Captain Nathan Tombs
Captain Nathan Tombs
Tim Roth
Tim Roth as Nathan Tombs
Name: Nathan Tombs
Alias: Nate
Age: 37
Hair & Eyes: Sandy/Blue
Faction: CMC
Position: CO
Colony: Aerelon
Play Times: Play Times
Timezone: Time Zone

Biographical Info


Born about forty eight years or so, in the Caskhell Mountain range would be one sonuvabitch that just won't die. In some aspects it was probably wise. Born as Nathan Tombs, son of Roddy and Judith Tombs- Nathan was pressed in real early to the rough and rugged lifestyle. As it was his father had the honor of being one of the only Moonshiner's still in operation, in Seven Bridges, Aerelon. As it was, weekends were spent either hunting, or fishing, or going to work with Daddy while his younger siblings (mainly sisters) stayed home with Mama. One incident ending up with his daddy gettting shot at by Colonial authorities, and being sent to prison-thus landing Nathan, (or as he is known by family-Natty) as the sole bread winner. As such he worked as a farm hand for some time- before completing highschool. With no real money- or booming education- Nate was resigned to either becoming a share cropper and marrying early, or join the Navy.

Nathan didn't like either of those damned options, so he became a marine instead.

Bootcamp was like hell, but Nathan earned a rep with his drill instructor-and was marked down as NCO material. However instead of being put into Demolitions as he preferred (What young man doesn't like explosisions) he was recommended to the Military Police Academy for further training. Well it seems it was there he found his niche. First out of the guppy school-Nate was assigned to the the Delta Garrison at the Flight school on Gemenon. There the young man, went from Private to Corporal in a matter of months, and had a reputation of being a man who could handle himself with a night stick, as well as a fist- Needless to say there have been many angry pilots, marines- and at one time a civilian or two (And he has the reprimands to show it) that have felt his knuckles- or his baton.

His next assignment was aboard the Battlestar Atlantia- there serving his second tour, and making his way up through the NCO ranks, before finally being made the Ship's Master At Arms- A job which he took seriously. Needless to say, there wasn't a finer Sheriff in the Corps at that time.

At the age of 33 he went into Active reserves, retaining the rank of Gunnery Sergeant, in order to take some time- medically related. (He was shot during the boarding of a pirate vessel based out of Aquaria) and basically was allowed back to Civilian life, only to due guard duty on the weekends. As such he worked as a Colonial Constable (or Marshal if you will) under the CIB. He did this for a few years, before he was deemed alright to return to active duty. Given his age, and experience- he was mustanged up and sent to OCS only to come out as a Lieutenant (JG) and was placed as the acting S2 under Captain Jack Krauss, aboard the Battlestar Hestia. Before Hellday as he calls it, he was promoted to Full lieutenant. Tombs often jokes that he shoulda known that the world would frak up and die, the day that something nice would happen to him.

As such he is a lifer- and one of those rare few Marines that seems to understand pilots- or they understand him. Or maybe it is they are afraid.


  • Roddy Tombs - (Father deceased)
  • Judith Tombs - (Mother deceased)
  • Irene Tombs - (sister deceased)
  • Gloria Tombs - (Sister deceased))


  • Gen. Beaureguarde High school

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

  • 1st Tour - Delta Garrison (Gemenon, Corporal)
  • 2nd Tour - Battlestar Atlantia ((Master-At-Arms, Gunnery Sergeant)
  • 3rd Tour to present - Battlestar Hestia (S2, Lieutenant)

Distinguishing Features

  • Tattoos
  • Blue eyes
  • 'Southern' Accent
  • Curses like a Sailor



  • Law Enforcement
  • Melee Combat
  • Firearms
  • Not Takin' Shit
  • Bein' a Hard ass
  • Drinking

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Captain Nini "Whiplash" Sito. She's the CAG and I am the S2. She can be a right frakking bitch, and well. Yeah. She reminds me of home in an odd way. Like when you mother used to whoop you with a switch, sorta way.
Lt. Vega "Punchout" Navarro. She's a good pilot, and a great girl. Sucks about her leg. I still wish she would have gotten out instead of trying to save her ship. Either way, I'll stand with her, through thick and thin.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
The Reckoning (Part II) PH 246 Part Two of Fight Night Everyone and their mother..
The Reckoning PH 246 The Hestia hosts a Fight Night. Everyone and their mother..
Eye To Eye PH 238 Tombs meets Damon, and makes sure they see eye to eye. Also Cinder makes an appearance. Tombs, Damon, Cinder, & Jacobs.
Figure Shit Out PH 237 The S2's meet up again to talk about the crew merger. Tombs & Salazar
Addictions PH 230 Three Lieutenants end up talking about addictions of sorts. Tombs, Vega, & Zaris
What Lies Between Us PH 228 Some Hestia folks discuss the Kharon and live visits. Tombs, Kallisto, Ramses, & Vega
Dogs Under The House PH 227 Vega and Tombs have a chat on the Obs deck about the Kharon Tombs & Vega
S2 x 2 PH 226 The S2's meet and there's a fight..Okay maybe not Tombs, Salazar, Epi, & Barghest
Gone Visiting PH 226 The S2 and CAG go to visit the Kharon's crew Tombs, Sito, Legacy, Kai, Sparro, Martin, Marissa, Epi, & Barghest
Marine Country PH 226 The S2 and CAG have a chat Tombs, & Sito.


  • Frak me running, treatin' me like I am lost in a cocksucking grocery store.
  • I will be so far up your ass, I will be able to tell you what you had for breakfast last week.
  • You use a word outta line, an I'll have you lick the head clean, so it looks like a saint's asshole.
  • You could have learned out to floss your dick with razorwire and not make it bleed, and I still would not care. This is the Hestia now, and so, I will expect you to do your job as a Marine first, Medic second. Understood?


Favorite Guns

  • Sidearm: VZ 52
  • Shotgun: Striker
  • Rifle: GMAR, though it is often tied with the Leo Storm Carbine


  • Marines
  • People doing their damned jobs
  • Guns
  • a nice cigar
  • tattoos
  • some pilots.
  • Shine


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