PHD 230: So Very Unsanitary
So Very Unsanitary
Summary: Vicks gets a talking to by the S2 and XO. A decision is made regarding his freedom.
Date: PH230 (05 Dec 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Brig
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #230
OOC Time: Fri Dec 04 23:15:21 2009

While the larger classes of the fleet might have two separate brigs, one for officers and one for enlisted, this would not be the case on the Kharon. Three cells are packed into this small room, each containing a toilet and bed. The bars provide no privacy, possibly as an incentive to the ship's crew to stay out of this room. Done in the same drab battleship gray that the rest of the ship is, there is only a single desk to occupy this room which faces the cells. Perhaps a bit oddly, this room is almost as strictly utilitarian as the Naval Offices.

The hatch opens, and the S2 steps inside. She pauses at the desk to have a conversation with the duty MP. It's a quiet talk, and there's a folder of papers handed over. She straightens, and glances toward the cells. Two are occupied. Her eyes find Vicks, and the regards him for a moment, then turns to head over that way.

It is quite quiet in here, given the fact that the other prisoner down on the end hasn't said a peep since being brought in here, that's left Vicks well, with no one to talk to really. Instead, he being left to his own devices, has come up with a wee game. It involves flipping one of two cups he's managed to keep in the cell, into his toilet. So at the edge of his bed, he sits, carefully scooting the cup to the edge, only to smack it with the bottom of his hand to try and make it flip in the air, over to the shitter. Ahh prisoner fun.

Salazar comes to a stop in front of the cell, and watches this monkey and cup behavior for a moment. "At least you're not trying to distance whack off into the toilet." She drags a chair over, and drops into a seat a couple of feet from the bars. "I heard you made friendly with the shrink."

Vicks looks up once as the cup hits the rim, but fails to go in. Denied. "Yeah, well I grew out of that, once I figured out how sweet a peach could be." A shrug there, before he's moving-though not for the cup. He's getting up to come over and down, so as to lean on the bars for a bit. "Yeah, I did. I told her, she had nice tits- and hair." a point of a finger to Sal's direction. "Thanks, by the way." Fingers wrap, as he dangles himself down into a crouch, before pulling himself back up. "What's on your mind, Ensign…Or would you rather me call you something else? Like Flowers?" a beat "Stars? Horshoes clovers? Balloons?"

"Shut your mouth before I find a better use for it, Vicks." Sal slides her legs crossed and crosses her arms. She sits back, apparently with a few minutes of free time to come rattle the cage. "You can call me sir." There's a long moment until she says, "Pending the opinion of the XO, there's a chance you'll be out of here and put to work. No off-duty areas besides the laundry, gym, and chapel when you're not on the job."

"You'd have to buy me dinner first, or slip me a roofie. I don' put out easy, Sir." A faint smirk there, but still Vicks is leaning back from the bars now, as the words come out. A faint shrug, and a nod. "Fine-but for how long? YOu can't spect me to not go into some sweet place after a while-cause I get curious." Of course it could mean he gets all airlocked then. Judah waits before looking back. "Ain't like I can take anything these days that would not be missed. What are you scared of?"

"Until your superior officer has decided you can be trusted." Salazar regards the man for a long moment. "I can expect anything I please, Vicks. I'm not the one behind these bars." She gestures with a finger. "You'll follow the orders you're given, or you'll get to see what's on the other side of the airlock without EVA."

"I bet it is black and full of stars. At least, if you all shoot me out, let me see the priest first. Don't give a shit for a last frak or a meal." Said simply before he's chuckling. Ahh That is Vicks for you. "Fine- But you better hope the LSO, or ChEng, or whoever you put me with, thinks I'm a real charmer. I can only remain in the gym for so long." a beat "Am I allowed in the head, or are you all afraid for your cornholes?"

Salazar regards Vicks for a moment. "We aren't in the habit of providing conjugals for Brig sitters." She turns slightly in her chair, an elbow resting on the back of it. "It's not about us. It's about you. Can you master your arguably smelly urges or can't you. Everyone on this boat is a trained soldier, and most of them would probably break you first. If you'd like a demonstration, come find me one dark and lonely night. I'll put you in medical where they keep all the available hot chicks. Well, the ones less likely to be physically able to run away."

