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Tencher Air Base

Basic Information


Tencher was a large and relatively new air base constructed on the western shore of Caprica’s main continent, about seventy-five kilometers south of the coastal town of Qualai. Home to around ten thousand military personnel, Tencher’s mission was three-fold: first, it operated one of the largest Officer Candidate Schools in the Colonies; second, it provided basic and intermediate flight certification to aspiring pilots; and third, it served as home to several Viper and Raptor squadrons deployed to the Caprica planetary garrison. The once-sterling reputation of those squadrons underwent a precipitous decline in the last decade of their existence: word on the street held that veterans perceived to have lost a step would be assigned to Tencher for a soft landing before being mustered out of the Fleet. Tencher became home, in later years, to a Viper aerobatics squadron previously housed at Cafferty. The Banshees performed at various military airshows before the program was shut down roughly six months prior to Warday, in light of funding cuts.

  • Colonel Anand Katain, Base CO
  • Lieutenant Colonel Marshall Miller, Base XO


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Notable Events

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Character Ties

  • Lieutenant Timon “Ivory” Stathis: Lieutenant Stathis graduated from Tencher’s OCS program about eight years prior to Warday. The next seven months he spent there as well, obtaining his Raptor Flight Certification before transferring to Aerilon for advanced flight training.
  • Lieutenant JG Anton "Thorn" Komnenos Lieutenant Komnenos also attended OCS at Tencher, as well as his initial ECO qualification training, roughly four years prior to Warday.
  • Captain Karim A. "Spider" Marek Captain Marek served a two year tour of duty with the Banshees, roughly five years prior to Warday.
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