The Edge
The Edge as Kyle Sparro
Name: Kyle Sparro
Alias: Birdman
Age: 45
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair and eyes
Faction: Air Wing
Position: Raptor Pilot Lt.
Colony: Gemenon
Play Times: Evening
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info


Born to an extremely religious family on Gemenon, Sparro grew up knowing that the only true way to serve the Gods was by joining the Fleet, a lesson taught by his cruelly authoritarian Grandfather. He learned the lesson so well, in fact, that when he walked out to enlist, he never set foot in his old home again.


Alexander Sparro (Grandfather, out of contact, believed deceased)
Andros Sparro (Father, died fighting in the Cylon war)
Martina Sparro (Mother, out of contact, believed deceased)


Whatever he could scrap up in the fleet. Graduate of the Gemenese flight academy.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Sparro's reputation is highly pockmarked. He is known as an extremely capable Raptor pilot but with him comes a long line of black checks on his record, usually timed right around when people started talking promotion.

Distinguishing Features

Sparro is older than most pilots, and most definitely looks it.


On a lark, Sparro bought a guitar while on leave after his first tour, and has plucked away at it ever since. He's gotten pretty good.
Those who know him pretty well suspect that the numerous black marks on his record got their on purpose… that Sparro is simply evading a desk job by any means necessary.


He can fly. He can fight. He can even crow, pretty well.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Captain Althea "Black Cat" Legacy. Ol' Black Cat? I remember when she was just a nugget. Now look at her… finest Raptor pilot around. Thea's got a good head on her, bummer about her taste in boys, though. She is closer to me than family, and the one person who can pull me back from the brink when I decide to jump over it.
Captain Karim Aiteru "Spider" Marek. It's no secret that the CAG and I don't get on. Don't get me wrong, he's a fine Viper pilot and a better than fair CAG. But his history with Thea will always leave him with a black mark in my book, and recently he has given me more personal reasons to distrust him, but those are between him and me, get it? Not too long ago, Thea made me promise to take care of him if anything happened to her. Not sure what she meant by that, but for that reason alone I would pray to the Lords that I buy it first.
Lieutenant Castor "Shepherd" Leda. Shepherd and I didn't hit it off so well… our first real interaction came after he caught me sleeping with his ex. Kinda put a dark spin on the meeting. We've patched things up since but he often worries me… I've never seen a student of the school of hard knocks so unwilling to learn the lessons it teaches.
Lieutenant JG Kitty "Crybaby" Ajitai. Darn fine pilot, darn fine person, and as it happens, natural redhead. Don't ask. In many ways, Kitty reminds me of a younger Black Cat, and if you tell the captain I said that, something bad will happen to you. If I was a big brother to Thea, I am like an overprotective uncle to Kitty. But if she ever needs help, I'll be there to give it to her.
Lieutenant JG Anton "Thorn" Komnenos. Thorn is my bear, and and a damned good one. While I make the Raptor dance, he makes it's jamming signals sing, and with a performance like that the Vipers are all but unstoppable. The fact that the CAG so often turns a pairing like Thorn and I into a glorified taxi service for his Vipers that screwed the pooch is one of my problems with him. If Thorn and I were out there to start with, we wouldn't be burying so many pilots.
Lieutenant JG Kisseus "Madman" Heathrow Matto. There are a lot of very talented Ghostriders. But when Legacy is grounded for some reason, it is usually either Madman or myself behind the Raptor stick, and he is one of a very select few Raptor jocks I don't second guess. In a way, Matto is responsible for my new understanding with Thea… he helped us put our past behind us and move on. I just hope the day comes when I can thank him for that.

Timeline of Events

The following stories are snapshots of Kyle's life. Some people know the general idea, none know all the details, ICly.


"It was in self defense, sir. He tried to stick Captain's bars to me, so I knocked him the frak out."

"There is absolutely nothing wrong with me that a bottle of Aquarian rum couldn't make worse."

"I was flying a Raptor that fateful night when your Dad got your Mom drunk. The view was spectacular. Too bad the outcome was so disappointing."

"When you know someone who has made every godsdamned mistake that can be made without getting themselves killed, it is usually worthwhile to listen to their advice, unless you find yourself more intent than usual on becoming like them. Old, lonely, and bitter. Think about it, kids. It's amazing how much 'not my type' someone can put up with if they are with someone who makes them feel good about themselves."


  • Stars and a bird to fly through them.
  • A cold bottle of booze and a girl to share it with.
  • A tuned guitar and quiet room to play to.


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