PHD 238: Transitions
Summary: On their last day on the Kharon, pilots pack up their things.
Date: PHD 238 (12 Dec)
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Kharon - Red Berthings

Smoke drifts lazily from Roubani's bunk, third cigarette in about an hour. Settled up on his mattress in standard NAVY longsleeved T-shirt and offduty trousers, he's slowly sorting through the row of files, notebooks, and various neatly accumulated things on his shelf. Paper rustles as he sifts through loose sheets in a particularly thick binder.

Having crashed out in his old bunk last night, Martin's at least gotten up to get some breakfast and clean up. It's his day off, which forces him to sprawl out on his back in his bunk. Cigarette dangling from his hand in the bunk beneath Roubani's, he's simply staring wide eyed at the ceiling with a bland expression on his face. In his sweats with his tank tops, the man is unbearably bored, raging against the dying of the nothing.

Eddie hasn't started packing yet, she hasn't even contemplated it. Denial or just procrastination, either way, all of Eddie's belongings are exactly as they have been. A foot locker has been sent up from storage, her name spraypainted on the side and it's currently butted up against her bunk, but even that hasn't been touched. Mooner enters berthings in the process of clipping her hair back from her face, using her elbow to nudge open the hatch that was left ajar. Seeing the box by her bed, she decides to change directions and check out her best bud's bunk instead. Martin is just a by-product. "Dasheroonie." She greets as she steps on his mattress to use it as a foot-up into crawling into Roubani's bunk uninvited.

Roubani pulls apart the three rings of his binder with a single *thwuck*. Two pages of lined, be-holed notebook paper's slid out, glanced over without any real attention paid to the dense math scrawled all over both sides, and set down by his pillow. The 'Dasheroonie' makes him glance over the side of the bunk, this obviously signaling that Martin is awake down there, then back up as things creak. "Morning, Eddie."

Turning his head, Martin gazes at Eddie's feet as they plant probably closer to his head than he's comfortable with. Blinking, he furrows his brow in a serious moment of consideration while he turns his gaze up her legs. He could, very well, choose to not miss this as an opportunity to score a point here. Alas, perhaps because he's bored and lazy, he doesn't. Letting her escape to Roubani's bunk, he sighs and goes back to trying to figure the ceiling of his bunk out. "Moon." He replies simply, his voice pained with boredom.

Eddie grumps as she sees what Roubani is up to in his cave. "Put that crap away, I need a hug." How often do those words come out of Eddie's mouth? About as often as Roubani himself is apt to say it. She pauses whne kneeling on the edge of Roubani's bunk, and kicks off her boots. One clunks down to the deck, while the other accidently gets swung and plops into Martin's alcove.

"Hmm?" Kissy murmurs from the side of the bunk where he's curled up with an armful of blankets, forehead against bulkhead, not quite asleep anymore, but getting some rest in any case. "Hmm," he concludes, Moonshine's climbing up either not quite registering or at least not bothering him any.

Roubani's eyes come up off the folders. A slight squint, just a hint puffy underneath. "You need a hug?" He repeats this as though the whole concept were a little surreal. He glances at Kissy, hearing the stirring, and that's cause for him to jam the cigarette out with the many others he's gone through this morning, ashtray pushed up way onto the corner of the shelf. "It is not crap. Professionally one refers to it as 'rough drafts'." In other words, crap.

Martin turns his head again, glancing to the boot that's fallen beside him. "It's mine now." He murmurs, taking the boot and propping it behind his head at a pillow. Reaching out to brush a fingertip over the arch of Eddie's foot in a barely existant moment of tickling, he lets it only last a second before his hand retreats to the top of his bunk. Pressing against the cold hull, he tests to see if the weight of their three bodies is stressing the bunk at all.

Eddie hisses an intake of breath as Martin tickles her foot, "Evil." Barked down to the Black brother. The foot withdraws as she crawls further into Roubani's bunk, partially needing to scale the Mount Matto in order to clambour into Roubani's lap. Her arms wrap around his midsection, her head pillowed on his thigh while her long legs drape over Matto's hips. "Ergo, crap. Hug me."
Legacy has connected.

