Petty Officer Judah Vicks
Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman as Judah Vicks
Name: Judah Vicks
Alias: None
Age: 38
Hair & Eyes: Black, Brown
Faction: Navy: Convict Labor
Position: Mechanic/ Petty Officer 2nd Class
Colony: Canceron
Play Times: Play Times
Timezone: Time Zone

Biographical Info


On Canceron, no one gives a frak. If you're born in the south- consider your ass lucky. You can live underground- make money and have a better than decent education to get the hell out. If you're born in the north. You're owned till the day you are born by the mines. Into this land of troublemakers was Judah Vicks born. Son of Harlan and Aquina Vicks, Judah would be the eldest- and the one to take on his father's sentence when he died. You see, if you're shit lucky enough to be assigned to Canceron, for your prison time- you're offspring are right out of luck. Specially, if you die before your term is up. Luckily for the Colonial Mining Conglomerate-this means having workers born and raised to replace the ones you lose, either to a prison fight gone wrong- or just the hard ass realities of mining tylium. His father was a miner and a driver, meaning he got to drive a truck along the subterranean mazes and old miner shafts that had been turned into roads, and halls for housing. Never say humanity is not resourceful.

Judah was already a child born into trouble, also add to the fact that it was believed his real father was an overseer..Well you can see how many fights the young man got his ass into. At an early age he showed an apptitude for repair work, and building, and when he wasn't in Colonial classes- he would tinker at home repairing broken applainces- or just taking them apart for parts. Shop, would be his most impressive class. Still, upon graduation, his father would come down to tin lung-and die. Leaving his son to take over the remainder of his time on the line. However this would be short lived, as soon enough young Judah found himself arrested on charges of assaulting an officer, and theft of Colonial goods.

Some say it was self defense- others say Vicks just had bad blood in him. However-there was one thing that could save his ass from the hangman's noose and a life in the mines.

That was the Colonial Navy.

Somehow Judah managed to qualify for the "Freedom Points" program, and enlisted- working so he could effectively negate his own time, as well as his father's so as to get his family out of that shit hole.

After Basic Judah was placed with an Escort Carrier- the Evening Sun and set to work in the Engineering department, ideally as a Mechanical technician. During his career in on the Sun, Vicks managed to be promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class, as well as became certified in the Electrical maitenance as well-though his strength clearly laid in his mechanic work- and with Damage control. However two years or so before Warday the PO would be caught in a scheme so as to route out an element of the perceived Black market working on the ship. As such, He was found guilty, Court Marshalled, and processed. In the end he would be demoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class, and sent to Ft. Flagg which was stationed off of Gemenon to serve out his two year term, before he would be allowed to be dishonorably discharged-and summarily sent back to Canceron.

He was just short of completing his points.

Warday changed those plans.

In an effort to be able to produce, let alone maintain the Colonial Armed forces- Ft. Flagg was ordered by the Warden to press those prisoners not seen as a danger into service to work off their sentence and dfefend the human race. The rest would be left to rot. With that the Prison Transport took about 250 Prisoners off to the Space Station Idi, where they were in turn dolled out amongst the ships still surviving. Vicks was transferred to the frigate- Saratoga and from there taken and dropped off at Ragnar Anchorage to aid in the production and maintenance there.

Or so that was the plan. Having been the guest of the Galactica, and Cylons previous-the landing crew of the 'toga found little to nothing left in the way of armaments. Still the smaller crew sent in to secure and scavenge was told to simply do just that so as to scrape the barrel. However they would end up being marooned there. Due to some adverse atmospheric conditions, it was either leave around five people to their probable slow death, or destroy the ship in the tow-They chose to maroon. Besides, who would miss five criminals anyway?



Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Distinguishing Features

  • Dark Hair
  • 5'6 in height


  • Gemenese temple With a total of Eight minarets, and three domes on back (Prison time served)
  • Barbed wire on the back of his neck (Lifer)
  • Roses and thorns down his left arm (Roses=kills, Thorns=fights won)
  • A portrait of a mother and child on his right shoulder (Started as a child)
  • Hermes with arms extended on his chest (Prince of Thieves)
  • Stars on knees (It means no man will ever force him to his knees or break his will)
  • αμήν Across his belly (Kalimnos- Let it be. Against the usual So Say We All. Seen as a sign of resistance to the colonial penal colony)
  • Stars And space from under the portrait to wrist on right arm (symbolizes numbers of crimes committed)
  • Blue flame above hermes head (Arson)
  • Black sports on knuckles with the word κτυπώ forced across fingers (Assault)
  • various others…



On the Grid

Known Associates

Mugshot The Skinny
Ensign Salazar "Sal" Nikos. She's the tough bitch that brought me in. I hit her with a wrench. She runs a pretty clean ass ship- so I can't say if I like her or not. Hard to tell.
Captain Karim "Spider" Marek. He shot me in the leg. Piece of shit.
Corporal Epiphany Jarot. I've seen her tits. They're nice for tiny cut up things. Mmm Marine tits.
Major Pike…Uhh Something. You wanna know what a hot ass doctor looks like? She's one.
Lieutenant Castor "Assfrak" Leda. This dumbfrak thinks I skeered by his threats and that he's an officer. He can suck a dick for all I care. Oh yeah, I saw his girlfriend's titties. Booyah.
Private Damon Cavalera. Apparently another ex con. He's got a look like he was in the game. Oh well, he traded one prison for a new one.
Shrink. She's th' ship's psyche person. Nice tits for a doc. Ain't like the frakkin Bombshell Pike is, but meh. Do as you can.
Captain Praxis Demitrios. Mother frakker has a stick up his ass, but on the bright side? He's a fair frak, who likes big college-y words. I bet he gets laid. TONS
PO1 Mason Montgomery. She's got dick suckin' lips-hips, and knows how to use an engine right. I might be in love, or some shit.
PO1 Danish. Danish is a fool that some how got onto the line. I'll never understand it, but he seems to think the Chief shits gold, and some of the useless shit we're doing matters. Odd frakkin' duck.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Looks Clear PH 206 The Kharon's marines and CAG come aboard and find something not expected Salazar, Kai & Damon.
Show Me Your Boobs PH 208 Pike does the rounds, and a few more people meet their newest guest Pike, Kellin, Epi & Castor.
Cream With Your Coffee PH 211 Salazar and Judah meet. The talky thing happens Salazar & Vicks
We Are What We Are PH 228 Mimieux comes to the brig to pick Judah's brain. Vicks & Mimieux
So Very Unsanitary PH 230 The S2 and the XO come to have words with Vicks. Vicks, Salazar, & Praxis



  • Women
  • Booze
  • A nice bed
  • private shitters


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