PHD 281: To The Brig
PHD 281: To The brig!
Summary: Samantha reveals the nature of her relationship to a cylon skinjob. Reverie makes an arrest for dereliction of duty.
Date: PH281
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Samantha takes a drowsy sip of her coffee, still half asleep, the tickling not having done anything but rouse her body…certainly not her mind. She pushes her free hand across her eyes, rubbing thoughtfully…"Doin' fine… Thorn's out of sickbay, so that's good… got cleared for duty again, sadly after all the madness… so… the usual. You?" She's currently sitting up in her bunk, in an off regulation teeshirt which is sizable enough to be worn as a night shirt, pooling around her hips/upper thighs as she sits and leaving her legs bare.

The hatch door opens to a familiar click clack, click clack sound. Reverie slips into the berthings quietly as she steps through and takes a deep breath. She's on extreme light duty again. She pulls out a bottle from her pocket, the sound of pills moving inside, as she beelines for the cofee, nodding to those present.

Cass is leaning against the frame of Case's bunk, coffee in hand, top half of his flightsuit peeled down - looks like someone just got off of CAP. He turns and waves to Reverie before answering Case. "Mornin, Tycho." Looking up to Case he shrugs a little; "Not that much. Back flying the last couple days, damn glad to hear the Old Man's address yesterday. It's the news I'd been hoping for, honestly."

Samantha gives Tycho a brief nod and a slightly concerned look…"Feelin' any better, Tycho?" She calls over huskily, her voice still thick from sleep. And then she looks back towards Cass and smiles…"Yeah… nerve wracking as all hell but… hell. I feel better… felt like I'd been going insane for… for months now, truth be told. I'm glad to hear the brass tellin' the long and short of it."

"Morning." Reverie chirps as she heads on into the berthings. She scrunches up her nose, her brows raising at the mention of the address. "You mean the one where the Cylons look like us now?" she asks curiously. "Doin all right." she says with a warm smile as she breaks a pill in two and takes half before downing it with some coffee.

Nodding a bit, Cass answers both women. "That one exactly, Tycho. I'm sure they'll send images around of the known ones soon enough. Since they're copies, my personal guess is there can't be that many of 'em." Looking to Sam he smiles, reaching out to pat her knee reassuringly, briefly. "Yeah, I can see why. That musta been shee hell for you."

"Why not? One model can't be all that hard to make compared to another… I's just the outer skin that changes, right? and maybe the size? I dunno… only one we know for sure is Ajax…" Sam's eyes darken just a bit at the memory, a small shiver through her body, as if she feels dirty just thinking about it. She reaches out and over, tugging her locker open and digging for her pack of cigarettes. "'sdone now. No worth in worrying about it. Just… gotta keep our eyes open… frakking nerve wracking. NEver frakking know, really…"

"Why would you assume they have a limited number of models? They have way more advanced technology than we do since they can make robots appear like us. That's a naive assumption to make I would imagine." Reverie replies as she scrunches up her nose and takes another sip of her coffee. She takes a deep breath and leans against the counter before peering at the two.

Shrugging a bit, Cass lets it go. He can't talk about the fact that the jarheads found lots of dead duplicates on the Basestar, or that one of them was Jules - it's all classified. "Just from an engineering perspective, why go through the work of lots of different types if you don't need to. I could be wrong though." Fishing in a pocket he hauls out his ciagrettes and lighter, and offers one to Case after lighting up his own. "Either way, it's gonna be a frakking mess, but one we can manage I think."

Samantha nods towards Tycho in a slightly darker look…"Yeah. I think… think that we're foolish to assume they can't just be unlimited. I wish they weren't. Be so much damn easier if they had a male and a female and that was it. but… I somehow doubt it's that easy. We'd have seen a lot more Ajax's around that way…" She leans down into the light that Logan is offering, breathing in deeply, considering this all with a slightly pale look. "I hope… I mean… how do you know… Really?"

"They're called skinjobs, right? That means they can just put new skin over whatever frame they are." She really doesn't know much about what's going on, but she's kept out of the loop. Reverie shrugs her shoulders and peers suspiciously at Cass. Is he a Cylon?

Cass catches the look from Tycho and laughs a bit, rolling his eyes. "Well, the one we shot the frak out of on the hangar deck didn't seem to be mechanical. Didn't look to be thin skin over a metal frame or anything. And you saw that ship, Tycho - damn thing was /alive/ somehow - organic." He takes a puff off of his cigarette, thinking. "The toasters aren't different from each other, though we've seen a couple slightly different ones, built for different jobs. If I had to /guess/, they'd do the same thing with the skinjobs, but it's just that, a guess. I'm trying to apply basic logic and engineering, thinking about what I'd do - but I could be off base totally."