Matto's back twists, arms stretching upward as he yawns, making a vague growling-gurgling noise as his eyes tear up with the force of it all. Then there are legs slung over him and one hand descends to his hip to rests there, aimlessly petting up the back of a thigh before his eyes squint open with the creeping realization that this is not his boyfriend's thigh. He twists a little further, making a confused little sound as he tries to mentally navigate the jumble of bodies.

Roubani goes -really- still as hands and then a head land on him, breathing shifting like a shot from gut up to chest. Frozen for a couple seconds, he swallows a mouthful of saliva that isn't enough to wet his throat, then slowly exhales. His hand sets down on the back of Eddie's shoulder, scratching it gently like one would a friendly cat. He glances at Matto, then idly past the edge of the bed again in completely failed attempt to spot the person underneath, then back at his new lapcat. "Are you alright?"

While not quite sensing any downward pressure on the top of his bunk, Martin lets his thoughts unfocus so that their conversation becomes nothing but a soft, quiet blur. Stubbing out his cigarette, he slides his hands behind his head to support Eddie's boot as his primary form of headrest. Stretching his legs out, he plants one bare foot against the wall and zones out.

Eddie feels Roubani tense beneath her, and she lifts her head. "Shit. I'm sorry, I should have.." She clears her throat and shifts off until she's just leaning on her elbows on the bed instead of Roubani. Matto, however, is still a mattress despite the awkward pat down. "…let it be on your terms. Yeah, I'm fine. Just. Needed some love." Oof, she flops over on her back, causing a flail of limbs and hopefully Matto doesn't end up with a heel digging into something uncomfortable. From this new angle, she notices Nadiv's face. "You been crying?"

Matto finally gets himself all turned around, back to the wall instead of chest, elbowing up on the pillows a little to half-sit up behind Nadiv, "Moonshine?" he wonders. "What's wrong?" Legs are content to let legs sprawl over them, though his arm tucks itself around Nadiv's waist, giving the boy a gentle squeeze to try and help him relax.

Roubani looks a touch guilty as Eddie withdraws, scratching the back of his neck. "I'm sorry…it's not you. Just got me by surprise, that's all. Come on now, what's going on with you." A little half-smile. The arm going around his waist doesn't startle him quite as bad, but it certainly doesn't make him relax. His shoulders look tense.

Eddie sprawls out, taking up what room in the bunk that Roubani and Matto don't, which isn't much. Instead of hugging Nadiv, she settles for plopping a hand on his knee with palm up, encouraging him to take it. "I know I did, which is why it's my bad. Don't sweat it. I'll coax you into a hug, or just use a surrogate." She nudges Matto's stomach with her knee, to indicate who that surrogate would be. "I'm alright. All this bucking the system has me feeling a little raw." She looks to the ceiling of Rou's bunk. "Can't a girl ask for a hug without raising a grand inquisition? Has he been crying?" She asks Kisseus this time, lifting her head slightly to look at him.

Matto's hips draw back as he's kneed in the stomach— not as if it hurt, more as if it tickled. "I just woke up," he tells Moonshine, either professing his ignorance or evading the question. "Sometimes y'just need a hug, yah," he adds, throwing his full agreement behind the statement, even if it's still kind of drowsily enunciated.

Martin's eyes crack open, catching tidbits of the conversation. Lowering his brows with a concern of his own, glad that Eddie can't see it, he slides the boot out from beneath his head and sets it on his bunk. Then, like a good friend, he reaches out and softly squeezes Eddie's calf with his hand. Maybe that's awkward. Feeling strange about it himself, he sits up and slides to the edge of his bunk near Eddie's foot. Grabbing his own boots, he prepares to slip them on.

"Couldn't sleep," Roubani says, lightly dismissive. He looks at her palm, poking it experimentally with a finger and then two. Then three. "Well, pretend there is an Anti-System barrier just there, so one needn't worry about bucking it for the time being. Just relax and think of peppermint, or whatever it is girls think about."

