Timon "Ivory" Stathis
Timon "Ivory" Stathis
Bradley Whitford
Bradley Whitford as Timon Stathis
Name: Timon Stathis
Alias: Ivory
Age: 32
Hair & Eyes: Brown hair; brown eyes
Faction: Navy: Air Wing
Position: Lieutenant, Raptor Pilot
Colony: Tauron
Play Times: Afternoons and evenings
Timezone: PST

IC Information

Immediate Family

  • Tiberius Stathis, father: CEO, Tantalus Transports, Inc. (defunct), presumed killed on Tauron
  • Amber Larabee, mother: homemaker, presumed killed on Tauron

Timon has never been married and has no children.


  • All-Weather Flight Certification, Camp Kilo, Aerilon
  • Raptor Flight Certification, Tencher Air Base, Caprica
  • Diploma, Naval Officer Candidate School, Tencher Air Base, Caprica
  • B.A., Philosophy (Political Philosophy Track), Caprica University: magna cum laude

Service Jacket

  • Training Squadron Four One (VT-41: Red Aces), Battlestar Hestia, present posting
  • Strike Fighter Squadron One Zero Five (VFA-105: Gunslingers), Battlestar Hestia, 2 months
  • Special Operations Squadron Four (4th SOS: Ghostriders), CEC Kharon, 23 months
  • Early Warning Squadron One Four Three (VAW-143: Hawkeyes), Battlestar Atlantia, 48 months
  • Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron Three Nine (VAQ-39: Night Owls), Battlestar Atlantia, 18 months

Physical Features

  • Receding hairline
  • Furrowed brow
  • Prominent (and once-broken) nose
  • Bushy eyebrows
  • Burns scars covering his left hand, shoulders, and both legs


  • Timon’s callsign is “Ivory,” given to him by his instructor (with classmates’ consent) at Camp Kilo: “ivory,” as in “ivory tower,” as in “the approximate size and width of the stick lodged at all times in his clenched and bony ass.” Casual acquaintances know only the first part of that explanation. Two syllables, guys, not three: EYE-vree. Ahem.
  • He originally intended to become an academic. Caprica University’s philosophy department accepted him into its PhD program after he completed his bachelor’s degree; however, circumstances forced him to drop out after little more than a year of study.
  • He prides himself on being a repository of random facts, no matter how obscure or useless. Though he doesn't seem particularly religious, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the stories in the Scrolls.
  • He is cursed with a familiar surname — familiar, at least, to citizens of Tauron. His father was an ever-present fixture in the colony’s newspapers and tabloids, renowned for his fabulous wealth, his many mistresses, and his shocking consignment to Tauron’s welfare rolls.
  • In his locker, devoid of photographs or other such personal mementos, is a small burlap bag. He’ll guard with his life the four books inside.
  • He is quite difficult to provoke. Most people can count on one hand the times they’ve seen him raise his voice.
  • He harbors a remarkable antipathy toward works of fiction: novels, television shows, movies, whatever.
  • His knowledge of sports is less than that of a five-year-old child. His name has, however, surfaced in connection with Hale's Pyramid scheme.
  • He doesn't seem to need much sleep to function, though he usually looks as if he's suffering from an acute lack of it.
  • He pronounces his name TIE-mun STAY-this.
  • He only recently learned how to fist-pound.


  • Timon claims to be a decent trap-shooter, though no range currently exists for him to back up this bold assertion.
  • In the classroom, he’s known for teaching by asking. It's a relic, no doubt, of his former life.
  • While he’s not officially ECO-certified, he's been known to hold his own in the back seat of a Raptor if circumstances require it.
  • He's theoretically capable of flying a Raptor, though nobody has seen him do so for the past several months.
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