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Warday. In a matter of hours, the majority of the human race is vaporized or killed in the subsequent invasion by the Cylon race. The Colonial Fleet scrambles to meet the attack while the government is obliterated. The Fleet meets a similar fate within a day during one-sided battles all across Colonial space. The genocide of the human race is almost complete.


This is the story of the survivors that were either left behind or chose to stay behind and fight. It began with the Colonial Escort Carrier Kharon and its small crew of dedicated soldiers and sailors. It continues with the discovery of the Battlestar Hestia, whose mission objectives have taken it along an entirely different path since Warday.

There is no fleet, and there is no mission to find a mythical Earth. There is only survival, day by day, and a willingness to fight a desperate war that will likely surpass the lives of the crew. There are also many questions to be answered: why have the cylons chosen to attack now, after forty years of silence? What is their agenda, if not total annihilation?

Warday occurred on April 18, 2009 (OOCly).

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