Vicks stares at Salazar for a moment. "You know I was a PO1 once, right?" and he'll let that sit. "So I'm not entirely untrained and like an animal. I can frakkin kill you just as easy as the next one could if they lost their marbles in the frakking hallway." He'll let her chew on that. "Can I participate in stuff like fight nights, or game nights? Or is that considered a no-no? An what do I do- the time some frakker decides he wants to try to intimidate me, or throw a punch, because he thinks I'm just some untrained beast you all gave a wrench to lug around?" Moving to brush his fingers along the bar, Judah simply holds eye contact. "Am I allowed to defend myself?"

"You talk like an untrained animal, Vicks. Maybe you should look to that before you go getting all indignant." Salazar smiles as he mentions killing. "We have a lot of that going around on this ship. We just like to take a closer look when the individual comes with a convict stamp on their ass." She watches him for a moment, then says, "Defend yourself, don't start shit. For permissions about fight nights and events, you see your CO."

"Cause it is easy to talk like this. I ain't one for manners, but I can Yes suh an No suh like the best of em. At least with me you know what you're getting-No hiding behind shitty manners or trying to appear something I ain't." Judah muses as he smiles back. "I coulda lied a million times when you all asked me, but I didn't. And really I don't care if you space me now, or let me die later- So you don't have to worry about me covering my neck, or killin someone out of revenge. Everyone I know, like you know, is dead." And with that he drums his fingers. "You know- you an me are a lot alike, Sir. If I can say so-"

"You been around long enough you learn to do with what you got." Salazar's been having weird conversations with convicts all week. She tips her head slightly, then says, "I hope you didn't mean our haircuts…"

"I was dutiful Navy- I made sure to do my duty- Believe it or not, I didn't want to get pinched for making a still- And probably wouldn't have made it, if I thought it was going against our regulations or rules. FOlks just said we should have one. That we have had one.." A shrug "That was my second stupid mistake- listening to others, an gettin comfortable in the game of it all. The Navy game" a sniff. "And I still talked like this- My officers liked me just fine." As for the other he's shaking his head. "No no- Not hair. I ain't silky smooth like you- an you don't got growth on your face like me, thankfully. Naw-" ad he flashes that smiles "You an I are like wolves-You see." Where in the frakking shit is this going? "You see, you're just a different breed. You've been working like a cop so long, your forget- But it is in you. Can see it when you look at me, or something else you consider a threat- no matter how big or small. It's a hunger look. Predator." a chuckle. "We're alike there, and in the fact we don't go actively seekin trouble, even though we know we could rip shit in the room. You're a protector..Don't bite unless bitten or snapped at first. Alpha of your walk." a nod there. "I think that is why we get a long- you an me. Though we ain't likely to say it to others Cause well You don' wanna have a shit convict like me as a buddy-even though you could bet I'd watch your back. An It'd look back for my prison rep if I was buddies with a cop." a motion down to where Nine sleeps. "She might try to make me her bitch if she founds out."

The S2 sits there for a moment, in the sea of words thrown by the con behind the bars. She lets the words flow over her as she has done many times before. This must be what Karim feels like when she starts talking about her family. She smiles slightly as he gets to the cop part, even moreso when he gestures to Nine. "You know, I played the criminal for a long time. Years under cover running with harder men. One, jail time for a still is the stupidest shit I've ever heard." Of course she's the one who didn't think putting Cavalera up on charges for something he didn't do was ok, back down on Scorpia. "Two, there's no reason to avoid you here, just because you're a con. I'm a Nikos. We always do what we have to do to survive, and when we're in the Military we do what we have to to protect our ship. You'd serve this ship better on the deck, that's all I need to know. You'd serve it better frozen in space, all I need to know. You want to be Triad buddies, you better being your bettin' shoes."

