Poppy Tusculani
Poppy Tusculani
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman as Poppy Tusculani
Name: Poppy Tusculani
Alias: Cueball
Age: 25
Hair & Eyes: Bald, Blue Eyes
Faction: Air Wing
Position: ECO, Lieutenant J.G.
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Evenings
Timezone: AEST

Biographical Info




Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Distinguishing Features

  • She's shaved her head. She's received … mixed reviews.
  • Her knuckles are almost always scratched or bruised.
  • She frequently looks like she's had no sleep.
  • She used to be quite pretty, before whatever happened to her happened to her.


  • Poppy once starred in a very small production of 'Leave A Candle', a play about the First Cylon War, as Antigone when she was eighteen. She left the production in the middle of the season for undisclosed reasons.
  • She speaks quite a bit of Kashmiri. Something she claims to have inherited from her Sagittaron mother.
  • She was aboard the Raptor that firsc scouted out the Colonies and saw what the Cylons had done and was the one who took the recon photos.
  • Used to be insepperable from Raptor driver Kisseus Matto, but now the two are rarely seen together.


  • She can play the guitar, although not well enough to be much more than a nuisance when people are trying to sleep.
  • Her singing isn't even as good as her guitar playing.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Kisseus Matto: I really screwed things up with Kissy and now I know the only thing I can really do is just keep my distance and let him get on with life. He's better at the whole friend-making thing than me and I guess I feel like I was maybe holding him back by making him hang out with me while I bitched and moaned about how unfair everyone was. I can tell it's a big self-pity thing, ostracizing myself from him like this but I think he just deserves to not have me lurking in his shadow all the time. That said, I still consider him my best friend in the world … closer than that. He's like a brother. I know it's kinda weird to say that after what happened but it's the truth.
Althea Legacy: I lucked out getting a boss like the Captain. She looked out for me and, even though I don't like to say it, probably kept me from doing myself some serious harm after the World ended. On the other hand, I wish she hadn't taken me as her ECO when she flew recon on the Colonies. Seeing them like that … all burning and frakked to death wasn't easy. No, that's putting it mildly. I hated it. I see it all the damn time and it doesn't leave my head for more than a few minutes at a time. I know she couldn't have known but that doesn't stop it from making me so damn angry sometimes.

Timeline of Events

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