PHD 228: We Are What We Are
We Are What We Are
Summary: Mimieux visits the brig to pick at Vicks' brain.
Date: PH 228 (Dec 1st 2009)
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While the larger classes of the fleet might have two separate brigs, one for officers and one for enlisted, this would not be the case on the Kharon. Three cells are packed into this small room, each containing a toilet and bed. The bars provide no privacy, possibly as an incentive to the ship's crew to stay out of this room. Done in the same drab battleship gray that the rest of the ship is, there is only a single desk to occupy this room which faces the cells. Perhaps a bit oddly, this room is almost as strictly utilitarian as the Naval Offices.

Per usual the guards seemingly remain outside of the small room that is packed with the three cells. At one end, is a short, hairy, and tattoo'd male, still in his rather ratty prison coveralls, while in the furthest away cell, the PO who was recently brought in sleeps.

Vicks, for his own amusement has been trying to flip a cup that was provided for him a while back, into the toilet, as eyes switch to watch the main door- and then move to look down as if to see the sleeping PO, when he is close enough to the bars. A sniff, and he's moving to sit his ass on the floor again. Waiting as it were.

The door opens to reveal a familiar face - at least to the guards. Dressed in her blues, Doctor Emmanuelle Mimieux walks in, stride confident, professional. She looks to be the consummate doctor this evening, a file folder held in one arm, against her chest. The guards dip their heads and point to where her victim is waiting. "Good evening," she says pleasantly, stopping in front of Vicks.

There's a pause as Judah turns his head, a slight sniff given, as if he was trying to taste the air, but-it is more or less for show. After all he is nothing impressive. And when hands move they reach for the bars, and he swivels as he pulls himself up. A lick of his lips and eyes simply stare right back to the doctor.

Well after a slow once over.

"Nice tits." a beat. "And nice hair." Good evening indeed. Of course he's now taking time to look back towards where the guards are, and then back to the woman. Sharp as a knife smile. "What you lookin' to do?"

A brow arches slightly and she chuckles. "Well, I heard tell that someone in here was looking to talk with the ship's psyche. If I was wrong, I can always leave." She looks at him in return, head to toe, a slow perusal.

He looks as if he has seen better days. He's right at 5'6 maybe 5'7 if pushing, but he's hairy and yes-dirty. Not allowed too many showers down here don't you know. And with his sleeves rolled up, she can easily see the intricate prison tattoos that have been put on his arms, making for sleeves of his own. Perhaps there are more hidden under clothes. "Ah." comes his response though as he leans in closer to the bars. "Yeah that'd be me."

Grin etching back up "No one told me the psyche was a frakking piece of ass. Just told me to be cordial." and this is Cordial. "How do we start? You want to hear about my mother? Or if someone assfrakked me as a teenager?"

Aly simply watches him for a moment, then pulls a chair up outside his cage. She settles in, leaning back, just out of reach, resting the folder on her lap. "Is that where you'd like to start," she asks, head canting to the side. "We can start this whenever and however you like to."

"No." said back simply as he lets fingers thread through the bar openings only to clasp fully around them. Apparently he's watching her, as much as she is watching him. Ahh ye olde waiting game. A lick of his teeth and much like the animal he could be, bars are released, so he can pace. Just for a few minutes. "I ain't had one of these in some time. So I guess, ask what you want to know- so the quicker I can be evaluated, and either shot into space- or put to work. Tired of feelin like th' walls are going to close in on me in here." He knows the ship's been hit several times since his own pick up. "Ship can't take much more of this shit."

Her eyes fall to the tattoos on his arms. Oddly enough, there's no surprise or judgement evidenced. She simply studies them for a moment before watching him pace. "You can ask what I want to know so you can tell me the answers you think I want to hear," she replies in return. "Which leaves us at a bit of an impasse."