Vicks snerks for a moment and there's a nod. "See. You're a wolf, like I said. Y' musta played a good game- if they didn't sniff you out. Me? I don't hide my colours- While you were running with harder and better men, I was busy working in a mine or on a Escort Carrier." In truth he doesn't know what that was for her. "So yeah, I've been me all my life- though I was seriously lacking in stab wounds at one time." As for the other there's a nod there. "You an my XO woulda gotten along-but we had one of those CO's..You know, new off the boat. Had something to prove- the kinda that woulda flown himself between two ships of the line's batteries, not to save lines, but for the frakkin glory." a shake of his head. But the other laugh is what comes without much explanation. "I don't own shoes… But I can see what I can muster up when I am out. Maybe I'll start a one man prostitution ring for smokes- So we can bet." And then eyes are looking her over once again. "What your tattoos mean?"

Sal gestures to her face. "No cop has this many tattoos. Plus you've never seen me drink." She widens her eyes slightly, dark brows raising just a tick. A grin follows. She shrugs one shoulder. "I have too many to go into. We'd be here all night, and there's a security camera that has never and will never see half of 'em." She glances briefly over to the duty MP, who's of course listening while pretending to read a report. "Some of them represent friends or family, but every single one is on my skin to remember something. Same as anybody else who has this many."

Vicks chuckles and nods. "I knew that- which is why I figured something else musta been there." However he is reaching to undo his zipper and pull down slightly. A look to the security Camera, and then back to the S2 "Don't worry I ain't going to get naked and beat off a load onto your tits." Such colour. Still he is moving to show her, his own tattoos-which she could imagine would be numerous. And they are-they cover his arms, and his torso and back- that she can see. He's got a few elsewhere.

"Here." says Judah as he turns to show his back first. "See the spires on that Gemenese temple? It shows how long I've been in prison." And indeed the relief would be of a great mosque of modern earth with several minarets, and domes. And then he is turning to show his chest where Hermes standing with his arms extended lies. "And that means I am a prince of thieves.." Nothing like giving awesome his shit out. "The blue flame under my throat above Hermes' head means I have an arson charge on my soul- Roses on my left arm are the people I killed, thorns are fights I won.." he could go on. "I have stars on my knees- showing no man- or woman can break my will." a smile "Wanna see more?"

"If you tried, you'd be on the floor with a sprained dick so fast, you wouldn't even have time to beg for mercy. I'm not sure your testicles would be reparable." Salazar's reply is all in good fun, just like the comment that incited it. "Stop, I'm getting turned on over here." She certainly sounds it from the dry tone. Her dark eyes roam his skin, though, taking in the tattoos. "I like the roses." She has a lot of greyscale roses chasing up and down her arms. She, however, doesn't off up their meaning. "Maybe we'll compare in the Head one day. How many do you have?"

"You know some guy once in prison got his dick broke. Like I mean broke. Frakker turned black and he had to get that shit worked on. Course, his Bitch did that too him when he found out he was frakkin another man." A shake of his head for a second. "Prison romance- So glad it wasn't for me." And with that he's looking over to his roses and a faint smile there "I do too- who knew something so pretty could be for something so grizzly." A beat, and he's moving to roll up his sleeves and get the jumpsuit back up and on, cover his bare torso. "I have over Sixteen tattoos.." Vicks offers, as he zips up. "Each one of em earned. I wish I woulda had a better reason- like yours. Mine just served for people to leave me alone."

Prison humor. Wait for it. "Goes to show you shouldn't ever turn your back on your bitch." See what she did there? "Sixteen. Wow. That's… a number." See, now she's talking shit about his tattoos. The S2 is seated in a chair not far from the bars of the convict's cell. "Tattoos work that way for most of society no matter why they were put in place. Added bonus."

"It is a guestimation. Over sixteen. Ain't counting how many could be in a frakking sleeve. You know how long that could go?" A snicker from the con and he's looking back to her. "What about you? Your ips inked to be like stop lights or some shit?" For the shit she gives, he takes it and pops back quite easily. No one could say that Judah is a pouter. "Nah, if you're Kashmirian. Err, a Saggie- they are like I dunno religious. Maybe I am thinkin about the Gemenese? Who fraks through a hole in a sheet, an who hates abortions?" Wow, Vicks has been away for some time. "Meh. Still I'd take loved ones over my nefarious deeds, any day."

