Go here for a list of events from the Scorpia Resistance and the Kharon Crew: http://kharon.wikidot.com/timeline-of-ic-events

Events of the Hestia prior to the Kharon and Hestia Crossing Paths:

DAY 0 Hestia comes under attack at the DSS Ori, escapes with the Destroyer Kansai plus two FTL-capable civilian vessels (Tylium Refinery Ship Sapta Rishis & the liner Patricia); Frigates Sol and Luna are lost in battle.
PHD 8 Hestia receives a severely degraded, highly encrypted distress beacon from the Colonial Frigate Oahu explaining that the colonies have been nuked.
PHD 12 The search for the Oahu is called off.
PHD 13-22 Hestia engaged in repair and regrouping.
PHD 23 Hestia deploys a deep reconnaissance team to Cylon-occupied Picon, mission is botched and many pilots lost.
PHD 24 Hestia retreats to the Achilles cluster and begins sending out raptors to perform long-range reconnaissance on known sectors of military deployment.
PHD 50 Colonial Battlestar Aeson discovered, and joins fleet.
PHD 74 Civilian Freighter Hebe discovered, and joins fleet.
PHD 75-100 Hestia engaged in reconnaissance efforts throughout the Pasiphus region of non-Colonial space.
PHD 107 Civilian Freighter Saru discovered, no surviving crew members.
PHD 112 Crews finish salvaging supplies and parts from the Saru, which is then abandoned.
PHD 140 Hestia discovers a Colonial penal colony during surveying efforts on a small planetoid. All of the inmates are dead.
PHD 157 Jump initiated. Kansai and civilian vessel Patricia never reach rendevous coordinates.
PHD 170 Search for Kansai and Patricia called off, raptors recalled.
PHD 224 Hestia discovers a planetoid (Solon II) with large deposits of tylium ore, and jumps into orbit. Status of armada is unknown.

IC Events:

PHD 225 Nov 29, 2009 Warm Hearth - Air Wing The air wing's battle during the Solon II return event.
PHD 225 Nov 29, 2009 Warm Hearth - Hestia The Hestia brass drops by the Kharon for a sit down.
PHD 246 Dec 20, 2009 Fight Night: The Reckoning - Part I & Part II The first post-crew merger Fight Night aboard the Hestia.
PHD 248 Dec 22, 2009 Come Together Crews of the Hestia and the Kharon come together for a joint memorial.
PHD 249 Dec 23, 2009 Dance Dance A dance is held in Hangar B - much alcohol was consumed by all.
PHD 260 Jan 03, 2010 Captain Jack Cylon? Captain Krauss returns to the Hestia with shocking results.
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