PHD 238: Ssh, Don't Tell Sen
Ssh, Don't Tell Sen…
Summary: Hale meets Kai in the Head after the briefings to say goodbye…
Date: PHD 238 (December 12, 2009)
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This is one of the busiest rooms on board the Kharon, despite this not being the only bathroom on board. Here, the crew comes to shower, relieve themselves, shave and wash up. People can be found wandering in and out no matter the hour of the day though its peak seems to fall around the shift changes. Save for the thick coats of gray non-slip paint across the floor, the whole room is done in stainless steel.

A long line of sinks and mirrors down the center effectively divide the room into two parts. To the Fore is a series of toilets, doors able to lock against intrusion on the occupants. On the Aft end of the room is a long maze of shower stalls which, like the toilets, have lockable doors with a verity of handholds and hooks. Each stall is just large enough to provide the users with enough space to bring their own toiletries and towel in with them and not soak everything.

After the 'briefing', the CAG's retreated to the head. Unsurprisingly. He's made no secret of his dislike for public speeches, and he's currently bent forward over a sink, drenching his face in cold water from the blasting faucet.

That being known perhaps the retreat of the Captain is something that the taller Lieutenant expected. A sound of boots after the hatch opens, and Hale takes time to stand there looking over to the other officer. "Spider, mate." A brief pause "Sir. Bloody good words." as if that would help relieve some of the momentary anxiety. "I jus' have a few words, if you have time sir,fore I slide over."

Kai drags his head up from the sink, and peers over at Hale with one eye squinted closed, dark hair streaming water down his face. "Rabbit. Hey." He turns away again, cranks off the faucet, and drags his palm and then the back of his hand across his face a couple of times. Water's flicked off his fingers, in lieu of a towel. "Thanks." He almost smiles. Almost. "Sure, what's on your mind?"

A grin leaves the jovial pilot as he shuts the hatch behind him, only to be polite for whomever else might be in here. "I'll make it quick, so no worries.." Moving over, hale goes to place a hand on Kai's shoulder just once and give it over a good clasp. "I just wanted to say sir. I've served in trainin squads, an on a battlestar before..But I have never had a superior officer, that I have had th' most pleasure, an honor serving under." And there's perhaps a flicker of emotion from the taller man, though it would be hard to tell given his new scar and ugly assed eye. "Than you. No matter if I don't get to serve under you again, either in Squadron or as a member of your wing. I wanted t' say Thank you from th' bottom of m' heart. For what kindness you've shown me-an faith you've had in m' abilities, t' How you are with the wing an pilots an general sir." a grin there finally. "Some men are made t' be leaders. Others get thrust in the position and do th' best. Those men, make the best leaders in m' honest opinion. An I have t' say you're one of em, mate." a deep breath there. perhaps the most he's talked outside of briefings in such a formal/informal capacity before. His off duty banter not withstanding. "I'll always have your back, sir."

Kai pauses as Hale reaches maybe the second or third sentence of his speech, the back of his hand touched to his still-dripping nose before finishing its swipe and being left to dangle at his side. Blue eyes are locked to green throughout the remainder of the man's words. "No problem, Abe," he answers quietly, and with an odd sort of humility that might not be expected in a stick jockey. "You're one of the finest pilots I've ever served with, and you've never once let me down. Couldn't have asked for a better right hand man. I.." He brushes another trickle of water from his nose, and maybe hides a bit of a wibble in his lower lip at the same time. It's gone by the time his hand drops away again. "Thank you," he finishes gruffly.

Hale smiles back finally and there's a lowering of his head. "Thank you, an welcome mate." With that e's reaching simply for the Captain's hand for a more traditional handshake, before he'll at least try to pull him in for one of those athletic 'bro-hugs'. Once that little bit is done, he'd at least release Marek for a quick salute. "Well sir." a chuckle there. "I need to say my temporaries to the wife, but I'll see you on th' Hestia." Goodbye for what, all of a few hours?

The Captain quickly dries his hand off on the thigh of his blues trousers, then clasps the taller pilot's firmly. That's definitely a stick jockey handshake. He even submits to the bro hug, his other hand giving Hale a firm slap on the back before they part. "You will indeed. We might even be bunking together. But don't let me keep you from your wife; she's a lot prettier than me." He winks, without smiling. But Marek never really smiles.

Kai also returns the salute, of course.

"Maybe not, but you snuggle just as good." The joke continues, before Hale shakes his head, and all that he's moving to slip out the hatch. "See you soon, sir." And with that Hale, slips out, to leave the Captain to his thoughts.


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