Prax steps into the brig, but as soon as he hears the subject matter, honestly he wants to back right the hell out. Do they seriously talk about dicks breaking often in here or whatever? The XO rubs at his forehead gently while he moves further into the brig, eying the both of them and then glossing over the clipboard he has in his hand. "Is this a bad time?" he inquires with a raise of his brow. "I don't want to interrupt whatever fascinating conversations you're exchanging about destroyed genetalia, tattoos, and … " There's a brief sigh and a shake of his head. "I like business. Can we talk business. I'd like that very much."

"I'm not a root chewer, I just enjoy the language." When Salazar says language, language isn't what she means. "I'm from Scorpia, as are all of my family, though there's a little cross over." She doesn't say what that means. She pauses, and then moves to rise as the XO makes his way into the brig. Watch the conversation's subject turn on a cubit. "Captain." She drops her hands behind her back, posture straightening. "The prisoner will discuss whatever subject you prefer. Behave yourself, monkey." That last bit was mean for Vicks, not Praxis. "Captain Demitros, former PO2 Judah Vicks." The XO should have received memos.

Vicks turns his gaze from Salazar, back over to Praxis, and there he goes, already sizing up the man, who is taller than him. But, then he and Sal are on eye level. Inked fingers catch the bars, as he pulls in close- perhaps trying to get a feel for the XO. "Dunno. Some places, that is business, so you're gonna have to be more clear." Ooh, you like how that sounds? Probably not- but then everyone who has come in here ha shad the same reception. Eyebrows popping up at the rank. "Oooh, A Captain. An don't you smell all nice an clean…" To emphasize that he's actually audibly sniffing the air. "Can smell the high shit from here." a beat. "What is on your mind-Sir?"

Praxis is going to have to play it Vick's way. "We're on my ship, Mr. Vicks, so I imagine my business is exactly how I want it to entail and transpire as far as I am concerned," he mentions, setting his clipboard aside on the nearest surface so he can walk up to the bars and stare the man in the eye. "My olfactory organs can not say the same of you, my good man." There's a casual aside to Salazar, both of Demitros' eyes raising upward before looking back to the man behind the bars. "What's on my mind. Well, first and foremost of my concerns actually lays upon you; I hear you're aiming to work up on the deck," the XO observes.

Salazar trades a brief look with Praxis, her brows mirroring the man's. It's a 'he's always like this — usually worse' look. She seems unconcerned, and otherwise slips back into a neutral expression. Waiting. Like a good marine. Vicks is on his own here.

Vicks raises up a finger. And no, not the middle one. "First Captain- If we're gong t' talk, talk t' me like a man. You're big words, they frighten my feeble mind. Make me think of smashing shit, and then walking away, while cars pass me, refusing my offer of a hitchhike." A shake of his head. "Anyway-" Vicks at least admits somewhat to digressing. "Yeah. I'm good with my hands, and I hear you can see all sorts of ass up there." tone dry. "Something wrong with me working on the deck?"

Praxis shakes his head. He refuses to antagonize the former Petty Officer any more at this point by impressing on him that he can talk whatever way he wants to, but instead he finds middle ground; continuing to talk the same way regardless of Vicks' problems. "I can come up with a hundred reasons why I don't want you working up on deck. I've been told that you shouldn't be considered a danger to anyone or yourself - but I've also heard that you've been successful in antagonizing a couple of people from behind bars…" There's a brief pause, "Including a Corporal who was actually supposed to be spending her time recovering - I won't even go into what you asked her to do." Yeah, he learned about that incident a while ago. "I suppose it isn't just me you rub the wrong way, but so many others - working here requires that you integrate yourself into the team, Mr. Vicks."

"So you'll excuse me if I need a little bit of convincing before I even -consider- letting you at my planes."

A faint smile threatens the corner of Salazar's mouth, but the expression is gone before the urge to smile fully forms. The dark haired marine stands watch over the conversation, and her eyes go to Vicks, watching the man to see just how he responds.