Eddie's hand drops over the side of the bunk, groping around thin air for a moment until she finds the mop of Martin's hair. At first her fingers lazily run through it, and then she gives a vigorous fluff silently trying to confirm that she's indeed 'okay'. "You're entirely hypocritical." Eddie says simply to Roubani. "If you're not going to tell me why…you want me to score you something that'll help you sleep?"

Matto could sleep. And he seems to be drifting back in that direction, letting the other two talk while he slips his elbow out from under him and his head finds pillow again just there near Nadiv's hip, nuzzling at it sleepily as his eyes drift back toward the off position.

Martin's lips curl into a quiet smile as his hair is toussled. Giving Eddie's calf two squeezes, like a check over the wireless to let her know that he got the transmission, he stands and props one boot on the center table to tie it. Seemingly ignoring them, he's in preparation of leaving.

"Something? Like…what?" Roubani says, under his breath. Sleepy therapy's not his specialty. His fingertips are done poking Eddie's palm and two hook onto her fingers. Step 2. His eyes shift to Dash as the invisible man emerges. "Morning, Dash."

"Pharmaceutical persuasion. I know a guy." Clearly Eddie seems comfortable enough saying as much with those present, but you can guarantee her voice is pitched so it doesn't travel far. When Roubani hooks too fingers onto hers, the curl slightly in a loose grip. Baby steps.

Matto's breath grows slow and regular, warm in long puffs against the boy's hip before the first strain of his usual snoring begins to rattle, followed by quiet, then a longer, louder sound.

Roubani's eyes flicker to the small statue of Apollo on his shelf. "Maybe…just a little," he answers Eddie, way quietly. His hand wags hers gently on his knee and he glances at the snoring source before looking back at her. "Not feeling much better about the move, are you."

"Yo." Martin says quietly, trying to keep his voice down for the benefit of the sleeping people, as well as to not be so casual about being there during the conversation. With the last shoe tightened in place, he turns and heads for the hatch in silence.

Eddie tightens her grip on his hand. "I'll see what I can do." And then her shoulder ticks in a little shrug. "Marek sat me down and had a chat. I told him I'd give it a shot, for him. He's trying to make it easier, keeping as many of us together as possible. I'm going to need hand slapping more then hand holding when it comes to moving over the Hussy. But. I'll make it through." Mm. Sleepy body. Eddie subconciously scoots closer to the warmth of Matto. "Hey Martin." She suddenly remembers something, turning her head to face out of the sanctity of Roubani's bunk. "Figured out your torture for that auction. You get to pack all my shit for the transfer."

Martin stops, one hand on the hatch. Turning to look at Eddie, he raises his brows and gives her a look of mock disapproval. Turning, he folds his arms and eyeballs the bunk she's in. "…but you said…" He trails off, his words forming into a questioning manner as they take flight from his lips.

"Yes, you will." Roubani's voice gains a tinge of pride when she declares that. As she slips down next to Matto he leans over past her, tugging the hem of his blanket up over both reclining bodies. His other hand holds onto hers. Glancing out his bunk and down at Martin, he smiles a bit. Man. Sucker.

"And since when have I ever meant the first thing that pops out of my mouth? You'll honor it, butthead, or I'll haunt the rest of your days with atomic wedgies and super swirlies." There is a chance there's a good reason why Eddie hasn't started packing up her gear yet. Maybe, in Eddie's twisted world, this is her way for asking for honest help. Or she just likes to torture Martin.

Martin pauses, his face quieted. "Fair's fair." Martin replies, the side of his mouth twitching with humor as he turns his back to the hatch and steps past them, heading for Eddie's bunk. Once his back is to them, however, his twitching lip turns into a smile. He gets to go through Eddie's things!

Roubani is quiet as they exchange, mildly amused. He lets his back rest against his front bunk wall, closing the binder he was sorting out.

As Martin relents, for a moment it looks as if Eddie might change her mind. Her muscles tense, but she forces herself to relax back against Roubani's mattress and not think about someone pawing through her personal possessions. It's better then the alternative, besides, how many times has it been tossed by the marines lately? "So still can't turn off your brain?" She asks Roubani.

