PHD 278: Ulterior Motives
Ulterior Motives
Summary: After the events of Insurgency (basestar boarding), Cinder and Selene enjoy a quiet moment.
Date: PHD 278 (January 21, 2010)
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Hestia - Observation Deck

The observation deck is quiet and dark today, without very many people around. Selene is present, having fallen asleep on one of the loveseats after a fairly stressful shift. It's not really her fault - the blame is mostly placed on the plush seating and the quiet, dark atmosphere.

Thankfully, nobody's seen fit to disturb her…well, not yet at least. Not until Cinder not-so-sneakily barges her way on down to the observation deck. She's spent the last 15 minutes wandering around looking for the sleeping girl. Of course, they're always in the last place you look, right? Dress in off duties, she finally gets around to peeking in here, and spots her sleeping soundly. It's almost a shame to wake her up, but she does so in the nicest way she can think of. Kneeling down in front of the couch Selene sleeps on, Cinder runs a hand through Selene's hair, brushing her forehead, trying not to wake her up too hard with a shake or anything.

Selene doesn't stir too much yet, it would seem. She's really zonked. She's not pressed up against the back of the couch though, so Cinder could slip in behind her, or she could just continue waking her up as is.

"Selene…" Cinder starts to whisper out. The brushing of the hair turns more to nudging of the shoulder. "Come on…wake up. Before some other Marine comes down here and writes on your face or something…" she says, looking out for the tuckered out girl. Plus, this might be the only free time for who knows how long to have a sit and chat without worrying about duties. Cinder still needs to debrief on the events of a few days ago, at the very least.

Selene blinks a little, taking a moment to focus as she opens her eyes. When she manages to focus completely, she smiles, lifting her head to offer Cinder a soft kiss. "Hi," is her soft whisper. "Sorry, I guess I zonked out. What time is it?"

"Heya…" Cinder says with a little lopsided grin after she takes that little kiss on the lips. "It's uh…18:40," she replies, checking her wristwatch, one of the essentials for her patrol duties. At the edge of the couch, she's squatting down, letting her hands dangle between her legs, balancing on the balls of her feet and fingertips, looking Selene pretty much right in the eyes.

Selene watches Cinder's eyes for a moment, then giggles softly and whispers, "So, are you going to come cuddle with me, or…" She rolls onto her side to offer Cinder a place to slide in behind her.

"I…hadn't really planned on it, being so public and all, but…" Cinder says as she stands up. She takes Selene's shoulders and lifts her up to sitting on the couch, so that instead of sliding in behind her, she can slide in next to her. Selene's sleepy form is left to slide up against the MP's, a nice soft shoulder there for her to rest on. Even so, there's something Cinder does her best to hide behind her back as she moves, keeping it cupped in a closed hand as best she can.

Selene is a little too sleepy to see the gesture, and just leans against Cinder's shoulder, smiling and cuddling close. "It's nice to have one of these sorts of places," she observes softly. "Nobody here really cares if we cuddle, since they are too."

"Bingo…and it doesn't look weird when I give you this, either…" Cinder says with a little grin, finally pulling out what it is she's been hiding. It's a piece of paper…some inane, trivial departmental thing from months ago, folded up as best she can manage into an origami…something. A decent attempt at a bird? Or maybe it's a flower? It's something alright. "I couldn't quite get it perfect, though…" she says, a little disappointed.

Selene giggles as she takes it, setting it carefully in her lap. "It's okay," she replies, guiding Cinder's chin so that she can kiss the marine again. "It's from you, and that's all that matters." A sappy line, but it looks like she means it.

Cinder lets her face be guided, turning it, leaning over some so Selene can kiss her even with while she more or less leans on her shoulder. "Yeah, just a shame that it's on some work papers from forever ago. I wish I had something fancier, you know? But that's hard to come by anymore." The marine just gives a little shrug, and puts her arm around Selene's shoulder, happy just to be here for the moment, after the recent events.

Selene smiles and nods, then giggles. "You could steal something from my locker," she teases jokingly. "It's okay, though… with what little we have, I'm just happy to have it."

"Oh yeah? What's in your locker there? Are you suggesting I re-gift something for you?" Sitting next to Selene, Cinder just lets the side of her head rest on the top of Selene's head, resting on her shoulder. Quite happily, she just stares out into space, really enjoying this part of the ship, especially now.

Selene giggles and shrugs. "I was just teasing, really," she replies. "There's nothing really of notice in my locker." Except for a few pairs of sexy things tucked way in the bottom, but…

"Oh…well, that's goood. I wouldn't have to go do like…a contraband search or anything, you know?" Cinder grins at her a little bit, and squeezes a bit tighter with the arm around Selene. "You probably just have a bunch of books stacked up in the bottom I bet. What a nerd!" Cinder teases!

"No, I keep the books on top," Selene replies, leaning into the squeeze. It feels nice to be held again, really. "All the contraband is on the bottom." Of course, that was teasing, perhaps with a twinkle in the eye.

"Well, that's good to know then. Now I know just where to look when I have to meet contraband quotas for the month!" She's teasing, of course, given that there's no contraband quota but…it's all in good fun. All in flirty fun, just to have something idle to chit chat about and enjoy the other's presence. To show Selene that that's just what she's doing, Cinder randomly presses her lips to the top of the other woman's head. "Really though, it's good to see you after what went down the other day."

There's a bit of a frown on Selene's face when she says that, despite the kiss. "Let's… not talk about that, okay? I'd rather just spend the time with you, rather than focus on unpleasantries."

"O…ok…just saying. I'm glad to see you're alright, you know? Figured you'd want to know that I was…still alive and stuff." Cinder just shrugs a little, with Selene's head resting there. "But yeah, we can totally just sit here and check out the view. This is pretty frakkin' amazing, truth be told. Almost like we're not on a damn battlestar…or at war."