"And it looks like I care what other people think of me?" That is what is said back to Praxis, apparently the criminal can be aloof, when behind bars, or even when someone decides to go and tattle on him. Still a shrug. "Key word there, Captain is asked. I've never forced anyone to jack, nor shit- Nor have I stabbed or broken any order given to me thus far." a shrug. "Look-I could care less that I rub you the wrong way, Sir. Cause I am not gonna clean up my act, nor will I fly right by your standards. I can tell you, I will do the job that is required of me, and I won't start shit. But that doesn't mean I'ma gonna take shit either from your flydogs who get all butt hurt because someone asks their enlisted girlfriend for a peep show." Yes, he's not even remotely remorseful about that. " If you want your planes in the air, at a quick as shit rate- then fine. Let me out. You can see I work good with a 'team' as you call it. But I'm not going to give a flying frak if I hurt some pilot's feelings." a sniff. "As for wrenching your Ensign here, I did that defending Colonial property from what I figured were pirates. I've yet to abandon a post-All I have done is made people cry. If they're you're officers, then my words should mean a lick of shit to em." And with that the prisoner falls silent.

Praxis just stands there and listens for a while, tilting his head slightly. It's his turn this time to raise an index finger, "Coerced. You coerced her by offering to cease your continual disturbance in offer for the 'peep show', and you know what, I completely forgot about Leda. I never even talked to him for a second about the matter." Arms come to fold over his chest as he persists to listen and reply, "I don't expect anyone to be perfect or 'fly by my standards' save for my bridge crew, but by Gods, man. You promise not to start 'shit' but you've already succeeded in alienating a few…but do you mean to tell me you're not going to at least make the slightest effort to prevent further conflict?" There's a bit of a shake of the XO's head and a chuckle before he mentions, "There's at least one thing I admire about you Mr. Vicks, and that's the fact that you're not attempting to bullshit me or sugarcoat the whole thing." Another pause. "You're damn right I want my birds in the air and there's nothing more I'd love than to have them up at such a fast rate - but with the work diminished, I do not want more work created in fixing the social aspects of the ship."

Well shit, he had to run out of words at some point, right? Salazar's eyes remain on the prisoner, and there's a very subtle shake of her head. So much for 'yes, sir', 'no, sir'.

Vicks glances back to Praxis. "It was goods for services. Capitalism at it's finest. If we don't have that, sir, the cylons have won." A faint smirk at that, but then he's shaking his head. "That's not your job in the first place sir. I assume you're command of some type, given how you refer to this as your ship and your planes. That bein' said, leave your social to your support team. It is th' jobs of the chaplains to save morale, not you." Yes sirs and no sirs, went out the window. "So I alienated some people. Big frakkin whoop. This is a big enough ship- that I won't run into them, and them me, unless they're spoiling for it. Sir, I curse, and I am crude, an I am not a light happy go frak me person. Wasn't cut that way in the jib." a beat "I am However a good worker, light load or not, and when I am given an order I follow it. I'm not here to win friends and influence people- and last I knew it wasn't against regs to cuss out an assfraker UNless they're an officer and I am under command of this ship-Which until I am reinstated- I am not. I am just a prisoner." You see, you live long enough in the game, and you can wheedle here an there. "As for making more. I won't swing punches, an I won't go spoilin for fights. That you got my word. But if someone is a dumbfrak, I might let em on to it." A nod. "Sir." Not to say the Captain is. "You might wanna tell Leda to watch who he threatens by the by. Were I not such a good sailor." Har har "I woulda shanked his ass for trying to play cock of the walk with me in another setting." See- look. He didn't kill anyone even when he had a reason, well at least a reason to Vicks, to do so. "You ever here what they had me in for?"

"Look, I'm past that incident in the recovery ward, but that's an example of completely unacceptable behaviour and something like that I will not tolerate, behind or out of bars," Praxis mentions with a shake of his head. "I don't think I made a single reference to me cleaning up or saving morale. I don't care who's doing it, I just don't want the unnecessary work created. That is, however, very irrelavent." Point is, he doesn't like being told how to do his job. Folding his hands behind his back, ears continue to be open, and as always there's little change in Demitros' features other than perhaps little twitches. "I'm not going to condemn you because you aren't a pleasant person or you don't speak with happy-go-lucky tones. I realize, as you've pointed out, you were not created that way. This much I have accepted." And by the nod of acknowledgement given by Praxis again, it would seem that he also accepts the actually good qualities Judah claims to have about being hardworking and following orders. At this point in time he folds arms over his chest again. The Captain almost seems to want to say something about dealing with Leda, but instead he gets onto the very last point before continuing any further with the conversation. "Remind me," Knight murmurs.

