Tauron's Culture

Taurian Culture (As Established In-Game)

Quite a few of the game's characters are from Tauron. As such, this page has been established as sort of a meeting point for all the various cultures of the planet, both as a resource for new players and for the purposes of all players to keep track of the minutae they've each brought to the table.

Tauron, like the other Colonies, is a big world. Just like Earth, it has numerous subcultures. Below are some locations described in-game, followed by a section on the subcultures on a by player basis.

Locations on Tauron

Hypatia (Cygnus)

Hypirem (Cahen)

Cultural Notes (by Taurian PCs)

Lieutenant Timon Stathis - Raptor Driver

Lieutenant Kisseus Matto - Raptor Driver

  • Some families on Tauron, especially the oldest and most aristocratic families, have individual cult texts, practices, and centers of worship associated with them. Most of these cults are based around an ancestor from whom the family is supposed to have been begotten. Some of these cults are completely in keeping with the 'common' scriptures: e.g., the family Memnoni, which traces its ancestry back to Memnon, son of Aurora and Endymion, whose apotheosis is recorded in standard editions of the scriptures. Some families' progenitor cults aren't found elsewhere in scriptures are are held suspect by most theologans: e.g., the family Ikarias, whose progenitor, Ikarios, was the first priest of Dionysus in common scripture, but was never deified. Some family cults are downright heretical in nature and condemned by theologans from other colonies: e.g., the family Ataiun, whose progenitor, Actaeon, was one of the great eyebeam sinners of scripture, but who, according to Ataiun family cult, became the Great Horned God and was Artemis' consort.

Ensign Serendipity McKale - CIC Puppy

Ibrahim Cahen - Resistance Surgeon

Lieutenant JG Samantha Waite - Raptor Driver

Petty Officer Mia Castaine - Medic

Sergeant John Elder - Medic

Lieutenant JG Russell A Kale - Viper Pilot

Lieutenant JG Marius Cygnus - Priest

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