Samantha shakes her head slightly, "They… they have all the… working parts. Trust me. Down to blood and bodily… Fluids." Why Sam knows that? Well… it's rather obvious, on most levels, but it's an odd thing to admit. She just takes another very, very deep drag of her cigarette.

"I still think it's naive to assume they have a limited number of models. It's very naive." Reverie says matter of factly as she scrunches her nose once more and takes a deep breath. "It's also naive to assume that they can't I dunno, take a dead person and do some experimentation to reanimate dead bodies." Yes, it's a thought from literature, but she widens her eyes at Samantha. "Bodily fluids. Gods, it sounds like you frakked one."

Oh that gets a /look/ from Surgeon. Frak, Reverie, pay attention. He doesn't say anything to her though, just looks to Case and reaches out to squeeze her shoulder. "Sorry Sam. I keep forgetting." Sighing a little, he shakes his head. "Listen, I need to shower, but I'll be around later if you want me." He looks to Tycho and starts to say something again, then thinks better of it, and points himself in the direction of the head.

Samantha levels her eyes quietly in Reverie's direction, expression calm, deadly calm… stating a simple, emotionless fact…"I did." She admits, it not being the biggest secret. She then gazes back towards Cass and gives him a half smile. "Sure, Surgeon…take care of yourself. Thanks for the coffee, handsome." She reaches out, ruffling his hair gently then letting him go, before she turns her eyes to face the woman again.

"…" Reverie wasn't expecting that. That was probably the last thing she was expecting. It was supposed to be a joke, and now it turns out it was a really bad one. "Apollo on a pogostick!" she squeaks, having taken her beau's curse. "You /frakked/ a Cylon?" She's still in shock as she eases on down in a chair. She looks at her bottle of medicine and blinks. "Okay, I think my brain misfired again."

Samantha sighs, watching Logan go for a moment, a breath exhaling through her nose as she pushes her hand through her dirty blonde hair. "…Yeah… that's… That's why I recognized the Marine captain on the deck that night… I saw him on Scorpia too.. Jack… Ajax Crydel… He was our old Chaplain on the Kharon. We… we were together… quite a while." Sam admits, not really able to look the woman in the eye, trying to keep to the facts. She takes another sip of her coffee.

Reverie hrmms for a few moments and wrinkles her nose for a bit. She hrmms and shrugs her shoulders before she forces a warm smile on her lips. "So he was a Cylon. He was fleshy and meaty and could frak. Okay." She's processing this all and hrmms as she scrunches up her nose once more. "He was a Cylon, who followed orders from his superiors. Look, this is an unwinnable fight, there's trillions of them and a couple thousand of us… yet just like toasters, here we are following the last commands the system gave us. Yeah he's a Cylon. But it doesn't seem we're that much different afterall." she muses under her breath.

Sam nods slowly…"He was… and yes, he could. And, on the Kharon… he hung himself in a storage locker. There was a funeral… he was dead. Very, very dead… and then he came back. He remembered me… on Scopria. Like he had the memories of his previous… body… And then here. He just shot us… after being a Marine Captian on the hestia for so long, it seems… Maybe there are most definitely copies… but some of them seem to share memories. And yes, they… they feel… and act… and look… Very… very human."

Listening to the whole thing, Reverie hrmms for a few moments and scrunches up her nose. "Who else knows?"

Samantha shrugs slightly…"Command, I'm guessing… my friends. It wasn't a huge secret on Kharon… I told a few people when I saw him on Scopria and I was basically told to keep myself silent lest I get taken off the roster for being insane, you know? No one believed." Sam sighs out a quiet curse, closing her eyes a few moments. "Command knows what they know. Probably more than they're telling any of us."

"Thorn knows?" Reverie asks once more. Her expression is stoic. She's still processing this in her head as she stares at the older woman.
Samantha nods in affirmation…"Yeah. He was one of the first."

"So, you're telling me, that you possibly knew that the Cylons could make copies of flesh and blood humans way before this was revealed to any of us. You put not only your life but all our lives in danger by not having it revealed to anyone until now and you had months of this extremely sensitive and important knowledge?" Reverie asks as she seems flustered, sounding rather exasperated as she flails her arms bout in her chair. "And you didn't just because of your own godsdamned fear that you would be considered insane? Woman, I should have you thrown into the brig for this kind of… of…" and she tries to find the word for it. "Treachery."