"Building a still Sir. I got ten years, plus the two I hard to serve in Flagg because it was a naval court-martial." Vicks adds, as for that there's a shrug "I doubt I'll be chained to a hospital bed, when I got no where to run to again. So I don't think we have anything to worry about." As for the other Vicks nods again, silent. See, someone is able to keep him somewhat subdued and silent- and it seems Praxis is one of those few. "For appropriated parts. Can you believe that shit? if anything I shoulda been slapped on the wrist. Not demoted and packed off to prison." Though it is likely, that action saved his life in the scheme of things. "Point is, Captain. Even when I got in trouble with the Navy- I wasn't doin' nothing against morale." if that makes a lick of sense what he just said. For translators: He didn't do antying to cause a decrease in morale..: "Nor have I ever planned to. I'm a sailor- or something. You let me be that an not a convict? Then we won't ever have to worry about me breaking my rusty cage, an runnin'."

Here goes the still story again. Salazar takes the opportunity to adjust her stance. She keeps the amusement mostly off of her face as the conversation goes on through the bars, and the arguably proper XO more than handles the loudmouthed Vicks. The S2 glances over toward the duty MP, who has since given up all pretense of reading the report he was handed earlier. The marines meet gazes for a beat, two, three, then each go back to staring at separate points on the bulkhead.

Praxis' lip twitches slightly at the reason that he's behind bars, and he might appear a little bit more amused if Epi hadn't have told him about that earlier. There's nothing more he has to argue against Vicks at this time, instead this time actually just listening and acknowledging. "Mister Sailor or Something, if you would pardon me for a moment." Demitros cranes his head to the S2. "May I speak with you in private for a moment or two, Ensign?"

"Your ship." Vicks simply asks as he pushes away from the bars for a moment. "All I ask is, if you're gonna space me, allow me to see a priest for confessions and libations first." And with that he's walking back over to his bed. Apparently him sitting down and waiting doesn't bother him too too much.

Wait, what. She's being addressed directly? No, just kidding. The S2 doesn't fall asleep standing up, unlike other marines who shall remain nameless. She nods to the XO. "Sir." She glances over to Vicks, then turns to lead the S2 a little apart from the cell. If the XO wants to hit the corridor, she'll do that as well. Sal glances back to Prax.

A little apart from the cell will suffice for a little bit of whisper whisper Vicks whisper whisper…

Vicks doesn't seem to be paying close attention. Instead he's back to playing his flip a cup into the shitter game. There's one glance passed over his shoulder, before he is flipping and starting over again. It will become annoying soon enough.

Praxis whispers: Well, I cannot help but be straight and say that this individual … to put it frankly, pisses me right the frak off. However, with that said, I believe Mimieux is correct when she says in her report that there is no real danger posed to the others around him or himself, save for whoever feels like punching him in the face first for the oh-so light and fluffy words that emit from his continually flapping maw. That's the big thing I'm worried about with him - but he says he's not going to incite unrest - but I know he is going to inadvertantly, anyway. What do you think?

The S2 nods, facing Vicks' cage as the XO speaks to her. Her dark eyes remain on Praxis', and her expression gives away none of the topic at hand.

Praxis senses: Salazar doesn't take long in considering her opinion. She made her decision some time ago. And her recommendation to the XO is thus, "He's a dirty mouthed prick. He's going to piss some people off with his chat, but we're all soldiers, and I think his skills as a mechanic vastly outweigh his personality issues. If we can keep him in showers, he can be put to use. If he fraks around too much, I and several of my marines know various techniques for putting a hurt on a man without leaving a mark or destroying his ability to hold a wrench." She could be kidding there, but it's also possible she's not. "I suggested limited access. Bust his balls for a while, and let his CO tan his ass. If she's too delicate, I can check in on him from time to time to be sure he knows his place in the food chain." Once a cop, always a cop. Sometimes working on the Kharon is a lot like being a PO.

