chilly and…obviously so, as her tags bounce back down against her chest.

A single eyebrow ticks upwards as Samantha starts going for the clothes, but there's no mistaking the desire in his answering smile. "Y' mean… here?" His eyes flick back and forth around the empty room, as lust is clearly warring with propriety on his face. "It's a little… public…"

A slow, wiry smile crosses her lips as she tosses her tank tops into the far corner, to the far side of the chairs, the closet thing to 'off to the side' there is in this room. "…back there… we'll have warning… I brought a nice blanket. You don't have to totally strip…" She grins, beginning to step backwards as she unties the draw string of her sweats.

Thorn shrugs slightly. Given that she seems to have put a little thought into it, it's hard for him to offer any cogent argument. Or, perhaps there's another reason? In any case, what little resistance Thorn has is soon swept away, and he grins salaciously. "Well, y' put it that way, who am I t' argue?" He yanks off his own tanktops to expose his chest and tattooed arms, tossing the garments over with hers.

Samantha allows her slacks to drop to the floor, now in her little… pink polkadot panties? It must be getting close to laundry day! Still, they're cute, if not completely mismatching her olive green bra. She scoops up the blanket and lays it out in that corner, giving him a nice view of her ass while doing so…"It's romantic…and more than a bit exciting."

Her choice of panties gets a browraise from Thorn, but he's quickly distracted by the rest of the view. He does manage to get off one parting shot, though. "Exciting? Romantic? You may've grown up in th' stars, but you talk like a farm girl." From his tone, that doesn't necessarily seem to be a condemnation, though. Far from it, in fact, judging from the way he's pawing at her a moment later. Thorn gathers her into his arms, hungrily pressing his lips against hers, guiding her carefully down to the blanket as his fingers go for the hook of the bra.

Samantha gives him a wide grin as he balks at the pink polka dot panties she's wearing. "They're cut-!" And then he's kissing her, and thinking about speaking…well…it just goes right away. She reaches down, grabbing at his BDUs and ripping the zipper open as they fall onto the blanket tucked into the far corner of the room, between the wall and the chairs, at the very, very side of the window. She gasps between kisses, flinging another bit of his clothing off, hungry for skin.

When you're not used to having such a quiet, meditative place available, one can forget that you can't always give people nice things. Not long off CAP and still in flightsuit, Roubani has a cup of tea in one hand, the other arm full of printed sheets in folders. He uses his shoulder to push open the observation deck door, and is drawing in a breath of nice relaxed air when- *FLUMP* a pair of men's BDU trousers suddenly flies through the air and facehugs him, one leg smacking his forehead and the other wrapping around his shoulders. One can imagine where the crotch ended up. "What on…!"

If Thorn was oblivious to Samantha's entrance when he was staring at the stars, one can imagine how much attention he was paying to Roubani's… given that Samantha's currently perched on top of him, wearing only slightly more than he is. Which can't be much, considering his tanks are off and his pants are… um, well. Roubani's exclamation finally draws his attention like a shot from a gun; his eyes are as wide as saucers as he looks to the source of the voice, and recognizes his own pants wrapped around the newcomer's neck. “Th' frak?” Anton sputters in surprise as he scurries to a seated position, trying — vainly — to find something in arm's reach with which to cover himself.

Samantha is rather caught up herself, on top of Thorn, in nothing but her bra and those ridiculous hip hugger panties… kissing deeply, when something registers. Something is off. And they are -so- not alone. Sam blinks, turning her head…"Shit…" She breathes out, scrambling, but that makes her roll off ONTO the blanket that they are on, so Kom can't use -that- to cover up, and he's going to end up having to use her pants… so she can't pull them on, so she's left pale, bare limbed and cluthing her useless tanks to her chest…"…P-poet…?"

"Passi?" Roubani's voice is muffled behind the thick fabric half-wrapped around his face. It only leaves one eye visible, and since he's clutching tea and folders he hasn't got a hand left to pull the alien thing back off. Slowly, the thumping and sounds are making sense, and he's no doubt RED under that cloth. The cough confirms it, and his finger primly taps the rim of his teacup. "Ahem. Yes. Ah. Good evening, Passi. And Anton. I assume it's Anton, anyway; it smells like him. If it isn't, then let's just I don't ask and you don't tell."

