Kamran Abreas Zaris
Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus as Kamran Abreas Zaris
Name: Kamran Abreas Zaris
Alias: None
Age: 27
Hair & Eyes: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
Faction: Weapons
Position: Lieutenant
Colony: Aerelon
Play Times: 8p - 2a
Timezone: US Arizona (no DST)

Biographical Info

Kamran Abreas Zaris was born in the mountains of Aerelon twenty-seven years ago. His father, Maro, was the head of household of an ancestral family farm that has existed for three hundred years. The farm itself was in a plateau that was within driving distance of a small hamlet named Kilgore, which was where they had to travel weekly for mail, supplies, and the occasional visit to the local pub. Growing tomatoes and corn in the spring and harvesting pine trees in the fall, it was a year-round operation that began an hour before sunrise and ended an hour afterwards.

All of this, of course, was made possible by a large family as well as a few local hired hands. All present were Kamran's mother, Elisa, and a collection of seven siblings that placed Kamran directly in the middle of the family line. With two farmhands living in a guest house and an additional six hired during the summer for detassling corn, the large yet somehow meager farm at its largest housed seventeen. Needless to say this led Kamran to share a cramped bedroom with three of his brothers: Nestor, Dravo, and Lobett while his sisters Janica, Rinn, Maeve, and Gwynn had a similar setup across the hall.

One thing, however, was evident: Kamran didn't have a farmer's soul. His father recognized this early on and while most Aerelonians were pleased to live and die within the same hundred miles from where they were born, it was apparent that this wasn't Kamran's destiny. At the age of sixteen, Kamran's father took him out of school to meet with the Naval recruiters. With the mathematics scores alone, mostly focusing of physics and trajectory, Kamran was accepted into military academy through a Colony funded program for underprivelaged students. At the top of his class, there was none other than Kamran that the award could even begin to go to.

Military academy passed and he was accepted into Military School on Picon. The celebration in Kilgore alone before his deployment gathered the whole town, and he was promptly sent away with promises of shipped meals and letters. Up until the mail lines were cutoff by the holocaust, Kamran received at least one piece of mail a week from friends and family back home.

Putting his mathematics to use, it was decided during Military School at the great Academy on Picon that the poor boy would learn to control the impressive defensive batteries and nuke launchers of a Battlestar. Graduating in the top ten percent of his class at 22, Kamran was brought into the Navy as an ensign and assigned to Battlestar Triton as a member of the gunnery staff. Four long years were spent in peacetime rotation with regular stops on Caprica, and while all of his pre-war combat experience came from drills and wargames, his time spent there was priceless in terms of experience and mentorship. He continued to pursue his degree in advanced mathematics, having found a facility for the workings of numbers and mathematical formulae. During his four year stay aboard the Triton, he was taken under his wing by LtJG Karen Pylo, who's hero worship of Gaius Baltar led to many conversations about both science and theorhetical physics and what it could do for the benefit of the Colonies.

After four years of hard work, occasional visits to watch live Caprica Bucks games, and hard work on the Triton, Kamran received his Masters Degree in Advanced Mathematics and it was suggested to him by Pylo that he consider furthering his career. A Lieutenant Junior Grade at this time, Kamran began consulting with his officers as well as Fleet Command on Picon for openings in the fleet, and found that he was due for promotion. The paperwork was signed and Kamran was granted a promotion to full Lieutenant and transferred to Battlestar Hestia as head of the Weapons Department. Granted a two week vacation back home, it would be the last time that Kamran saw his family again before arriving on the Hestia. A year has passed, and since then he's been known to be quiet and a true professional in CIC. His lack of actual combat experience was put to the test on Armistice Day, personally overseeing the point defense rail weaponry that allowed the Hestia to escape with the Kansai, Sapta Rishis, and the Patricia. Since then, he's been quietly working on calculating the effective velocity of Cylon Raiders and their weaponry, trying to find a workable algorhythm that can be used to preempt their maneuverability. It's simple…with the right calculations you can fire a hole through the defense just as easily as you can use it to predict movement. After all…they're machines based on rules, and many of those rules are mathematical.

On a more strange note, Kamran has become an accomplished tattoo artist. A sketchbook artist as a child and excelling in art grades all throughout school, it wasn't until military school that he was exposed to the world of tattoo art. Unable to get one of his own until military school, it was at the age of eighteen that he received his first tattoo. Making a little side money designing flash pages for the walls at the tattoo shops, he was taken on as an apprentice during his four year term while finishing his degree. He was only able to work once a week and during scattered free periods, but since then he's become very comfortable with the art of applying ink to skin.




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Kamran is known not to be the typical mathematics/science nerd. In fact, he's mostly known for being that quiet, disconnected genius that works on mathematical formula in his spare time. Seen often with a small notebook that he occasionally flips open to ponder over tea as if he's writing a novel, he's actually loathe to discuss numbers with people who aren't in the field or the interest. The other pad of paper he's seen often with is a sketchbook, having well over his last year and a half on the Hestia has grown a reputation as a tattoo artist. This, of course, leads him to being seen often with his face buried into some form of book, notebook, or sketchpad, spending his time alone.

On the other end of the scale, he's also known for being nowhere near stuffy or snobby. Raised on a farm and having pub crawled since the day his father gave him his first beer, he seems to lack any self identity or ego with being an officer or some form of genius. When the drinks are poured, he's the first to offer a toast and seems to have no problem spending quality social time with enlisted or officer alike. All of it, he says, is just another day on the farm.

((A good ooc example of his style of "nerd" is "Good Will Hunting"))

Distinguishing Features

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On the Grid

Known Associates


"He who wants a rose must respect the thorn."

Persian Proverb

“When we are tired, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago”

— Friedrich Nietzsche


Timeline of Events

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Recent Logs With Kamran Zaris


Kamran's Music

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  • Nerdy little math theorem problems.
  • Chicken, particularly grilled.
  • Bland snacks, particularly brown ale, crusty bread, and cheese.
  • Watching, not playing, pyramid.
  • Applying and receiving tattoos.
  • Tea, Cornbread, and Green onions.
  • Dogs and Cows.
  • Anyone that can stimulate his mind.
  • The underdog, he'll never miss an opportunity to root for the person with something to prove.
  • Dramatic Thriller movies and actual, honest theatre. He got a taste for it during Academy.
  • Piano music, dark little sonatas and chamber music.
  • Baked beans over toast and the infamous "Eggy in a Basket"
  • Idle games of passing a pyramid ball.
  • Honest trading, because sometimes an old paperback novel is not worth an extra blanket, but it can be worth something of equal value.


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