Praxis nods his head to Salazar as if he was agreeing to something, and he continues the short little conversation with the S2 a few more words longer without looking back or paying attention to whatever Mr. Look at Me! is doing.

Vicks is still playing his game. Every once in a while someone might here a sploosh, but then the game is continuing on. Needless to say someone isn't grossed about putting their hands in the chitter, before retrieving a cup. Don't worry kids-he doesn't drink from this one.

Salazar whispers, "He's getting toilet water all over the place all day every day. There has to be somewhere else we can put him." to Praxis.

Praxis whispers: My feelings mirror yours on the subject, Ensign. We -are- soldiers, you make an excellent point. Even moreso I like your notion of putting him in his place every so often - hopefully the deck chief will take care of that, but you never know. All right, I'm with you on this one. Limited access, and get him put to work right away — lest he figures out there are more toys in the latrine than his cup.

Salazar nods to something the XO says, and talks quietly with him. She glances once over to Vicks, shakes her head slightly.

Praxis senses: Salazar nods. "My thought exactly, sir. I'll see about getting him geared and bunked down as soon as possible." And then the monkey is officially Deck's problem. Oorah.

It's at that very point in time after the quiet talking that Demitros parts from the S2 and nods at her. "Thank you, Ensign. I will leave you to give him the good news (and whatever tertiary threats or coercion you see fit)." The Captain turns towards Vicks for a brief moment in time, his features contorting at what the man is doing. "That is just so very unsanitary." His job here done, he turns and heads towards the door if no one has anything else to add for him.

Vicks looks back towards Praxis as he continues to play the game "No one gave me cards or dominos." huh who woulda thought. Instead he came up with: Shitter Cup(tm) The game that is sweeping the nation. Now though he is waiting with a look given to the S2. This should be good.

"You have no idea, sir," Salazar replies quietly, before she nods to Praxis, and leaves the XO to go about his business. "Sir." She acknowledges and gives him a parting address both in one little word. "Vicks, stop that." She turns to approach the cell, out of range of splashed toilet water.

"Get what shit you have, you're out. AiQ until further notice. You're Deck's problem now, but I will be checking in on you from time to time. Consider me your PO, PO." Sal nods to the duty MP to come open the cage. "We'll get you a set of standard issue, then you can sign your paperwork. I take it you had a physical before leaving Medical?"

Vicks grins right there, cage to be opened, he however is going to leave the cup in the toilet. For the next person who is put in here and made bored. Hell, it is something to do. "Sweet-that mean we can do pancake breakfasts?" since she will be his PO. How long before she'll want to shift him off after that not known. A nod given. "Aye, Ensign." See look, he can be orderly-ish.

"I don't know that there's any pancakes left, but we can make it a once a week check in." Salazar humors the PO as she releases him. The papers aren't inked yet, but he's as good as back in, and so she treats him as such. "You'll bunk down in the enlisted berths, Deck 1."

"We can come up with shit. I get a toothbrush, and smokes now right? And tools. I had some tools when you all picked me up?" unless those have been appropriated. Damned shame too, he had a nice pair of goggles with those for welding. Still Vicks is stepping out and there's a deep breath "See, that smells better.." A flash of the grin. "Anything else I need to know?"

"We don't provide smokes. You'll have to buddy up to someone to get those." Salazar glances over. "Maybe make use of your winning personality." She closes the cage behind him, and nods to the MP. Said MP returns to the desk. "Shower more often, because you really build up a man musk." She waves her hand and smirks. "Just do your job. Do your best not to start shit, and don't frakkin' wrench anyone." She glances over again, as she holds open the hatch. "Do I have to tell you not to build a still?"

Vicks smirks at that as he is turning to head out said hatch, given the fact that she's got it open for him. Oh well he'll have a toothbrush again which is saying something. "Nope, I'll just make shitter wine in one of the toilets, if we have any fruit left." Oh joy- now one might wonder if Judah is kidding or not. "Thanks, Ensign." allowed as he passes through the door.

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