"Of course it's me, you frakking idiot," Thorn snarls. Nope, no mistaking THAT voice. The blanket's not available, her pants wouldn't exactly fit him, and as it turns out, his sudden movement had left her pants out of his reach. So, he's sitting there in all his exposed glory, muttering curses under his breath as he glares at Nadiv. "Just… give me my damnu frakking pants back," he growls, mixing his Standard and Mierce curses as he continues to stare red-faced at the younger lieutenant.

Of course, after a moment or two of horror… all Sam can do is -laugh-. This is entirely too ridiculous… She giggles quietly, leaning over Thorn and scooping up her pants from against the wall anyway. "…Sorry. We were just finishing." She teases BOTH of them… that cackle still in the back of her voice. This is all too damn funny. She stands up, shimmying back into her pants and then standing up, still topless, and going over towards Poet. "Pardon me, Poet…" She gently -removes- the BDUs and tosses them back towards nekkid Thorn.

"You don't have to swear," Roubani mutters, a mite tetchy himself after that outburst. He turns his head as the sound of Sam's voice gets closer, and by the time she tugs the cloth off his head and neck he's quite firmly looking /away/ from any warm bodies. Or at least, away from where he thinks they are based on sound. That includes closing the eye that's closer to them. No shows here, sorry Sam. His quiet voice is much friendlier to Samantha as he talks again, "It's fine, Passi, please. I forgot my pen anyway, if you'll excuse me." Pen, right. There's one clipped to the folder, but how convenient. He makes to exit right back through the hatch, unless someone stops him.

Don't have to swear? Roubani, meet Komnenos. He stands, still scowling slightly, as Samantha tosses his pants to him. She gets a slightly pained look. "Finishing?" If anything, Thorn's staring even more balefully at Roubani a moment later, as he stands to yank his pants on. He nods at Roubani's pile of folders as he closes his fly, tattooed arms folding over his chest. "There's a pen right frakkin' there, y' know." Need to swear? No, probably not. Never stopped him before, though.

"He does have a point. You've got a pen on your folder, Nadiv." Sam states warmly, amused and still entirely unable to keep the husky chuckle out of the edge of her voice. "Besides…I should go shower. I'm all worked up now." Yes. Cold shower. Veeeeryyy good idea. "You boys have fun. I'll see you later…" She blows them a kiss, pulling on her tanks and scooping up the blanket, apparently planning her exit!

Oh, see. Roubani was right at the door and Kom just had to open his mouth. "Oh no, please don't on my account, Passi," he tells the higher officer, over his shoulder. Followed by a prim stage whisper, "Sounds as though the emblems on this folder aren't the only things round and blue in here." He hikes the folds up in his arm and makes for exeunt. "Do have a good evening, Anton!"

"Don't get tetchy with me cause y' couldn't come up with a better bullshit excuse," Thorn mutters crossly, not sure exactly what to make of Poet's comeback. He sighs, looking ruefully to Samantha before he goes to retrieve the rest of his clothing. Instead of putting his shirts back on, though, he just sits in one of the chairs with the garments balled up in his hand as he lights another cigarette.

Samantha laughs softly, leaning over to kiss him…she lets it linger, if he does, then stands…"It'll make it all the better when it finally happens, handsome… Don't worry. That was enough amusement to be worth it." She quick kisses him again and pulls her tanks down the rest of the way. "I love you…I'll see you after a shower."

Thorn does in fact let it linger, but it's clear his heart's not much in it anymore. He snorts. "Knew this was too public. But it'll be exciting, she says. It'll be romantic, she says." He purses his lips at her, but his tone lacks rancor. After all, it could have been worse, surely. He draws her into a seated embrace, in the middle of which his hands wander just a bit. "Love y' too. See you around." With that, he lets her go as he sits in the dark and finishes his cigarette.

Samantha laughs a bit, especially as he does draw yer down into that embrace and still takes a groping feel. She pecks him on the cheek one last time. "See you then…" And slips out into the hallway, whistling. It's good to be a girl!

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