Sam's eyes go wide as the woman has just about the complete opposite reaction than Sam expected. She sets her coffee down, shaking her head slowly, trying to keep the woman calm and the argumenet not getting too heated lest it come to a fist fight in the middle of the morning. Sam just lights u another cigarette before she responds…"I took a head injury when I went down on Scopria… when I told Legacy she seemed to think it was a hallucination… a few others agreed. I was told to keep it quiet and forget it ever happened, so I did. If I ever thought the fleet was in any sort of danger, trust me, I would have screamed it to the Gods."

"Your selfishness could have cost the fleet a lot. Your selfishness all over because you were scared, Lieutenant!" Reverie flails once more as she shakes her head. "When you think of something like that, you at least tell the psychiatrist. You knew and your inaction led to the death of our previous CAG, Captain Sito." Yes, nshe knows about that. "Why shouldn't I have you arrested right now for this?!?!?"

Samantha's eyes shoot wide, shocked, trying to bite back her own anger as she breaths slowly through her nose. "Frak, Tycho… I told people. It wasn't something they wanted broadcasted around and I figured it was just a head injury. Calm the frak down. Half the Kharon crew knew I dated the guy and no one has had me arrested yet… so can you lay off? Frak." She hisses off.

"You were negligent. You were a derelict on your duty by not reporting this. If you and the others from the Kharon could keep their pants on instead of frakking anything that moves, maybe you wouldn't of found yourself in this situation, Lieutenant." Reverie says firmly and resolutely. She's mad. She's torn. She's angry. "And you have the nerve to tell me to lay off just because your /friends/ didn't arrest you. I'm going. You make me sick." she hisses back before starting to hobble towards the hatch.

Samantha rolls her eyes, just a touch more of her temper now flaring that the woman would act like this. Sam tried to hold her tongue but, really… she's never had the best restraint. "Frak you, Tycho. At least we get some. And they aren't just my friends, they're my superiors and they know best. So yeah, just frakking lay off." Sam shakes her head, slipping off her bunk and moving to get a towel. It's time to shower for the morning and get out of there.

"Just wait right there, traitor." Reverie says as she pulls at the phone and requests for security to pilot berthings. Of course, Samantha can hear it, it is a page across the entire ship.

Samantha stands near the bunks, still in her over night shirt… and the call to security simply stiffens her. Shocked and silent, she can't even talk for a few moments. Finally, she gives a breathless, ridiculous little laugh. "…You can't be -serious-…. Frak…" Sam looks like she's just woken up, dirty blonde hair tossled and teeth not brushed. She's standing in an over large, non-regulation jersey shirt to her mid thighs and nothing else, a towel in her arm. Reverie is by the door, on the intercom.

"I find it hard to believe a cylon would sleep with a human." Reverie says. Oh sa-nap, did she just go there? Meanwhile she waits by the hatch, wrinkling her nose as she glares at the lieutenant.

Sam rolls her eyes, still trying to move for the bathroom… but she's slower now, hesitant. she doesn't want to look like she's running away from this. "You're the only one. This is frakked, Tycho. Cancel the call. I'm not on their frakking side! Gods!"

Panda is on his patrol shift whent he call goes out. He's right behind Rian, racing to the call. Cavalry charging to the rescue? Maybe a little, but it's more a matter of being bored as frak. "Arright everybody on the floor!" Dorian barks as he shoulders past Rian (the hatch IS rather tiny). He's reaching across his hip, hand on his pistol but not drawing just yet.

"How convenient. Cancel the call. Of course a cylon wouldn't admit to being on their side." Reverie says, letting out a soft pfft as she scrunches up her nose once more. "And look, you're running away. Stay right here." she says firmly and resolutely. "Dont make me pull out my sidearm." With that,the two marines arrive. There's a soft sigh of relief before she takes a deep breath. There's the gut feeling that this will bite her in the ass later on, but she's going with her gut on this.

"Lieutenant Samantha Passi, you are under arrest for neglience and dereliction of your duty. You knew and slept with the Cylon threat and we are at war. Private Rian, Corporal Ajtai, please escort her to the brig." She doesn't even look at Sam at this case anymore. Dun dun dun!

On the floor? Sam's in her night shirt! Dammit, Sam rolls her eyes, "This is riduculous." She mutters again as she gets down to her knees, and the floor, trying not to show off anything beneath her shirt… but chances are she sleeps commando, or in something equally embarrasing. She gives Rian and Ajtai a wide eyed, almost helpless look, completley confused by this all.

Sharp features look over her shoulder at Ajtai as he bellows his entrance, dark eyes glance away from the two women for the briefest of moments. "Nobody move." Rian barks as dark eyes fire back to the tanned woman, "The CORPORAL SAID ON THE FLOOR!"
Looking to Samantha on the floor Rian doesn't seem to notice or care about the nudity, face solid, "What's going on here LT?"

