Sergeant Dominic Villa
Taylor Kitsch
Taylor Kitsch as Dominic Villa
Name: Dominic Villa
Alias: None
Age: 25
Hair & Eyes: Black & Brown
Faction: CMC
Position: Corpsman
Colony: Aquaria
Play Times: Variable
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info


Native of Aquaria, Dom was a good little boy. He joined the CMC to look for financial aid and ended up following the path of the marines, instead of a pursing a career elsewhere. To ease his folks some, he was lucky enough to be picked for combat medicine, so, he could continue his military career and have the medical knowledge as a fall-back plan… cause you know, medicine /IS/ a fallback plan.


Alexander Villa. (Father)
Carol Egina-Villa. (Mother)


-105th Infantry Division, Combat Medicine Detachment.
-22nd Infantry Division, Advanced marksmanship School.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Assigned to the Hestia's marine detail two years before Warday.

Distinguishing Features

Very Inquisitve. Very.


Known to travel with enormous quatities of dufflebags on his visits to the laundry. You'll find out why soon enough.


On the Grid

People that stand-out thus far

Mugshot The Skinny
Corporal Benjamin Jacobs. Met this ex-Kharon medic on laundry day. Short chat and not much else to say at present.
LT. Kallisto Arturis. Serious type officer, and a pilot nonetheless. Likes evening jogs and short conversations. Green card in my book.
Private Amaranth Rian. So, after she had me play punching bag, she comes around and actually decides to explain why I make her uneasy? Is it her belief that a peck on my lips sets the record straight between us? Can my body tolerate this sort of abuse? Of course! I am up for round two when ever she's willing.
LTJG. Nadiv Roubani. Quiet fellow who enjoys his time with tea. Maybe the Poet will have something more to say next time we meet.
CPT. Karim Marek. The ships' new CAG. Could easily pass as marine brass by the way he carries himself. Zero table manners and a CMC lighter to boot.
LTJG. Anton Komnenos. Another fly-boy. This one, likes to play deckhand, and seems to like grease over his shirt. Must be the exhaust fumes or something.
LTJG. Eddie Morales. Had a small chat with the pilot they callsign Mooner. Didn't get a chance to ask /how/ she got that tag, but I think it's better not to know. Pleasant woman and good on the eyes. Maybe we'll bump into each other sometime again.
ENS. Marissa Delann. Yet another pilot in my path, this one, is surely something worth spending time with. Not only is she sweet, but all it takes is to help her with laundry duty and her pants fall down for you. Literally. Man, i'm a smooth operator.
ENS. Reverie Tychoides. Pilots galore. Caught me repeating a lousy pick-up line in the mess, and then, had me stand guard to her pink-colored gifts on one of my rounds. Squeaky little mouse.
CPL. Epiphany Jarot. One of the transfers from the marine detail of the Kharon, the one they call 'shortstack', was found be me inside a storageroom. Poor demo-girl is sorting out ghosts from the last mission she was on. She'll bounce back… I hope.

Timeline of Events

Title Date Summary Other Participants
Whistle while you work 265 Guarding of a crime scene. Kai, Komnenos & Villa.


'Oh, I don't curse. Makes my teeth look dirty.'


  • Marine life.
  • Listening to people talk.


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