That brings a laugh there. "You ever think I might answer you truthfully?" a shake of his head, as he's back to gripping his door. "Look- lady. I've been in this cog of the wheel for some frakking time. It's been forever since I got laid, let alone got to shower without thinkin someone was going to do something unkind to my asshole." a beat. "Lying- that means shit to me. Sure, I do it. But it ain't gonna serve me nothing." Judah grins as he keeps his eyes solely on Mimieux. "Am I dangerous? Sure. I am a convict, and I've killed people." that comes off easily as if he was talking about the weather. "But, I never murdered someone that didn't try to murder me first. So you don't have to worry about me shiving anyone. An i've never sexually assaulted anyone- or I would not have been picked to head to Ragnar in the first frakkin place. You think some frakass warden woulda put a rapist on a ship with the possibility of him getting his rocks off?" a shake of his head. "Nix."

Aly simply watches him for a bit as he speaks, posture relaxed, body language open. Seems to be a bit odd for a psyche. "So, you've killed people - in self defense, you're claiming. And you've never murdered. You're not a rapist. You're a convict. What else are you - or are you not," the woman asks quietly. Hands fold neatly in her lap, comfortably.

Vicks raises a brow for a moment, but doesn't comment further. "Dunno- folks have used a lot of words for me, but I've never really felt that I catered to one label or another." A faint furrowing of his brows for a second. "I consider myself a good mechanic. Worked on th' deck before I got shifted and throw into hock. Engineer then. Though I don't know much bout physics and shit. I do know how to keep shit running- and put it back together. An engine is an engine." there. As far as what he considers his skill set. "You think I'm a convict?" yes he is asking questions back-perhpas to see if he can find a niche- or a hole in her little wall she's showing. Or maybe he is just curious.

The woman is quiet for a moment, then leans forward so she can look right, then left down along the brig. That pointed look being done, she turns her attention to his arms before finally looking to his face again. "That doesn't quite answer my question," she says quietly. "Who and what you are doesn't have a right or wrong answer, usually. As for your convict status, well." Both brows go up as she leans back in her chair.

"Maybe I don't like the question." A shrug there and he's letting go of the bars, to settle in for a simple lean. One finger moving to pick something out of his teeth. "I like to think I am a man like everyone else, an as a part of the mankind race- I deserve a shot at freedom an doing my own thing. Smelling recycled air, an sleepin in a bunk. Showerin, shittin with everyone else." a pause "I had some good years on that- You wanna know what I got sent to Hock for?" too late if she doesn't because Judah is going on. "For buildin a still with stolen or gathered parts from around the ship. And I didn't steal that. I did my stealin an all before I ever was in the Navy." and so he's looking to her "I was a petty thief- but I ain't no criminal. Convicts one thing. You can be born a convict." A motion to himself. "Like me- what Colony you from?"

"Picon," she answers quietly. Apparently Aly isn't one of those doctors who doesn't reveal any personal information. "So your incarceration is because you appropriated things to build a still in the Navy," she asks, head tilting. "You feel as though you don't belong behind bars for anything?"

"That's where they got naval yards, and shit. Question, If someone got charged with a crime, who did the sentence in the effect they died before it was over?" He'll ask another question before he's shaking his head. "Naw, I built it with the parts. Stills are a naval tradition. However we did not know that our CO was a teetotaler. As such we got the full mast." And he rolls his head, popping his neck. "Do I feel as if I don't belong behind bars?" a pause "Subjective. I could argue both ways. I mean. This system is all I have known- However I feel I got stripped of my rights unfairly."

Her brows furrow a little as she considers the first question. "If I'm understanding you properly," she says, tucking her ankles beneath her. "If someone dies before their sentence is finished, then things are finished. There's no need for anyone to finish it, according to Colonial law. And subjective?" There's just a hint of surprise in her eyes. "What makes you feel you got stripped of the rights unfairly?"

A grin there, as if he caught on to something. "Not on Canceron. It is a penal colonly, so th' rules are different. My dad an ma were in for separate crimes. My dad dies in the mines- and I am given the rest of his sentence to commute since I am of age. Throw on the fact I got caught stealin somethin- from my workshop area, an I beat up a guard for touchin my girl.." a pause "Well I frakked my own duck there. Made it easy for them to keep me in the system. Nothin like cheap ass labor right?" Ah the joys of living in a penal colony. "What makes me think? The court martial was a farce- and I was given ten years along with a few other fraks who brought me the parts. Even the XO didn't agree. But majority rule right?" a snerk there. "Sides, the things that were taken could have been returned and repaired-" a shrug. "Not like I was out to ruin my freedom points program."

