Lieutenant Vega "Punchout" Navarro
Lt. Vega Navarro
Asia Argento
Asia Argento as Vega Navarro
Name: Vega Navarro
Alias: Punchout
Age: 32
Hair & Eyes: Brown, Brown
Faction: Air Wing/Instructor
Position: Lieutenant
Colony: Caprica
Play Times: Varies
Timezone: Varies

A former chain smoking stick jockey with a penchant for sculpture and other arts, Vega was injured pretty severely in the initial days of cruising with the Hestia. Though she is undergoing physical therapy, her return to the cockpit does not look probable. She occasionally helps out on the Deck with minor issues when an extra (not too technically skiled) hand is needed, but serves primarily as a flight instructor for for the younger pilots, and a reminder that sometimes you should punch out instead of trying to save your viper on approach. Those saying that to her face are likely to experience her callsign, however.

Biographical Info


Though originally from Tauron, her family moved to Caprica just a few years before she was born. Her accent is therefor very mixed. She was born poor, but her family acquired some wealth before leaving Tauron, under a set of circumstances no one ever discussed. A move to Caprica City, Caprica was swift.

Never really quick on the uptake with math and science, Vega had to study hard just to pass her classes in grade school. A slight learning disability made it difficult for her to process equations and read, but she excelled in hands on activities such as art. She got into tattooing at a young age, and eventually put herself through college by slaving away with the needles and inks when she was not in class. Sleep was at a minimum for years, as her studies literally took up most of her time. When she made the decision to enter the Colonial Military, it was with much amusement that her fellows, and clients, helped her study. Vega set her sights high, and went for officer status.

Flight school testing was the result of a lost bet, as many great things in life are known to be. Never drink Caprican whiskey with marines on a Friday the 13th. That way lies badness. To her surprise, Vega scraped through to the Academy. She barely managed the academic requirements, but her hand eye coordination, and talent with spatial relationships made up enough ground that she was given a chance. She excelled in flight school, and was well liked by her instructors and fellow officers, due to a generous and easygoing personality. Free tattoos in the military rarely go amiss. She coaxed a lot of study time from other officers in that way. Talking it out, watching flight tapes, and going hands on got her through better than curling up with a text filled manual ever would (though she did that too!).

Her first assignment post Picon was a tour on the Battlestar Hestia. She put in her first four there, and then transferred out to the Battlestar Bellerophon, where she was posted for four more. A transfer to the Academy put her in a training position for almost an entire year before she got so bored with planetside life, she hounded the personnel office until they found her a spot, any spot, on a Battlestar again. She only just transferred back to the Battlestar Hestia having hopped a military supply vessel to Deep Space Station Ori to rendezvous with the BS while it was docked there.

During one of the few lengthy engagements Hestia saw post PH23, Vega was seriously injured on a hot and heavily damaged combat landing. Rather than punch out and risk a SAR in a hot zone, she crashed down. A slight miscalculation led to a near-deadly crash which landed the Lieutenant in surgery for hours. Her leg was saved, but nerve and tissue damage persists. It's unclear whether she will ever be able to return to the cockpit. She has been in rehab PT for months, and currently, as of PH220, uses a knee brace to allow her leg to rest while she goes about her duties, primarily as a flight instructor and aggressor in Simulations (modified by the lovely people on Deck to account for single pedal action). She occasionally lends a hand on Deck, though her skill isn't great. Her experience with metalwork allows her to assist in minor fabrication and repair applications, usually cosmetic. Often times her contributions are more like 'That doesn't sound right, it's not fixed', which prompts a lot of eye rolling from Deck crew, even if she's often correct. Pilots.

Distinguishing Features



  • Tattooing.
  • Drawing.
  • Metalwork.
  • Repair.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
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Timeline of Events

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  • Art.
  • Tattooes.
  • Bare skin.


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