PHD 264: Villa and Baby Names
PHD 264: Villa and Baby Names
Summary: Villa and Rian cross paths in the Observation Deck. Villa has a book of baby names and brings up his cousin. Rian misunderstands and takes offense.
Date: PHD 264 (7/1/10)
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An open A-frame design, the hallways as well as the hatches leading off the corridors are wider at the bottom then the top. Ribbing the passageways are the steel beam supports, each inset with a long fluorescent tube providing illumination, while overhead are yellow emergency lights. The bulkhead is a dark grey covered by white conduit paneling, dotted with access panels, O2 scrubbers, and air vents. Each section of hallway is divided neatly by emergency fire doors which will close automatically at any hint of flame or sudden radical fluctuation of pressure.
Outside the Obs Deck, wrapping along the walls of the corridor itself, the walls are pinned and taped with photographs, small devotions, handwritten letters, postcards, and tiny objects. Candles are tended here and there — this section of the ship appears to have been designated as a memorial hall for the dead and missing.
The obs deck is not at the top of any marine's hangout, but they occasionally amble in. Villa, as the case might be, is sitting by himself in one of the many couches placed here, and is currently flipping through the pages of a small book. "No, this one sucks," he can be heard saying, as he places a small dot besides a name in a list written on one of the book's pages.

Rian enters the deck with her usual long legged stride, pausing in the entry way so her eyes can adjust to the lack of lighting. Not long before she hears the sound of another voice and her face turns towards the direction it came from. Dark eyes fall on a fellow marine and she takes a few strides towards him, "Afternoon." She states plainly to Villa.

Villa shakes his head at something else he reads before he hears Rian greeting him. e looks up and a nice little smile draws over his face, "Private." He gives the gal a two-fingered salute before putting a thumb into the book and closing it slightly, turning his body a tad to better look at the other marine. "How's it going," he asks cheerfully. Atypical marine, this one.
 A few wide steps and Rian moves to the front of the couch, flopping herself down next to him with little grace. Slumping down she rests her head on the back of the cushions her feet flat to the floor, "It goes." Her voice is plain as always, hands coming together by her waist so she idly picks at a thumbnail. Curious eyes look over to the book, "Whatcha reading?"

Villa adjusts once more as Rian flops besides him. A small nod when she answers back and then, he looks to the book in his hand with a chuckle, "It's just a time-killer." He pans back to her and opens the book for her. "Baby names," he says and scratches the side of his nose with the pencil in his other hand. Atypical reading, as well.
Rian snorts a disbelieving laugh as she moves to snatch the book, even though he seems to offer it freely. Looking at the page that he had saved she scans the text, dark eyes growing with a little surprise that it /actually/ is a baby name book. "Who's having a kid?" brows furrow a bit with the question.

"No one I know, Rian," replies Dom, as one of his arms hugs the back of the couch. He studies the woman a bit more and adds, "Found the book lying around in the laundry and I just sorta started reading over it. Dotting the names I don't like and trying to memorize the ones i do." He hitches a shoulder and just looks at the marine at his side for a while.
 Rian continues to read the names to herself, looking at the ones with dots and no dots alike. "Why?" Her face remains the inexpressive mask of a marine though sadness rips at her guts, thoughts turning dark as they normally do when one thinks of the true repercussions the holocaust has caused the survivors. Shoulders are the only thing that tense as she brings a thumb to her lip, licking it before flipping the page. Gaze remaining on the book, "what are you looking at?" She obviously feels the weight of his stare.

Villa smirks but doesn't look away or anything. "Well, its just to pass time, like I said." Finally, his gaze moves unto the windows in front of them and quips, "And I wasn't looking at anything in particular, Amaranth. Just got fixed on you for a while there. Sorry." He breathes in slowly and smiles, "See anything likable," he asks without looking at her.
 Rian looks up from the book, her cheek turning towards him as eyebrow's rise in surprise, hearing her first name. A slight shake of her head and dark bangs bounce over her cheeks, hiding some of her pale features beneath, "No one calls me by my first name." The words are spit out, perhaps a bit harshly though she is quick to add in a softer tone, "I prefer Rian." Looking back to the book she falls silent a moment, perhaps just enjoying the quiet company and the warmth of someone next to her. "Here," she lifts up the book to show the marine where she is pointing, "Enora, means light and warmth."

Villa risked calling her by her first name and the gamble payed off some. He nods and looks back to her just as she brings the book closer for him to read. "Oh. That a lovely name," he says in the soft raspy voice of his. A grin is given and he prompts, "You know, Private Rian, at times when I look at you, you remind me of someone I knew back at Acuaria." His eyes go down just a bit and he sighs a bit, "Telemaco, was his name." Even though the light here is dim, he locks his eyes on R's features once more.

Rian drops the book to her lap with her hands, dark eyes narrowing as she looks to Villa speaking with a little attitude in her voice, "/His/?" One brow arches as she asks. A large breath out and she slumps deeper into the couch, "Frakin CMC. Despite the fact I may have a rough exterior compared to some tail on board I am still a woman beneath this uniform, it seems enlisted overlook that fact." Licking her thumb again she flips pages in the book, though not reading, perturbed. "Even the nim witted miners I worked with noticed I have breasts, frak." Obviously this has more to do with just Villa's comments.

Villa's concentration is broken as Rian goes into a semi-fit after his speech. "Huh.. No…" He shakes his head and chuckles some, "I don't mean to diminish your femininity in the least bit, Rian." His voice still leveled and soft as he places a hand over her arm, "He's my cousin," using present tense regardless of their current situation and to the fact that he's most certainly dead. "The meaning of his name reminds me of your demeanor at times," he smiles warmly at her and adds, "The one who's ready for battle." He keeps silent and lets that sink in.

 As the warmth of his touch presses on her arm Rian jerks it away as if she had been slapped, the book forgotten and falling to the floor in a mess of pages. Just her normal reaction but she is quick to compensate, letting her arm fall back to her side and to his touch if he wants it. "I'm sorry, I'm not used to.." she trails off, as if it were to explain itself. Shuffling she moves her ass back on the cushions, sitting up straighter as her back tenses, "Oh…" Her voice flat she looks out of the large glass window in front of them. "Thank you, I think."

Villa jerks slightly too, as she pulls the arm away. He looks down to the book and leans down to pick it up, "It's okay. I shouldn't have…" He doesn't finish that and assumes the whole 'touch me and you're dead' idea is well defined now. He finishes gathering the pages and stands up with a bright smiled once more. "It was in fact, a complement," he says passing a hand over his head and adds, "I should get back to the bunks and you know, get ready for my next round." He gives her a nice curt nod and begins moving out, rubbing his temple as he goes out, as if something had not come out as he planned it too.

Rian crosses one arm over her chest and rubs the opposite bare arm where his hand had touched. Dark brows are arched upwards in an expression that is rarely seen on this marine, perhaps it is worry or concern. Watching him rise and pick the book up she is quick to follow, standing and stepping away from the couch. "It's alright, it's my fault." she speaks in a hushed tone, watching him as he exits the room. Once he does she lets out a long breath, as if she were holding it for some time.

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