Slipping his earbuds in, Martin presses play to drown out their conversation as he comes to a stop in front of Eddie's bunk. Rubbing his hands together, he takes one glance back to Roubani's bunk to see that he's not being supervised. Now the fun begins. The box is opened and prepared as he kneels and opens her shelf, taking a look inside.

"Oh, you know me." Roubani tilts his head, craning his free hand up and over to feel for something on his shelf. Another folder, softback and thinner, with he locates by feel and tugs off the shelf with his fingertips. "But look, I will show you exactly how productive…" A soft hud as it lands on his knee. "…it makes me." His thumb starts riffling through pages, looking for something. Who'll win the Distract Eddie Battle? DING…round one!

Hmm. Eddie's finding this a little hard to swallow, so when Roubani offers her a distraction, she's forcing herself to take it. She shifts up on her elbow propping herself that way though not getting far from Matto's warmth. It's a guilty pleasure to snuggle up next to someone, and not one that Eddie often lets herself take. Hell, even when she's frakking someone, the first thing she does post coital is shove them out of bed. "You drawing again?"

Glancing back towards their bunk, there's nothing but absolute silence from Martin and Eddie's bunk as he gingerly lifts each and every item from her cabinet. Of course, this brings him to take a look. A cigar box full of pictures accidentally flops open as it's set on the bed, forcing Martin to glance inside to make sure he didn't break anything.

Roubani glances at Martin's back only once, timing the flipping of pages to keep Eddie's attention. "Mmmhm. I decided this couldn't wait; you needed something classy to christen our new place. Ah. Yes." He finds what he was looking for, wrangling it one-handed out of the folder. One hand's still holding Eddie's, so the other clasps the sketchbook page against his chest and a brow lofts. "Ready?"

Eddie hears clatter behind her and she twitches, but to her credit, she doesn't look. If Martin screws up, she's counting on Roubani to do the policing. And the distracting. Boy that guy has his hands full. "I've been ready for this moment all my life. Drumroll?" Eddie obliges just by thumping her hand on the blankets, making a dull sound. Only one handed though, she's not giving up her grip on Roubani.

Martin, to his belief, is all alone. Taking a few glances through the box of pictures, Martin stops. Something brings him to a moment of reflection. Saying no more, he quietly closes the box and goes back for more. There's a soft crinkling noise as a container of broken glass is brought up and set on the bed, followed by a journal. The journal is tied shut. Damn her. He shakes his fist towards her wall, going back to the cabinet.

Roubani is no-handed, so he can't assist in the theatrics much. He worms his fingers around the top of the sketch paper and makes a sound with his teeth that badly imitates a cymbal, then turns the page around. "I call it: Portrait of a Moon'd CAG." Which is exactly what it is. Eddie, looking devilishly happy, mooning a Sito who's got her hair scrunched up with two hands and a perfect look of OMG on her face.

Eddie can't help but give a surprised guffaw of a laugh, "Oooh, that's perfect. That's priceless…shit…" Her finger reaches out to touch the picture as if she can't quite believe that Roubani was capable of such artistry, so she needs to feel the coarseness of the paper and the smooth graphite of the pencil. "Man. Just remind me to hang that some where the she-bitch can't see it." Wait, what was that jingle…

What can be seen is that Martin's back is turned to them, carefully making sure that everything gets backed into the box that's bound for the Hestia. What they can't see is that he's managed to slip a small, thin marker from his pocket. Keeping his mouth closed, he's probably being too quiet for his own good. Learning from the master, his sister, he makes a few additions to Eddie's stuff.

"Oh, if she discovers it simply tell her the truth. I drew it." Roubani closes the folder back up, a few unfinished sketches flipping by before the soft cover shuts. "And when she inevitably demands her own, you can tell her so sorry, but this series is an exclusive."

Matto keeps snoring away at Nadiv's hip, cheek, freshly shaved the night before, rosying up at the warmth under the blanket until with a shuffle-shuffle-thrash he drags the blanket down with his toes and off of him, snoring snerking to a halt for a moment until he settles back down.

