PHD 268: Soon
Summary: Lena and Fiver discuss odds and ends in the chapel.
Date: 268 (12/01/10)
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Hexagonal in shape, the chapel is a quiet and tranquil place of worship where crew members come to give prayer and offerings of worship towards their deity of choice. Three tiers of benches ring the room in concentric lines, radiating inward to a slightly raised dais. The dais itself is lit from beneath, thick white opaque panels covering the lighting that's mirrored from above. Small offerings are left in the form of incense cones and small baubles ontop of the podium styled altar which has stylized carved figurines of each of the twelve major dieties. At each point of the hexagonal platform, there's a waist-high metal brazier in which burns a single pillar candle during ceramonies.

Lena is sitting quietly on the pews closest to the raised dais. Delicate hands are folded in her lap and green eyes are downcast. She is currently wearing a long green colored sweater that actually covers her large belly, her scrubs and uniform stopped fitting months ago. She sits alone, every once and a while one hand affectionately rubs her swollen tummy in slow circles.

Coming from the main hatch, would be a man clad in the usual colonial blues, with the stoles dangling around his neck. One hand smoothing back hair, as eyes comb over the attendance. Or lack there of, for the noontime libations. However there is at least one person that the priest spies. One of the doctors sitting closer towards the Altar and pulpit. A faint raise of his brows, as he moves on down the line, coming closer to where the woman is seated. "Hello there." Fiver's muttled accent finally comes out. "Can I help you?"

Lena looks up as she is addressed, glossy green eyes reflecting the candlelight from the pulpit in front of her. A sweet smile brightens up her face and cheeks as she looks upon the chaplain. "I don't believe we've met sir, I'm Lena Marie." Slender shoulders shrug up to her ears as she adds, "MD, or at least in theory right now." A slight huff and she looks down to her oversized belly, one hand rubbing beneath it, "it's hard for me to move never mind practice medicine." Her gaze rises back up, looking into his grey eyes and glancing over his features, "I'm glad I was finally able to make it to the chapel."

Fiver is silent for a moment longer as he watches the Doctor. "Well then either you come early or very late." All the same he nods his head. "Wolfram Fulk. A pleasure Lieutenant Marie.." and with that the Gemenese priest is moving to come and find a seat down beside the lady. "Ah, so you are a student as well? It seems from what I hear we have several learning the healing arts. Very good, seeing how we are in a might bit of need at the moment." Cheerily enough said. "So I can tell." and with that eyes distinctively run to her belly. "How far along are you?"

"It's my pleasure, Wolfram" Lena adds quickly and politely, "I am in residency, yes." A smile creeps up one of her cheeks as she turns in her seat to see him better, he takes a seat next to her. "Good guess, you must be able to read people well, doing what you do. Instinctive or practice?" She wonders out-loud, head tipping to the side and red hair spilling down one shoulder.
 Running both hands down her belly then she breathes out, "I'm due any second now. But baby is being stubborn." Green eyes darken as she looks to her belly, "I wouldn't want to come out either," she whispers quietly, poking at her tummy affectionately.

 Eyes perk up again and look to Fiver, wide and brows raised, "You can feel if you want. I really don't mind."

Fiver blinks. Perhaps it is one of those things a priest is never really expected to be asked. And eyes slide back towards Lena for a second, as opposed to her belly. "Well here is hoping, that the baby comes at a good, normal time. Ja?" a faint smile there. "There is still a lot of life left." As for the belly in question there's a faint bit of hesitance before he simply raises a hand and places it to the young woman's stomach. "I bet the father, is very happy, and proud."

Lena returns the brief gaze with a boarder smile, dimples appearing on her cheeks. "You didn't answer my question." Curiouser and curiouser. As he places his palm to her stomach her hands are quick to cover his, her smile staying on, "I used to hate when people looked at me differently when I started to show, and when baby started to get really big people would just reach out and touch. Get emotional. And I would get over protective," She adds a shrug, "I was really stressing about it." She sighs, shoulders slumping and warm fingers moving over his hand, "A few months ago I had a dream and it helped me really embrace what was going on, I no longer shoved people away, not after I got enlisted. I try to encourage people to touch baby." Taking one hand she affectionately pokes at the side again, "my baby gives hope to people whenever they see him."

 The father, a sting then as she straightens in her seat, hands falling away from his own, "I hope he would be." Green eyes look across to the altar, looking into the flame of the candle as her smile and expression fade from her pale features. "He died on Caprica when the initial bombs hit the capital."

"Hmm?" Fiver says, before he's raising a brow. "Oh. Instinctive, really. I have a knack for empathy, which made my times in the berthings rough at first." A faint chuckle there, before he's looking back to her hand on his, still he is a hugger and so he doesn't recoil. Even if it was a tad unexpected. "Well, mothers are allowed to do that." The Chaplain pipes back up. "Get over protective. It is in the genetic material, I imagine. It goes there with when you are a grand parent and you give your grandchildren ugly sweaters.." a chuckle at the notion of that. "Do you have a name for him?" This baby of yours. He doesn't ask about the dream, not yet at least. All things in due time. " I am sorry for you loss…Still, the ship will be like a family, I suppose. Just larger, and more regulated."

"Regulated," Lena repeats with a laugh, looking back to the priest. Sadness still in her eyes she puts on a brave smile. "No, no names yet, I mean I'm always trying to think of them but I don't think I could name him without meeting him first."

 Changing the subject she looks to him, one brow raised, "Empathy? Really?" followed by, "you were in the military before the holocaust?"

"Any thoughts on the name then? At least ones you like?" You never know when you suddenly look at a face and have nothing there. As for her question, there is a faint grin. "Ja." added back in that rooineke accent of his. "I've been in the military for some time. I started as a pilot. Now, I am a priest, though to be fair I was a Chaplain before Warday, as well." Fiver offers as he leans back into the pew again.

Lena simply nods her head, "I'm actually not very religious myself." The doctor admits quietly as she leans forward slightly, putting the weight of the baby more on her thighs. "I believe, I am just not very educated in that department."
Falling silent she rubs her belly again, thinking to herself and letting the peace of the room wash over her. "Have people put more faith or less faith in the Gods since warday?" She questions.

"Not many people are, even people I would call colleagues are quite daft from time to time." A faint chuckle there before he's looking down, and finally he is moving to slide his hand back, let it be deemed improper. Still the Chaplain remains close, as he stays seated with her on the pew. " I do not know." answered back after a second. "To tell the truth, lieutenant. I have not taken a poll. Perhaps I should, or perhaps people like to leave it a mystery. You know, so they have some form of conversation starter, when they come in here." A grin at that.

Lena laughs softly, "I'm sorry, I wonder odd things sometimes. That was inappropriate for me to ask." As his hand comes away she shifts in her seat, looking over a slender shoulder to him, "I enjoy your lighthearted-ness it's refreshing to be around." With that she looks away and shuffles, taking a while and a grunt to rise from the chair, one hand reaching bellow her belly instinctively for support. "It was nice meeting you Wolfram, I hope to see you again soon." She doesn't state why she has to leave but there is some discomfort in her face. Pregnant women do have to pee quite often. With little grace and a departing smile she shuffles out of the chapel.

Fiver shakes his head. "Not at all." the Ensign replies. "You'd be surprised what sort of things I am asked." A faint chuckle there, before he's watching her move to rise, and with that he is rising as well. A hand offered to her back as a means to steady at first. "Well then feel free to come and find my any time. When I am not here, I am about the ship doing what normal crewmembers do." A faint smile to that before he's nodding. "Same here, Lieutenant. Take care of that baby, and we will see each other soon."

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