Samantha looks up towards Rian, "I have no frakking clue. We were talking…she heard about the fact that I knew Ajax and dated the man before any of us knew about skinjobs…and she's decided I need to be arrested."

Dorian gawks at Rian's incredible shouting talent, but briefly. "Private," he grunts, jerking his head towards the night-clothed woman on the ground. "Lemme handle Ensign Tycho." The Marine's head is tilted as he approaches Reverie, apparently having written off any real danger in the room. "Sir?"

"Don't make it seem so simple, lieutenant. Private, Corporal, you were ordered to arrest the woman." Reverie says firmly and resolutely, waiting for everything to be wrapped up. Cause ya know, Samantha's got to go anyway.

Samantha sighs to them all, shaking her head. "…You know what… not frakking worth arguing with guns out and tempers tense. Just… just take me in. We'll work it out with the CAG… I don't mind a few hours in the brig. I didn't do shit wrong and it'll show that.." She doesn't stand, but she willingly offers her wrists to be cuffed if they want. No guns, no fight… she's going to be mature about this.

Rian backs off, lets Dorian do his thing. Eyes remain dark and brows furrowed as she watches closely, hands on hips.

Panda nods to Reverie curtly. "Private Rian will perform the search and escort, if you don't mind, Sir." There's a bit of a wince as he uses the formal title again. "I'll need you to make a statement and sign off on some paperwork." He pauses, then leans in to quietly ask, "What were the charges again, if any?"

"Negligence and dereliction of duty. Lieutenant Passi knew of the threat with the cylons and knew of possible skin job existence long before the information was released. She did not report it to anyone for fear that people would think her insane. To top it off, one of the cylon skinjobs that was found out was her lover for quite some time." Reverie says firmly and resolutely, her expression rather stoic.

Rian nods once, moving to do what is ordered. Just like in training she uses zip ties to restrict Samantha's hands behind her back. Once that is done she pats down her body from head to toe, though there is not much to search through Case is only wearing an oversized t-shirt. "Clean." She declares monotone, moving to help up the LT from the floor, hand holding the restraints.

Standing next to Reverie, LCpl Ajtai listens to Ens Tychoides' explication, then nods. "Noted. Momentarily," Panda grunts when his radio squawks, taking a step back to excuse himself from Reverie's presence (if only socially). With that mild privacy he waits until Rian gives back the all-clear, nodding to the woman before calling it in in the wilo.

Jupiter stomps in from the corridor, sweaty and fresh from a lengthy run, if the amount of sweat on her is any indication. She tips up an open bottle of water and sucks half of it down, pausing in the middle of the threshold, blocking the hatch. "I thought I smelled marines." She glances from Reverie to the marines in question, then wipes the back of her neck with a towel. She tosses that over the arm of one of the couches, then follows, stepping up over it to sit on the back, feet on the cushion.

Jupiter glances over at Panda. "Subject?" Damn those pilots and their good ears. She glances back to Sam and Rian. "The hell did she do? Oh, you didn't get a look in her locker again, did you? Didn't think that was illegal on a Battlestar." Stll, there's some amusement in the pilot's eyes. "Marek is going to shit kittens."

Rian looks over to Reverie, dark eyes giving her a good hard stare from top to bottom before she starts to guide the pilot from the berthings. Jupiter arrives with her jab, har har marines smell. Causing only a temporary setback in the pace, Rian sets trough the hatchway with arrested Lieutenant.

Coming out of the head with a towel around his waist Rocco, apparently missed the whole fireworks, and perhaps held back in the head just a bit longer given the call for security. A brow is raised up before he's looking on over towards Jupiter and then back towards Reverie and the other pilot. "What th' frak?" a brow up. "Shit jus' keeps getting interesting."

Reverie's expression is stoic. She doesn't really look to the other pilots before she npeers at the corporal. "Shall we then?" she asks before she hobbles out with her cane click clacking away.

Rian stomps through the hallways, all business as she pushes Samantha Passi towards the security hub. Dark eyes stare down at most enlisted that turn to look their way, a woman in just a tshirt and in restraints is bound to draw attention. The marine's evil stare is enough to keep most comments at bay but as one whistle is let out she barks, "get back to work!"

LCpl Ajtai gestures Ens Tychoides to the side as he opens the hatch, covering the prisoner that Rian escorts into the Security Station. It's just one more way to make sure two people are 'on' the detainee at a time. "Captain Tombs," he calls, following Rian and Samantha in. "Ensign Tychoides is here to see you for an urgent matter." There are certain ways the regs require certain things be stated, a protocol for initiating processes. This is one of them: The MP doesn't claim arrest, especially not an MP auxiliary.