Aly smiles a touch at that, crookedly. "Well, it sounds as though you've had a rather shit time of things," she announces baldly. "If I could get away with it, I'd offer you a cigarette right about now. The thought's there. How do you feel about being in here, now, now that warday's gone by?"

Vicks grins "I got born with bad blood. See you- you got it nice. You've had freedom you're whole life. Me? When I was in the navy-that was th' closest thing I had, even if I was tradin one prison for a nother. Gave me a chance to let the air whistle in my mind. You got no idear how soothing it is." And with the other he's looking back to the guards and then to her. "I'd take it. Hells, I'd cum on your tits if you let me." Crude, but that could be defense mechanism, or just him being himself. One would be hard pressed to find out. "How do I feel?" a grin there "Same I felt from when they put me in my little schackles. Already dead- So why not have some fun gettin there?" Now taking time to pop his knuckles, Judah shrugs. "At least when the war day came- They remembered who I was an gave me a shot. Who knew I would end up marooned and clubbing your Ensign with the dusky breasts and star tattoos?"

"Ahhhh, you've met Ensign Nikos then," she says quietly, giving him a little smile. The supposedly negative comments go unremarked upon. It's like training a dolphin, apparently. "So, you're not going to be a danger to yourself or others, I imagine," she asks, studying his face. He could lie straight to her - and likely this woman would know. "What will you do if you are released?"

"Long as someone doesn't try to knife/wrench or rape me, I don't forsee myself picking fights. Sure, I am not a nice guy- I'll say mean shit, but I won't swing th' first punch if that's what you're asking." As for meeting Salazar there's a kiss of his teeth before he's chuckling a little, again. "Yeah I met her. Thought she was a Pirate. Her frakkin asshole of a friend. Uuhhh Captain tight pants, shot my leg. Frakkin bad aim if you ask me."

A pause though after that bit of talking. "If I am released back into the wild, then I'll work where they frakkin' put me. An I'll try to get laid- Cause you know we're already dead doc-" a beat "I'd like to be able to do those things before I am either blown up or shot to bits by centurions." a grin there "And if I am airlocked. I am airlocked. Frakked either way if you think of it. Though with the other, I get a better story and laugh out of it when I cross the river."

"So, to make sure I've got everything down - you aren't a danger to yourself or others. The only danger you pose right now is chafing. You're ready and willing to do anything you need to in service to the Navy, just so you can have your freedom. Am I close?" Her eyes move over his face and she offers a bit of a smile. "I'm assuming the chafing will be with a willing partner."

"Right." said back. "And only a willing partner, or my hand, doc. I ain't bashful. Mans got needs, and th' gods gave him two hands when a hole ain't readily available." And with that Vicks, pushes off from the bars, moving to sit back down, and reach for the cup he was playing with. "And I won't make any shitter wine, unless someone wants to take th' fall for it too." cover all bases, Vicks does.

She absorbs the information the nods slowly. "Alright, any questions for me, then," she asks, shifting a bit in her seat. Her ankles are uncrossed, moved to the other side, then recrossed. Yep, she's being Miss Prim and Proper.

Vicks shakes his head, as he begins to quietly flip the cup over. "Nope." a grin there, as he's almost relaxed again, despite the topic of conversation, or the fact that a report from her could screw him in some way. Another flip. "Just make sure they put me where I can work an be busy. That's all. Hate to be spending a lot of time with a thumb up my ass. My porno career ended years ago."

"Your arms are too short," Aly replies simply, without hesitation. Then she offers him a bit of a smile and a nod, pushing to her feet. "Alright, that's all I had for you," she says, turning to put the chair back. "If you have other questions, you can always request."

A little two fingered salute is passed back to the shrink. "No problem doc. If I get lonely, I'll be sure to at least ask for them t' send a picture." Nasty, impliedness there, but still-there. "Toodles." said back to Mimieux, as focus goes back to the cups game.

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