PHD 269: Sweat The Small Stuff
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Summary: Some fairly specific concerns are voiced when Cinder and Selene meet in the gym.
Date: PHD 269 (January 12, 2010)
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Hestia - Gym

The gym is empty and silent tonight, mostly. Only the sound of fists slapping leather can be heared, with the accompanying grunts and gasps. They belong to a rather unlikely candidate to be beating the hell out of a punching bag, but she is nonetheless. Happy to finally be off of AiQ and able to actually get to the gym, Cinder is sweating good tonight, wailing on the bag. She's in just her sweats and sports bra, both (especially the top) showing the sweat of her effort. Her hair is back in a ponytail, but a good few strands are stuck to her face and neck. Each time she punches, her arms ripple with the impact, showing off a bit more definition than when she started in this damn profession.

The door opens, and in steps Selene, clad in sweats and meaning to go for a run. She steps over to one of the treadmills, then stops and looks at Cinder for a moment, just watching her wail on the bag. To be honest, she's not a big fan of exchanging blows, preferring to just disable her opponent, but…

Each time Cinder punches it, she lets herself grunt and growl out a little. When it comes to working out frustration, this beats all, really…and Cinder is working out some frustration. A few quick jabs, right left, right left, then a solid left hook, and then pressing up to the bag and giving a few cheap, hard rights up until the thing where someone's gut would be. Only after the flurry of punches does she stop to look around and wipe her forehead off with a forearm…as much good as wiping sweaty skin with sweaty skin would do. Spotting Selene, she grins, and then gives a gloved-fisted wave to Selene.

Selene waves as well as she starts up the treadmill, beginning to jog her daily mile. It's not something she relishes, but rather something she does just to keep in shape. As for frustration, she's not really all that frustrated herself, thankfully.

For the first time in the while that she's been in here, Cinder bothers to look at the clock; just about a half hour spent doing nothing but wailing on the helpless punching bag. Using her teeth to yank free the hook and loop straps on the back of gloves, then sliding them off by pinching them between her opposite side and opposite arm, she tosses them aside and starts to wander toward the treadmills. Her hands are still taped up, and the knuckles of the wrappings show just the tiniest few little red dots from the wailing session. To keep from getting sore, she starts to stretch her arms, smirking a bit at Selene. "Don't you want to beat the frak out of anything tonight?" Cinder asks; it's not a traditional greeting, but, she doesn't much care.

Selene shakes her head a little. "No," she replies, keeping her stride on the treadmill even, "I'm just here for my run. I'm not much for punching things anyway. A little woman like me doesn't have much reach."

"Oh…well, it's just a bag you know. Don't need much reach. Just…beat the ever living frakking hell out of it and go to bed happy that the frakker isn't alive." Cinder starts to grin now at the thought. Why? It's hard to say. But she just stands there at the front of the machine Selene's on, grinning, and stretching her arms out and sweating like a frakking pig. "Gods did that feel good after being without gym priviledges for so long."

Selene smirks a little in reply as she runs. "I bet it did," she replies teasingly. "You definitely had some tension to let out, after all, so… It's good to see that you're feeling better now."

"Mmm, almost back to feeling normal, I guess. Still a little pissed at what happened, but what's done is done, I guess. Gonna suck that that's going to show in my record or whatever though." While making small talk, Cinder puts her arms on the front rail of the machine Selene's on, stretching her legs out away from the machine, and lowering her head, stretching her back and legs out.

Selene shrugs as she runs. "Well, overshadow it and it won't matter," she replies. "I have brig time in mine, so… you're not as bad as your jailbird girlfriend." She's teasing, of course, judging by the grin and the flip of her hair.

"Yeah…I remember that," Cinder says flatly. Not much to say back to that, really, so she lets the 'silence' persist for a moment, a silence which is filled by the hum of the machine and the thump of Selene's feet on the tread. "So what have you been up to while I've been stuck in quarters?"

Selene shrugs a little. "Same as usual, duty, chapel, eat, read, sleep. It's hard to break a routine when you're on a ship."

"Right…right…." When she mentions the chapel, Cinder blushes. She could've gone there while on AiQ, but…she's never had a really good relationship with the gods, and hosue arrest isn't exactly a good time for her to start, at least. "Well, good to see you didn't miss a beat while I was away, huh?" Cinder's grinning a little facetiously at Selene, implying that maybe…maybe in all that, she could've given a little tap on the marine berthing door.

Selene misses the reference, it would seem. Then again, to go to the marine berthings has never really occurred to her, since she's not a big fan of about half of the people who live there. "Well, I had to do something to occupy my time, didn't I?" she inquires, grabbing her bottle of water from the treadmill and taking a drink.

"True…which clearly didn't include coming down to see me when I was stuck…arrested, actually, in quarters." Cinder just shrugs at her, raises her eyebrows, and doesn't say anything else, as she slides onto a treadmill next to Selene to continue her workout, lower body now. She's not trying to sound bitchy, but, it probably came out that way, so…who knows? She's not exactly one to pull any punches about what she thinks; Cinder hasn't ever been anything but outspoken.

Selene frowns a little, slowing down. "The thought had crossed my mind, but… there are a handful of people there that I just don't want to deal with," she replies. "Sorry." The walk of shame out of the marine berthings isn't something she relishes either.

"Welll…I guess the same could be said about your bridge buddies. That doesn't seem to stop me from visiting you though. Hell, even though I don't worship or anything, I still swing down to the chapel." Even as she gets the machine revved up, starting at a brisk walk, she gives a shrug to Selene. "So yeah…I guess I was just a little bit frustrated over that."

Selene looks down a little as she lets the treadmill stop. "I'm sorry," she replies again, not really sure what else to say.

Selene's machine is coming to a stop, and Cinder's is just revving up. "Just…a little consideration, huh? No need to be so frakkin' shy all the time. Those other jarheads might act like retarded orangutans, but they mean well enough. They're just jealous that they have to spend the night with Ms. Palmer, while I get to spend the night with you, huh?" Point made, no need to send the girl into tears, afterall. So Cinder reaches over and lifts her chin up with her fingers so she can see the grin.

Selene's lips are drawn into a slight frown. "That's easy for you to say," she replies softly. "I don't like them staring at me. It feels like they're trying to undress me with their eyes. Either that, or trying to decide if I'm a toasterlover."

"They'd try and undress as…I dunno. A punching bag, I guess, if they thought they could score. Just imagine how I feel down there. You get used to it, trust me." And then, Cinder gives Selene the debonair smile, the reassuring smile, the rogue/scoundrel grin. You all know the one.

Selene continues to frown, but doesn't say anything else. She's slightly reassured, but not too much, it would seem. Then again, that's just the way it is for her.

Well, it isn't for lack of trying on Cinder's part. Not much she can do about Selene's personality, but she's not about to coddle a grown woman like that. She's said her piece, and said how she feels, and vice versa. If there's a disconnect, well, there'll have to be one. Cinder reaches to the panel on the treadmill and begins to crank up the speed, going from a brisk walk to a jog, going up to a run.

Selene shrugs a little and takes another sip of her water. "I'm going to go take a shower," she says. "Perhaps we can… meet up later?" The offer has a hint of something in it, though she's not going to admit exactly what.

Cinder grins back at her and nods. "Sure…I guess that'd be nice after AiQ, huh?" For the moment though, she just thumps along on the treadmill, getting into a nice groove as the thing settles into a brisk jogging speed. When Selene leaves, the last thing she'd get a look at is a sweaty, jogging Cinder who's definitely going to need a shower before meeting anyone for anything!

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