Ens Tychoides stands there in her on duty uniform. She waslike that when the incident happened and she gives the marine captain a salute, figuring this matters requires formal protocol afterall. "Sir." she says, bowing her head before she leans on her cane at the side.
Coming in behind the security detail, would be the tall figure of the Marine CO. Tombs remains by the hatch for a moment, as the MPs seem quick to give their whistles, and own jibes before he's clearing his throat. Something that catches their attention soon enough, before eyes flit from his marines, back towards the two pilots. "Lance Corporal." And like that the attention of the Captain is on Pandorian. "Explain." Simple enough order to follow right there, right? A nod given over before he's looking right over towards the Ensign, which is enough given that she is bowing her head. "What's the matter, Ensign. She call you a name or something?"

"Not at all sir. I just came upon some rather disturbing news that Lieutenant Passi admitted to. For the past several months she already had knowledge about the skin jobs that the admiral had spoken about. How did she know this sensitive information before hand? She knew the man whom shot and killed Captain Sito. In another form. From what she revealed to me, she was sleeping with the Cylon agent back on Scorpia. She did not reveal this information to the command for her own fear of being perceived as insane, sir. Also, she spoke about the man who was killed on deck as possessing the memories of her previous lover. I find it hard to believe any Cylon agent would be the lover of a human in the military." Reverie may or may not be implying anything in the statement, but she takes a deep breath before continuing. "And so, I arrested her for negligence and dereliction of her duty." She wanted to do treason, but oh well.

"Sir!" Panda about-faces and snaps to attention, striking a salute as well. It's gotten to that formal of a level, after all. He is silent while the Ensign explains, gives a pause in case there's more, then speaks. "Private Rian and I responded to the call. Private Rian was first on scene. All parties complied with all directives given. No weapons were found, no injuries nor evidence of altercation noted on initial observation. The escort was uneventful." There's nothing more from him after that.

Tombs is silent for a moment as eyes remain riveted on the woman before him. A look is given back over towards Passi, before he's looking back over to the Lance Coolie, and the private who came in with them. A lick of his lips before he's looking right back over to Reverie, apparently chewing on the whole bit of news. "Ensign." said finally. "I am going to speak slowly, so you frakkin' understand something." A point back over to the smaller pilot. "Before you start moving with your thumb up your ass and start playing Caprican PI- I hope you realize what in the hell you're saying and what you have done." See, this is why the investigation was to be handled by Kalson, Nikos, and himself along with his MP's. Because of this situation right here. "Thank you, Lance Corporal." A motion towards Rian. "Private for right now till I can get their CAG on the line, I want you to place Lt. Passi in the brig." though the anger in his voice is just thinly veiled.

"I simply arrested her so you can deal with matters, sir. I have no intentions of trying to weed out any possible cylon agents. I just felt that considering the circumstances, as of right now, I feel she may be a security threat to the ship, especially due to her sympathies for her former Cylon lover. That is all I intended to do." Reverie says firmly and resolutely.

Not having been dismissed nor sent to process Sam, Panda stays at attention and ready for the Captain's use. The slight furrow of his brow at Tombs' reaction proves he knows nothing of any sort of investigation.

"Ensign, when I ask you do you realize, I don't want your frakked theory. I hope you realize you can't just frakkin' arrest someone because they had sex with someone that ended up being a skinjob?" and there's a sigh, as his hand comes up and rubs the bridge of his nose for a moment. There's a look back towards the clock on the wall and then a look to Ensign. "What you basically said is that because someone was -tricked- without any other proof, that they are a conspirator." A lick of his lips for a brief moment "Lance Corporal, I want you to escort the Ensign here to the brig for a false arrest." He'll let that settle in right there. Of course, there is a reason for Atjai not knowing, but that will be explained later. "And Someone get me on the horn with Marek.." It seems like Tombs is done with this shit.

Reverie shrugs and takes a deep breath. She had a feeling this would happen as she looks to Panda, putting her hands out. "Arrest me, Corporal."

"Sir." It's not emphatic. "False… Arrest." Nevertheless, Pandorian reaches behind his back to draw out a pair of metal cuffs. "Thank you, Ensign," he says under his breath, carefully cuffing the young lady. "Right this way."

"When you're done, Corporal, just head right back this way." said simply, as he watches the small procession, sliding this way and out. For now, the Captain is going to simply wait- well that Tombs' moving over to the wireless, make a call out to the air country.

Rian remains on guard and silent, standing behind Samantha and gaze straight ahead. If she's noticing what's going on around her, she's seeming to not care the slightest.

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