Rachel Leigh Cook
Rachel Leigh Cook as Naomi Tethys
Name: Naomi Tethys
Alias: None yet
Age: 32
Hair & Eyes: Brown and dark Brown
Faction: Navy: Deck
Position: Aircraft Tech, Crewman Apprentice
Colony: Scorpia
Play Times: Evenings
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info


Naomi Tethys was born on a beat up old freighter making a smuggling run from Scorpia to Picon. As the ship medic worked to see her safely born, her father was busy repairing the ships thruster's to prevent her from getting caught in the gravity well of a nearby moon, while her mother called out advice between labor pangs. Naomi was born safely, the ship was successfully repaired, and from that moment, Naomi Tethys' life was one dominated by ships, primarily their guts. Her family ran a small smuggling ring, shipping low impact but nonetheless illegal goods from where they were produced to where they were wanted. She grew up hanging around her father in his workshop, and her earliest toys were his wrenches. Her first job came at the age of five, as she held the tools her father would need while did whatever needed to be done, watching him intently and asking a bevy of questions whenever he had a spare moment.

Once she was old enough, she joined her father in his workshop in Paros, learning more and more about the various ships that they operated with. Sometimes, when a bird was down, she would spend all night just tinkering, searching for what was wrong. When parts were unavailable, or too expensive, she learned how to develop workarounds. Even with the ships were flying fine she would hang out around them, painting them or decaling them based on her own sketches, until her decal side job almost made her enough money to stop working the smuggling trade. In truth, she could have left whenever she wanted… but so long as her dad was alive, she knew she'd end up at his side, working on whatever new hunk of space junk he'd salvaged from the great scrap yards of Scorpia. She grew to appreciate the shadier side of society, got used to getting paid off by people who were dirty enough to want bad things but clean enough to not want others to know, and didn't even mind when they raised their noses at her greasy clothes and her dirty face. She learned to handle herself in the bars, scrapyards, and warehouses where her business took her, and more the once dropped a guy or group of guys who were interested in seeing what she looked like under the jumpsuit. She even kept sketches of a ship design she held close to her heart, saving her money to buy the parts, and working in her spare time to craft a ship of her own imagination. It wasn't a perfect life, under any stretch of the imagination, but she enjoyed it anyway.

All of it, however, came to an end with the Cylon attack on the colonies. Naomi watched in horror as nuclear fire destroyed the larger cities, and conventional munitions destroyed the garage that had housed her pet project. She'd tried to hide, tucked away in what was left of her garage, hoping that sometime soon her father would return from the smuggling push to Caprica he'd been on, rescue her and take her… somewhere. But he never came. Instead, she was found one night by Raiders, human vultures who hunted other humans. She'd been dragged to their lair, and endured a full four days of hell before she heard the gunfire. Her joy had lasted until she saw her rescuers, metal warriors accompanied by human collaborators, and so she exchanged one hell for another, dragged off to the Tinos Labor camp, watching as one by one the people she worked alongside were dragged into the strange metal building that no slaves ever left after entering. She had been certain that it was only a matter of time before she was dragged in, as well.

Rescue came from the skies, as she had always dreamed, but not in the way she had expected. She'd watched in wide-eyed wonder as Raptors destroyed the sentry towers, not the broken down, patched up Raptors her father had aquired from surplus sales but top of line, military Raptors armed with missiles. She'd watched as other humans on the ground destroyed the metal guards that had kept her prisoner for so long and had scarcely permitted herself to believe that she was safe. As she'd squeezed onto one of those Raptors and watched her home planet vanish below, she'd looked around at her rescuers, and hoped she could find some way to repay them, still expecting to be awoken by some Marine pushing into her cot or, worse, a Cylon there to drag her off to the building. When neither happened, she'd found that she couldn't enlist fast enough. The Fleet had been the enemy during her days as a smuggler but now it meant a home, three square meals a day. And if she played her cards right? It would mean she would get to work on SHIPS again…


Leroy Tethys (Father, missing)- The inspiration for Tethys' life, the fact that his smuggling trip to Caprica was never heard from again has always left Naomi wondering what happened to him. Perhaps he was still hiding among the stars.

Madeline Tethys (Mother, deceased) Though a good mother, Madeline had never been quite able to relate to her eldest daughter, who was such a complete Daddy's girl. Madeline was killed in the nuclear fire on Scorpia.

Dre Tethys (Brother, missing) A hotshot pilot who could never quite cut it in the fleet, Dre was flying the smuggling craft that her father owned at the time of the attack.


Tethys got a standard Colonial Education, but every skill she might ever use was learned in Garages and spaceports, for better or for worse.

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Give the girl a wrench, and get out of her way.

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  • A purring engine.
  • An engine that needs her to make it purr.
  • A warm body that can make HER purr.


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