"Oh, if she discovers it simply tell her the truth. I drew it." Roubani closes the folder back up, a few unfinished sketches flipping by before the soft cover shuts. "And when she inevitably demands her own, you can tell her so sorry, but this series is an exclusive."
Matto keeps snoring away at Nadiv's hip, cheek, freshly shaved the night before, rosying up at the warmth under the blanket until with a shuffle-shuffle-thrash he drags the blanket down with his toes and off of him, snoring snerking to a halt for a moment until he settles back down.

Eddie mmphs. Matto might rebel against the blanket, but Eddie tugs it back up over her if he's going to just shuck it completely. Snuggy warm, and it smells of boys and comfort. She'll take it. "I'm not supposed to be making any waves, remember? But don't let that distract from your awesomeness, I'll treasure it always. It'll go right next to my Raider one." A pause. "Hey. Can you see what Martin's doing over there? He's being too quiet….he's not sniffing my underoos, is he?"

Martin isn't drawing anything obscene on her pictures, but he may just have taken a few sheets of paper and drawn quick pictures of warty male genitals to slip in between everything…and maybe a little more than that. Nonetheless a casual glance will show him slipping something into his pocket as he takes up a pink dress and a non-regulation pair of men's boxers, stowing them in her box.

Roubani glances at the rolling-about Matto, helpfully tugging the last of the blanket off the blanket-hater's feet and onto Eddie's instead. "No." he comments mildly, with a languid turn of his chin towards Eddie's bunk. His eyes squint. "However, he does look good in them, I must say."

Eddie's eyelids flutter shut as her eyes roll to the top of their sockets. "Oh gods…" Her head thuds down face first on the sheets. "What a stupid idea." She mutters, her voice slightly muffled by the mattress. "Alright, I gotta get out of here. Do me a favor." Mooner rolls slightly to peek up at Roubani. "Keep a half eye on him for me? And if he finds anything incriminating, make sure he doesn't steal it for blackmail. Bury the bodies."

Matto stretches his freed legs and draws one knee forward to slip calf over the blanket-clad Moonshine in front of him as he hugs all on Nadiv's waist with his arm and all on Moonshine with his leg. Snoring abandoned, he drifts further toward awake again. "… huhwha?" he asks Nadiv. Or Nadiv's hip.

Martin blinks, finding a few things. "…been holdin out on me." He mumbles under his breath, taking up another few small boxes before grabbing a pile of folded clothes. Glancing back towards Eddie and Roubani, he quietly humphs and boxes them.

"Such messy little ones." Roubani rubs his hand over his head tiredly, scratching ragged fingernails through the back of his curls. Eddie's shoulder receives a pat, then he looks down at Matto's face by his leg. "Nothing, Kisseus. Are you awake now?"

Eddie groans and pulls herself out of the warm cacoon, slip-sliding over the edge of Roubani's bunk like a gelatinous mass until her bare feet hit deck. "I'll go see about that sleep aid for you.." She promises Roubani as she collects her shoes and hooks them on her fingers by the laces. "Martin…" Her voice starts out as a warning as she heads to the hatch. "Don't piss in my breakfast cereal."

"Mhm," Kissy answers, even as the lump of Moonshine he'd been propping his knee over disappears out from under him. "See you later, Moonshine," he calls out. "Sleep aid?" he wonders.

Martin cannot hear Eddie, because right now Martin has his earbuds in. However, a shift in the light forces him to turn around to see Eddie mouthing something towards him. "It's okay, I've got it!" Martin gives her a thumbs up before returning to the treasure trove.

"Just…" Roubani makes a slight hitch of his shoulder at Matto, attention going back to the folder by his knee. He picks it up, stretching up his arm to slide it back on the shelf. Then, touching his finger to Matto's nose, he reminds him, "When you're up and functional, don't forget you've got something tonight." His eyes shift back over to Martin, half-amused. Don't let other people touch your stuff, srsly.

Eddie slings her hand on the back of her neck, hanging it there. As she walks out of berthings, she's muttering dark dark things.

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