Tiera Reyn
Talulah Riley
Talulah Riley as Tiera Reyn
Name: Tiera Reyn
Alias: TR
Age: 22
Hair & Eyes: Black & Hazel
Faction: Navy
Position: Petty Officer 3rd Class, Weapons
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Whenever I get a chance
Timezone: Mountain

Biographical Info


Tiera never knew who her parents were, word she got over the years was her mother was a Socialator of somewhat low taste. Tiera bounced from one foster home to another and finally ended up on the street at the tender age of ten. This is when she met the first of few influential people in her life. She never knew his real name he was always known as Mr. G., Mr. G was a fence it seems, he taught her how to survive on the streets, how to get credits by picking pockets. She became pretty proficient at this over time. Because of her small size she had to learn real quickly how to avoid conflict, one day she came home to Mr. G's bruised and battered with clothes torn. Seems other street urchins had cornered her and beat her up pretty bad, when she was able to move about again Mr.G had a friend of his teach her how to defend herself using Martial Arts. When she was working the streets she used to sneak into the theatre to watch the ballet dreaming she was one of the Ballerinas on the stage. One day when she was about 14 she was dancing listening to the music in her head when she was noticed by the owner, Miss Aleria, of a Dance studio near where she lived.

The teacher was the second of the influential people in her life, she still worked for Mr. G during the evenings and nights. But spent her mornings in the studio learning how to dance. While not the most skilled dancer, through hard work she slowly improved even doing a recital with the others in her class. She spent about four years at the studio eventually becoming an instructor of the beginner dancers for Miss ALeria. Her life was going along smooth, she made good money working for Mr. G and had her dance lessons and classes. As usual in most lives things don't remain smooth, shortly after she turned 18 she was caught picking the pocket of the wrong person, they happened to be an attorney, she was put on trial, was convicted of theft, since she was young and this was her first offense she was given a choice spend years in jail or join the military. She joined the military, because of her size she wasn't allowed into the Marines, they didn't think she could carry the equipment so they put her in the Navy. Because of her lack of formal education the testing board didn't think she would be a good fit for Tacco or as a Technician. So they tested her in other areas, during her testing it was realized she had a very good hand to eye coordination and very quick reflexes, the key skills to being a good gunner.

She was sent to gunnery school after her basic training. At Gunnery school she excelled completed the training at the top of her class. She was assigned to the BattleStar Atlantia for a couple of cruises, tangling with Smugglers and other unsavory types. At first she kept to herself as it somehow got out about her past and why she was in the military, this lead to her being somewhat ostracised and often given the worst duty and watches. She set out to prove herself shooting down or had a hand in shooting down 4 ships. Her superiors as well as her crewmates noticed her drive to succeed and slowly accepted her. She worked her way up through the ranks ending her tour with the ship as a Specialist. After spending a year at Gunnery School, teaching recruits, basic gunnery skills, she tested for the rank of PO 3rd Class and was shipped out again, this time on the Kharon where she's been ever since.




From the street mostly, Miss Aleria did tutor her when she was at the Studio so she was able to pass her basic equivilency

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

4 years in the Navy, was an instructor at the Naval Gunnery school, started her time in the Atlantia, then went to Gunnery School as an instructor, then on to Kharon.

Distinguishing Features



On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Damon Cavalera. They have a lot in common and well she's kinda grown attached to him, I know strange..

Timeline of Events

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Log Title PH# What happened in this log. person1, person2 & person3.



To curl up with a good book
To dance, she loves to Dance.


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