Selene scoots a little closer to Cinder, reaching over to grab her far hand and hold it. "You didn't see me hiding up on the catwalk and waiting for the raptor to return, did you?" she inquires in a soft whisper. That's all she really needs to say.

"N-no, I didn't. But, there were injured and stuff. And after what I saw over there…I wasn't exactly in a good head space to look around for anything but the people on the boat I came back over on." Of course, the idea that Selene was in fact up there watching makes her smile a bit. "But you were, weren't you?" she asks, looking Selene straight in the eyes.

Selene blushes a little, putting her lips to Cinder's ear. "Don't tell anyone. I could get in deep for that." She then rests her head back on the woman's shoudler, watching the stars once more.

"Psssshaw, you think I'm gonna rat you out for that? Someone else maybe, if they saw you, but it's not going to be me." With Selene pressed against her, Cinder leans back and stares out into space along with her. "So that's what you deal with all the time huh? Doing math and making sure we don't crash into other ships?"

"Ships, planets, stars, dead toasters," Selene nods sagely as she replies. "It was a lot of responsibility even before the war started, and now it's worse."

"Yeah, well, at least you knew that you'd be doing this at some point. I hadn't even given this any thought at all before Warday." When Cinder talks about that, she blushes a little…since what she was doing before the war wasn't exactly the most glamourous. It definitely wasn't a military career, and it really wasn't about anyone but her, and sometimes the client.

"Not really," Selene replies. "I'm supposed to be happily married and living on Gemenon, singing in a nightclub." There's a bit of a frown on her face as she says, "it wasn't supposed to be like this."

Cinder can only shrug. "I wonder how many other people would say just the same thing, you know? But…it is what it is. Not much you or me or anyone can really do about that now, save for inventing a time machine and going back and doing something to stop it…but that probably isn't going to happen ever. So…let's just make the best of it, huh?" To emphasize, Cinder reaches over and taps Selene right on the tip of the nose with her index finger. It almost goes without saying that, as they sit and stare out the window, the hands trapped between their bodies are pressed together.

"That sounds like a good plan," Selene replies with a smile. She lifts her head, looking around quietly. Seeing no one really paying attention, she tugs gently on Cinder's chin and offers her a passionate kiss. A little risky, but a calculated risk, and one she's willing to take right now.

That's sort of unexpected, actually. Nice, but toally unexpected. Just doesn't seem like something that Selene would do, not out in public like this. But there she goes…and it's really quite nice. The other folks around, if there are any, well, they don't really matter much. Let them talk. Whatever. The kiss is nice. Their lips touch, mouths open, tongues intertwine. The whole shebang. When Cinder pulls away, she's got sort of a loopy grin on her face. "Well…that was nice. What's gotten into you tonight?"

Selene lets out a quiet giggle, and teases, "Are you complaining?" There's a wicked grin on her lips. "I'm just being me, you know? Sometimes I'm in a strange mood."

"Frak no, I'm not complaining! Just…not like you is all. I mean…there's people around!" Cinder's still smirking a bit, looking Selene over, looking straight into her eyes. One of her hands comes up to brush some hair out of Selene's face, and then run down her neck. "It's a nice surprise, really. It's really wonderful to see you actually, you know…not being totally shy."

That giggle happens again, and Selene whispers, "Well… sometimes I'm not shy, just usually not around people. There's nobody here, though, soooo…" She leans up and bites Cinder's lower lip a bit, then pulls her head back, moving to lay it back on the woman's shoulder.

When her lip is bitten, Cinder meeps a little bit, but by the time Selene lets go and leans back, she's already giggling a little bit over it. "Soooo, I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the stars and enjoy the fact that we're both still alive to see them, huh? That's my only plan at the moment." While sitting, she pulls her legs up under her on the couch, and leans just as much on Selene as Selene does on her.

Selene tilts her head a little, peering at Cinder. It's likely that she doesn't believe what the woman is saying, but she doesn't respond verbally.

"What?" Cinder says, giving Selene a little guilty look. "Can't I do that at least? Or what?" Can't someone change, with more responsibility, a new career path, and having to work in a structured environment?

Selene smirks a little, shifting to rest against Cinder better. She doesn't say anything yet, rather enjoying the wordless torture.

"Oh come on now!" Cinder replies rather severely. "Well, if you're gonna torture me like that, I'm gonna torture you!" With that, Cinder lashes out with both hands and mercilessly sets to tickling Selene along her sides while she sits! "Tell me what you're thinking!" she hisses out playfully. "Or I'm not gonna stop!"

Selene squeaks and squirms, trying not to laugh so she doesn't draw attention. "Okay okay okay," she gasps, hopefully getting Cinder to stop long enough for her to talk. "I just thought that you saying that was your only plan was suspicious."

When Selene starts to gasp and writhe and start to speak, Cinder does in fact lay off. "Well, there are ulterior motives…but when aren't there? You think there's a single person on this ship who doesn't think about getting in a bunk with someone every hour of every day, and twice on on Tuesdays?" That's pretty much as close to an admission of guilt Selene's likely to get.

Selene blushes slightly and shifts her eyes away, perhaps in an admission of her own guilt. "I um…, so, how about those stars?" she asks, perhaps trying to shift the topic. Unsuccessfully, of coures.

Cinder just grins for a second. Soon enough though, she stands and takes Selene's hand in hers, pulling the slender girl to her feet from the couch. She doesn't say anything, but hand-in-hand, leads her off toward the hatch. Even while they scurry off the observation deck, the stars out the viewing window continue to twinkle and spin with the ship's orbit.

Selene blinks and continues to blush, but follows without a word, just hoping that nobody overheard their exchange and sees her being dragged off.

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